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– Angud (Doctor, MW Alumni)

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– Greg (Kinobody.com CEO & MW Alumni 2013)

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  • DRILLS-BASED training program
    • The verbal exercises and vocal drills MAKE YOU IMPROVE. Whatever skill level you are at, or how shy you think you are.. this training turns introverts into extroverts, virgins into skilled seducers, and socially timid people into socially DOMINANT people. I have the highest success rate of ANY coach in the industry. I have taken “hardcase” nerd programmers with ZERO experience with women and turned them into naturally seductive men. It IS possible, and I’m the coach for it. I enjoy what I do and I’m the best in the world at it.
  • WATCH and listen to “before and after training” testimonials and SEE the transformations!

    • My testimonials are unlike anything else out there. You can literally compare side by side my transformational testimonials with other dating companies reviews and examine the differences yourself. Fill out the form below and I’ll send them to you.
    • Consider yourself already successful with women? The drills will unleash verbal skills you didn’t even know were there.  I’ve had students start successful YouTube channels, get major promotions at work & increase or even jump-start their business skills through this training.
  • Elite Relationship Training
    • Do you think having a girlfriend or wife will preclude you from these skills? NEVER. You MUST know how to seduce your woman.. every day. Make her happy. Be the man she wants.
    • I have been training and coaching for 19 years, speaking and training at dating conferences since 2007.. give me commitment and you will get results.


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