What Does DTF Mean?

What does dtf mean? The term dtf literally means “down to fuck”, and is used to describe someone who wants to have sex at the earliest opportunity.  The term is mostly used to describe women, as saying a guy is dtf would be a bit redundant; the word ‘male’ is somewhat synonymous with ‘dtf’!

However there is a lot more to the term than simply defining if a girl ‘wants to fuck, or not’, and most men don’t realize the full context of what it means to be DTF.  It’s widely regarded (incorrectly) that when it comes to sex, men are light switches, and women are like dimmer switches, and if you find a girl who is ‘dtf’ it just  means that she’s “that kind of girl” (e.g. a whore).  However this cannot be farther from the truth, and to treat it as such is doing the girl a disservice, and is a perfect example of the Madonna/Whore complex that plagues most men in society today.

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Here are some not so widely known facts about what being DTF means:

1) Women will be dtf with one guy (sometimes very quickly), and completely shut down sexually with the next guy.  The point is it CANNOT be used to stereotype a particular woman as her behavior and emotions will change from person to person.
2) Finding a woman who is dtf is a window of opportunity, it will eventually (or even very rapidly) close.
3) Being dtf does NOT make a woman a slut, it simply means she’s become turned on and is ready for sex, based on a MULTITUDE of factors.
4) Men DO have the ability to influence a woman into being ‘dtf’ and women enjoy this!
5) A lot of guys wonder when they hang out with a girl, “does she like me?” when they should really be asking themselves, how can I make this girl ‘DTF’?

Does She Like me? 
Most people think being DTF can only come naturally, or only certain (good looking) guys are capable of making girls DTF.  Though looks can help in certain situations, this does not have very much to do with it.  The emotions a girl feels around a guy and how he influences her to act and feel around him will have more to do with her wanting to have sex with him then his looks.  Guys are very easily able to influence a girl’s emotions and make her “into” him.

The first step is to be able to read a girl’s emotions, and know how she’s feeling and what emotions she’s experiencing.  If she’s angry or scared, or creeped out in a situation with a guy, she is NOT going to be DTF any time soon!  So by reading her current emotional state, a guy can determine in what direction he needs to lead her emotionally.  Leading a girl emotionally is step #2, and to learn more about this go to: How to Lead a Girl Emotionally.  This is done either through spicing up an interaction with a girl by teasing her, or getting her comfortable with you by sharing stories about your life, or by impressing her with your leading masculine vibe by teaching her something or demonstrating authority over some part of her life.  The next step is recognizing when you’ve had an effect on her and she is ready to be escalated on:

Signs That She is DTF
A girl will send strong signals that she is DTF.  There are little physical things she will do like play with her hair, or lean into you when she talks to you, or touching you while she listens to you or tells you about herself.  Also, if she is sharing intimate things about herself that she feels emotional about, this is also a strong indicator that she is falling for you.  At this point (and even from the beginning) you need to introduce her to your physical touch and get her responding to your lead.  This is step #4.  Lead her around the establishment you are at with her, either to the bar to order a drink, or another part of the patio.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal at all, simply the fact that she followed you to another location establishes in her mind that she listens to you and responds to your subtle command.  This helps ensure that when it’s time to leave the bar to head back to your place or hers, she’s already used to following your lead and will go along with it easily.  If you hadn’t been doing this already, why would you expect a woman to all of a sudden be ok with following you to your house?  Get her used to this early so it doesn’t become a problem later!  The other important part of step #4 is physical touch.  She needs to be comfortable with you touching her so when it comes time to be intimate later she’s used to it and isn’t all of a sudden experiencing something new which she would naturally be hesitant over.

Another important part of handling a girl who is DTF, is communicating thru text with her. Many girls text more than they talk on the phone now, and you need to sharpen your texting skills to keep up with her and figure out logistics for taking advantage of a situation when a girl is dtf. If you want to learn text game, join my forum that is entirely dedicated to teaching guys the text game craft at: Manwhore’s Text Game Forum

The next step is physical escalation but that has already been covered many times and is not for this article.  If you would like to read more about how these all come together to culminate in a girl being DTF, go to:

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