No Matter Your Race, Your Background, Or Your Height..

Master the Skills of Seduction
With Drills-Based Training

Train LIVE Every Week Over Skype With A World Class Coach
“It was the best money I ever spent on myself.”
– Greg O’Gallagher, CEO
“His drills change you as a person. I barely recognize myself anymore. Sometimes I will be talking and say something awesome and wonder where that came from… then I remember that I took the coaching lol…”
“After training with Rsd for TWO YEARS, going on SIX bootcamps and only sleeping with TWO women the entire time, I signed up for’s 3 month coaching program and slept with 11 girls in 33 days”

    🖤 Learn How To Attract Women WITHOUT Looks, Money Or Status

    🖤 Develop Sexy Humor That Keeps You On Her Mind All Day

    🖤 Command Respect And Attention With Military-style Vocal Training

    🖤 Expertly Manage Any Social Situation To Get The Girl Alone With You

    🖤 Learn To Flirt POWERFULLY & Turn Women On Subconsciously

    🖤 Overcome Cockblocks, “Mother Hens” Or Nosy Family Members With Social Dominance Training

    🖤 Develop “Command Presence” With Hands-On Training From An Ex-Military Officer

    🖤 Get Over Your Fear Of Rejection Through CBT & “Military Readiness” Exercises  

    Real Skills Training That Forces You To Improve
    Created by a University of California Scientist & Ex-Military Professional

    🖤🖤 There's a few main things I want you to know about the program:

    1) DRILLS-BASED Training  
    There is something profoundly DIFFERENT that sets this training program apart from any other "seduction/dating" program in the industry. This program is DRILLS & exercises based, meaning I train you real-time using verbal drills & vocal exercises I developed that massively bolster your verbal game & social dominance skills. Many of the guys in the program express some form of almost shock when they start seeing how well their conversational and social skills improve. It's like learning to talk for the first time. I've turned virgins into bad asses, shy guys into smoothly dominant social leaders. The program actually changes you & makes you a charismatic & socially dominant person. Girls can't help but be attracted to a strong, charismatic person. And this doesn't just work on women.. a lot of areas of your life will be affected by this program. 

    I teach you how to speak extremely effectively and navigate the social world powerfully. Whether that means charming a girl's panties off, leading her and her friends effectively, or even demoralizing mother hens and  cockblockers. You will understand and be able to take verbal command of group dynamics & be able to lead others super effectively. If you want to develop the ability to walk up to girls & always have something to say, & know how to lead the conversation & the chemistry between you & her so she wants to go home with you.. then this is the program you've been looking for. 

    3) From Social to SEXUAL
    Everyone from Julien, Jeffy and Tyler of RSD to Sasha Daygame has remarked on my ridiculously effective "sexual framing" techniques. Don't get me wrong, I am a very balanced individual, but yes I am a master of physical escalation. It's how I built my reputation in the community, and it's how I'm going to help you build yours ;). 

    4) Tailored to YOU
    I am here to help you and mentor you. I do not judge, or mistreat anyone, I am here to build you up. Yes I might need to be tough at times, but it is only to make you become as awesome as possible. 
    This is about YOU and your journey. I am here to support you and bolster you and help you to lead yourself. We are here to forge some bad ass skill sets and experiences. If you have any doubts about either of those two points, just read reviews from guys who have already gone or are going through the program.