How I Transformed a Shy Girl into a Sexually Liberated Woman

By mi sc
May 25, 2017

(This is a guest contribution from a Skype training alumni. Through the training he’s taken his bedroom skills to a very elite level. The original forum post is located here: Below is his guest article)

A few months ago I started seeing a girl that had very poor bedroom skills, from the beginning she was quite emotionless and cold during sexually escalation. Of course I didn’t let this effect my state because I knew that she was interested in me, but simply had a tough time showing it. Following’s advice, I continued to escalate and it led to sex. Unfortunately, her behavior did not change much. What surprised me that most was that this chick continued to show almost no signs of enjoyment throughout the sex, she was a complete starfish. She would just lay there, indifferent about the whole interaction. A lot of guys experience this and simply discredit their girl’s skills in the bedroom without taking control of the situation. This leads to consistently terrible sex or an intimate relationship going sour. There IS a solution to this problem. Manwhore explained to me that the concepts laid out in the membership video titled “Advanced LMR” When Girls Go ‘Cold’ Or Unreactive” can be applied to long term interactions.  After checking out the video it became clear to me that a large portion of women operate from the frequency. Actually, all women will exhibit this behavior from time to time, even if it is not her default. The resolution is always to continue intensifying the sexual experience and create something amazing. Now there are many ways to do this, but this is the world of the Manwhore Membership, “Drill Based” Seduction Training, and Sexual Mastery Program. I will, however, spill the beans on my game plan that brought my sexual experience with this girl from 0 to 100, real quick.

It was clear that this girl’s cold behavior was based on insecurity, being a few years younger than me she naturally carried a bit of immaturity and had a tough time expressing herself in all aspects of life. There was also evidence that she had past partners that had not given her space to be herself and grow as a person. If I were to dump her due to the poor sex it would have thrown her into a downward spiral. Empowerment was the key. My goal was to boost her state to the point where sex could become co-creative between us and her coldness could be replaced with the flare of a confident woman. This would not only be a self-esteem boost in the bedroom, but also in day to day interactions. I accomplished this goal primarily through dirty talking. This dirty talk wasn’t traditional dirty talking though; it was more like hypnotic affirmations.  Manwhore beautifully explained it like this,

“Imagine creating an emotional blueprint of affirmations, that fill in her core, her self-trust, and her sense of self. And then imagine nailing it in with your dick.”

This was an extremely fulfilling experience for the both of us. Below I will post a script of a few of the lines I used. The lines are emotional and leave room for her to respond and engage in the process. Some of them also give directions that require her to take action.

  • “relax babe, it feels SO good to be fucking you, you’re so sexy”
  • “(name) you really know how to turn me on, tell me how you are going to make me cum”
  • “your pussy is so wet, tell me how much you love getting wet for me”
  • “baby it is OK to enjoy this, it feels SO amazing, you look amazing…I’m going to fuck you real slow”
  • “look at me (stare into her soul) … fuck you’re sexy”
  • “your ass looks so hot move those hips around for me…oh damn”

Alright guys…that’s enough. This is getting a little too hot n’ heavy!
Empowering her was also a matter of tweaking my physical seduction. Very dominant sex was too overwhelming for her, it didn’t give her opportunities to express herself. When I slowed things down she began to become more physically active, moving her hips to enhance the pleasure. It also gave her time to talk to me. This is when the sex started to get really good. I would give her opportunities to move her body around, and lots of chances to fuck me in positions where she was doing the work. Her confidence skyrocketed and in no time she was making me cum when I least expected it 😉

My actions outside of the bedroom also boosted her self awareness and poise. It was simply a matter of leading by example. Our conversations mostly consisted of cocky and funny remarks. Most guys can easily nail the cocky funny humor on their own, but it is magical when you can include the girl in the mix. I spent a lot of time crafting hilarious stories such us taking over the world, or selling out Madison Square Garden with our sexy singing voices. This is fun and deeply intimate. You want to make her feel like you two are a powerful duo. This type of humor is also illogical which communicates that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and that she won’t be judged at any point in time. Free flowing creativity, willingness to enhance intimacy, and a non-judgmental attitude are all concepts that need to be actively introduced.

After nailing down the verbal and physical seduction and exploring intimacy with this girl, we were able to consistently have amazing sex. This also set the stage for dynamic sex that is constantly new and exciting.

I enjoyed sharing my story above because it speaks of the value I gained through the Manwhore Monthly Membership, which I am forever grateful for. I wanted to take some time to do a review of a video in the Manwhore Membership called “Advanced LMR: When Girls Go ‘Cold’ or Unreactive.” Below I will briefly discuss some concepts of the video so everyone can start applying them.

This video discusses a very common roadblock during sexual escalation, girls that act sexually unreactive, cold, and stoic. This behavior is common among high value women and women that are sexually underdeveloped. No matter what type of woman you are dealing with, you must realize that these women simply don’t express their sexuality outwardly at first, it is not a form of rejection, they still DESIRE a great experience with you. Handling this form of depends entirely on how well you lead yourself. Take charge of the situation by taking charge of yourself. These girls need a man that is determined to get her to a place where she can let loose and express herself. The simple solution to this bump in the road is to continue escalating. Do NOT incorrectly perceive the situation in a negative way and get frustrated because you feel like you can’t turn her on. The truth is, these women show very little outward signs of approval. They may come across as not interested, while still deeply enjoying the experience internally. You must be comfortable shaping the interaction without outward validation from her, it is your job to get the interaction to place that is comfortable and fun for both of you. If you need a girl to give you permission to express your sexuality, this will NEVER work out. At first, it will be YOU crafting an amazing sexual experience for her. If you doubt your ability to do this, these women will not pick up the slack. When she acts cold, just relax and continue escalating physically and verbally. This should consist of high value escalation where you place emphasis on your own body and pleasure because these girls want to see you enjoy yourself before they are willing to become sexually vulnerable. Furthermore, sometimes these girls will hold onto this cold behavior pattern throughout sex, especially the immature ladies, and you must continue to deepen the until her inward excitement is finally expressed outward.

A lot of men find this form of to be extremely stressful because they incorrectly perceive the situation as rejection, this couldn’t be more wrong. A sexually unreactive woman is a blank canvas, she wants you to lead the interaction and create a unique sexual experience that you two can share together. What could be better than this? Whether you are dealing with a sexually immature woman or a high value goddess these are the women that LOVE men that are confident with projecting their own sexual rhythm. They are interested in you empowering them. Once I knew this I was able to start having some of the most amazing sex of my life. This should be FUN!

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