Message to Women

I recently had an interesting conversation with a female dating coach I met at RSD’s World Summit. She bookmarked my site and read thru a couple of my reports, one being the “Get laid in Vegas” lay report I put up. She read several highly detailed accounts of sexual intimacy with a few girls I posted about on my site and one of her thoughts was:

“This guy’s not a douche..”

Why thank you ;b

But what she was hinting at was a strong point that I was happy a female was making for me. And that is this.. I’m not here to live out some mysoginistic fantasy of subjugating women, or live out some resentful hatred of women through increased “social” skills that allows me to manipulate them. And I’m not preying on weak women- or even drawn to weak women.

As other women who have found my site have also said, she told me she liked my writing and even laughed aloud at several points and could relate to the sexual scenarios going down. She likened the style to Tucker Max which I’d heard before. She also mentioned how I could improve the female readership of my site, which was an interesting topic as I’d never considered it before, my only experiences being the occasional female who stumbled on my site and asked for advice or just mentioned she liked the “dirty” stories. I’ve even had male readers tell me they sit girls down in front of their computers to read my lay reports as apparently they’re highly potent lmr busters (lmao).

Now before all you guys start in with the “Dude why you looking for validation from a woman?”, just know this.. this is a super important discussion to bring to bear and something that needs to be brought out.

There is this side to male/female interactions that is racy and sexy, and super naughty. Where girls and guys mix it up like the supreme animals we are and enjoy the fuck out of it. Not all women are going to be into “cumshots” and such, but they will try it and they ALL have different fetishes and things they like to experience. And they yearn to experience it with the right kind of guy.

We’re simply here to train you into how to become that guy.

I’ve “enjoyed” quite a bit of notoriety in my years as a figure in the Men’s Dating community, every few weeks or so some feminist blog, ladies column, or soap opera discussion board links to my blog with remarks like “Ladies beware! There are guys like THIS out there!” This is quite humourous to me and I get to enjoy some light trolling (Yes it’s fun) of my own. Then there are the times where my blog is brought up as a source of masculine training and development (which it’s meant to be); and then another commenter jumps on linking or quoting a part of my site where I use the term “slut” and my site is subsequently demonized. Ugh, come the fuck on.

On the one side you have the “Disney romance” and “women-in-charge” side of dating, e.g. the “marketable” stuff. And on the other side..? It’s all bundled into rape, abuse, and chauvinism. There’s NO dialogue, no categorization or study of this side of male/female dynamics. In fact ALL I hear from women when it comes to discussing stronger more dominant forms of sexual seduction is the denial of it even existing. And denial is dangerous. Because if you choose to deny something of such obvious importance to your own impulses, you will never come to understand it.

And if you do not understand your own impulses, you will always be a slave to them.

And so yes.. you WILL be taken advantage of. But not by men such as me. They will be evil men, men who actually want to hurt others, who will make you do things they secretly think are “whorish”, and then laugh and sneer at you afterwards and try to use it against you to hurt you. No girl wants to be “tricked” into some kind of “alternative” sexual experience, and then accused of being slutty.

I hate this it repulses me. This is not my purpose or intent, and never has been.

I am simply a guy with strong masculine drives. I work hard at everything in life, I coach and mentor fellas who want the same, and the women that come into my life I romance ferociously and dominate like the waves crashing on the beach. And they love it. And some of you lovely ladies out there will meet me as well, and you will love it.

So I’m saying now.. to all you women, girlies, princessbutts, muffins and pumpkins.. do not misunderstand us. We love you and we do not wish you harm. We only want to push you down in the sandbox and give you kisses.


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