MW's Verbal Game & Fast Escalation
"Drills-Based" Training For
Social Leadership Skills, Seduction, & Sexual Mastery

"It was the best money I ever spent on myself."
- Greg O'Gallagher CEO

"After training with Rsd for TWO YEARS, going on SIX bootcamps and only sleeping with TWO women the entire time, I signed up for Manwhore's coaching program and slept with 11 girls in 33 days"
- Yi "Chinaboy"

"His drills change you as a person. I barely recognize myself anymore. Sometimes I will be talking and say something awesome and wonder where that came from... then I remember that I took the coaching lol..."
Mateus S. Alumni

A Life-Changing Training Program Customized Entirely To You

Just a couple quick questions..

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From the Desk of MW,

You, curious yet weary traveler, have managed to stumble onto the best kept secret in the "pickup/seduction" community. This live Skype training program is far and away the most effective training program in existence for social leadership skills, seduction, and sexual mastery. It is better than a weekend "bootcamp", better than any "pickup" dvd/video "training" program out there.

There is ONE thing you need to understand about this program that separates it from 90% of the rest of the pickup/seduction training programs out there. It is a "DRILLS-BASED" training program.

95% of these "coaches" and pickup companies out there are trying to run "THERAPY-driven" training. E.g. somehow they're going to talk you into being good at pickup. Ha! And look don't get me wrong, there are some VERY well-intentioned guys out there, but it's simply NOT how it works. What you need is to be able to break down game into chunks, into trainable portions that the guy can practice and train in on his own.

And one other thing.. you can NOT watch pickup videos and all of a sudden KNOW how to pick up women and sleep with them, or hope to form meaningful relationships with them. Just because you watched someone else do it doesn't mean you can do it too. That would be like watching a tennis match and all of a sudden being a competitive tennis player afterwards.

But you CAN be trained extremely effectively and quickly.

What you need are masculine leadership communication skills. I don't mean dullish "caveman" nonsense. I mean more authoritative forms of emotional communication, social decision-making, leadership skills, etc. These are essential for picking up and sleeping with women and essential for developing and maintaining amazing relationships with them. Seems a bit overly simplified right now but it's actually a rather rich even dense skill set.

Tonality, pacing and rhythm, vocal projection, emotional nuance, training your brain to achieve an easygoing smooth verbal flow..

This program is about drawing out latent charismatic potencies you've had just never been trained to use. For instance you'll experience drastic and permanent changes in your vocal range and emotional tonality. You'll sound quite a bit different after the program, your friends and family will notice instantly.

There will be deep fundamental changes in your communication skills. And none of it will be bullshit tricks or lines you spout at women, through verbal drills training we will be creating the neurological pathways from your brain to your mouth so you kill it conversationally. In fact there will be times you will genuinely be shocked at the kinds of things you hear coming out of your own mouth after training. I'm sure you've had nights where you killed it, now just imagine being able to have unlimited access to that ;). I'm talking about achieving a level where women will want to suck your cock just from listening to you tell a story; it goes without saying you will be able to have a group of people riveted to what you're saying.

I don't mean to be unnecessarily vulgar, I'm simply telling you the truth.You will be trained how to emotionally and verbally communicate on a powerful, masculine level that truly speaks to women.

They will like you, and they will fuck you and do all sorts of naughty/nice things to you. ;)

Think you're the special case that simply can't get laid? That's bullshit neurological wiring that needs to be cut out and rewired. You can learn to rewrite and retell the story of your life, cast off the chains of shame and past embarrassment, cut free the ties binding you to the awkwardness of your inept youth, and adopt an empowered adult version of yourself that is fearless and shameless and strong and influential. And women will see this and want to be with you, and they will adore you. And by adore I mean gluttonously fill their holes with your hero dick.

Ok fine. I meant to be vulgar that time. ;)

But here's the deal, women are no longer second class citizens, it is time for men to accept the fact the traditional means of securing or otherwise "earning" a wife no longer work. Patriarchy is dead, and lo and behold women expect more from men than what men have been supplying so far. This cardboard-cutout "cowboy" emotionless, inexpressive definition of masculinity isn't adequate any longer. You must become a modern male, capable of verbally matching and LEADING a woman emotionally.

Some of you may be wondering why you're just now hearing about this program when it's been around for so many years. It's because I simply never advertised it. I never treated it as something to be sold or marketed. I always ran it by the simple maxim "When a guy's ready he knows where to find me." However recently the internet has become flooded with junior coaches with minimal pickup skills and terrible skills as a trainer. And of course there's always the plethora of internet marketers selling you rehashed material from another "pua" product.

Here's a quick run-down of my credentials:

I've been speaking at men's dating conferences for a decade now, I've spoken multiple times at the 21 Convention, the biggest and most well known men's pickup and self-development conference in the world (here's the link to my 2008 appearance), the Direct Dating Summits in both Las Vegas and Manhattan, as well as the UPAC pickup conventions down in Southern California. I guest instructed live infield "bootcamp" programs with Real Social Dynamics (RSD) for four years starting in 2008 with the likes of Natural Tim, Tyler & Jeffy. (Their bootcamp training model is fundamentally flawed as it lacks real training & consists of throwing guys into failed interaction after interaction with a short debriefing at the end of the night. It's crap)

I also run a popular advanced forum dedicated to text game, verbal communication/seduction skills, and sexual escalation.

BUT.. there is something else that sets this training program apart and that's my professional background. I'm an ex-military officer with professional military expertise as a trainer and mentor, I mentored and developed leaders professionally, and KNOW how to train a man to be able to take up the sword and get things done he could not before. I also hold a degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California, San Diego, the 17th best ranked university in the world. Not only do I have a military "hands on" approach to crafting training and exercises that break down seduction and social leadership skills into drillable and applicable chunks that you can quickly assimilate and adopt for your own powerful use, I also studied the human brain and its behavioral propensities at one of the top universities in the world. Not only do I train you to execute on a very high level, I also take a very measured and powerful grip of the mental/emotional even holistic side of "game". You can read through dozens of reviews they all describe this aspect of the training. But.. yes, this is the most results-oriented program in the industry. My dudes get laid.. a lot. I do realize and respect the fact some guys aren't so concerned with sleeping with a lot of women, HOWEVER.. it's the same skill set. If you're looking for a wonderful girlfriend, you need to be able to seduce her.. plain and simple.

Cheerio, and hopefully talk soon..

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"Manwhore’s drills completely transform your personality and changes the way you communicate with people and how they respond to you. You can literally feel yourself becoming more charismatic as you do the drills. He’s your personal Miyagi in your ear going out of his way to help you get laid."
"I pull two very attractive girls back from the club to my house for a threesome on another night. We're all half naked and doing things to each other when the less mature one freaks out because she has a boyfriend. It gets really crazy and I end up driving them both back to the club to avoid getting kicked out by furiously woken and yelling housemates and having an angry boyfriend on my front lawn. Disaster and three-some aborted. I had no interest in seeing the immature one again, but went on a date months later with the cooler one, after she's separated from her boyfriend. yeah, it turned out that they both had boyfriends, wtf man. hahaha.

The biggest thing for me isn't about how many girls I sleep with, or how easily, it's the effective personal development and the greater degree of control over my life. I've become someone who is confident, charismatic, an authority, socially dominant and seductive and that's a great source of fulfilment for me. That's being alive."
"The transformation in your social skills, inner beliefs, and pimping you will make in these few short months with MW are life changing. I remember crying not too long ago because of the sheer joy of what I had accomplished.

It made it all the more sweeter knowing I came from rags and had achieved riches."
Recently i signed up for 2 months of coaching from Manwhore. I had just moved from a small town to the city to really start to develop myself and start approaching lots of woman. After a couple of months i realised how much i sucked at game lol. I was getting occasional results, like 1 lay per month if i was lucky but nothing compared to what i knew i was capable of.

Its now been almost 4 months since i started the coaching with manwhore (finished about 2 months ago) and in that time i have fucked 9 new girls, plus a blowjob this weekend from a 39 year old milf just an hour after i met her on the street near my place ;) so obviously a significant impovement in my game, most of which i can attribute directly to what i learnt from manwhore. Specifically a couple of same day lays from daygame and same night lays that i always used to struggle with.

Thats why your drills were awesome, they really embed what you learn so that it's not just some theory you know about, it actually becomes a part of you. Like when im talking to chicks now and pulling them etc the stuff im saying and doing and how im speaking is so far different to how i used to be that i can't even comprehend behaving in any other way now, it would just be unnatural.