About Manwhore.org

“Manwhore” is a cutting-edge neurocognitive scientist from the , San Diego, as well as ex-military professional and political scientist. His infamous moniker is a nickname he picked up at UCSD over two decades ago.

His seduction-based cognitive behavioral training program is unmatched by any other so-called “dating program”. In fact he considers every other dating/seduction training program to be purely amateur in comparison. He has trained doctors, lawyers, scientists, and military service members, as well as every other type of professional, yet is also glad to offer his training to young men just starting out on their journeys of self-discovery, self-actualization, relationship-building and success with women.

His training program is based on development, text and , physical escalation skills, vocal training, and creating sexually intimate relationships with women. He teaches , hyper seduction skills, and teaches his guys to be successful in whatever environment they find themselves in. He is a respected leader and coach in the pickup/dating community since 2006, and has a long list of publications, podcasts and collaborative work with other world famous coaches and dating companies.

Manwhore is a highly experienced infield bootcamp instructor with over a decade of experience teaching live programs with the top dating companies in the community. He’s co-trained on dozens of bootcamps with the likes of Natural Tim of Rsd, Rsd Tyler, Rsd Jeff, Rsd Julien, Sasha Daygame and a myriad of others. He has over 60 testimonials from students of his training program which you can read through on the site. You can also find updates on his latest adventures with women, along with dozens of lay reports, all browsable on the site for you to read and learn from.

You can train with “Manwhore” by filling out the COACHING FORM here. 

Read his world famous LAY REPORTS here.

He’s known most in the “Seduction/Pickup” community for:

  • Emotional verbal escalation skills
  • Physical seduction
  • ” and date setup
  • World-class Seduction Skills development program (Click Here for program info)
  • 2007, 2008 & 2010 Global Men’s 21 Convention Speaker

  • Neuro-Cognitive & Political Science – UCSD – signed by the “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger