“Daddy’s Little Princess” Is Secretly A Pornstar: Two Techniques For Turning “The Girl Next Door” Into Your Willing Sex Slave

By Manwhore
September 10, 2016

I’m at a bar in San Diego with two of my old wings when three girls walk up, and ignoring us, jump ahead of us at the bar, angling in to order drinks. I watch them for a few seconds, unperturbed by their offhanded dismissal of us. One is slightly turned towards me so I say something saucy to her. It’s hard teasing, beguiling her efforts to get drinks. She turns to me gives me a dirty look then looks away, putting on a show of dismissing me. But there’s a twinkle in her eye and a small smile plays across her face. She finds me amusing. ;). I give her more sauciness. She turns to me and snaps back a retort. Ohh..? Seems she’s not satisfied merely being a spectator.. she wants to play.

I talk back, relentlessly cocky. She’s intrigued, gives me shit back but all she can get out of me is a smirk and another retort. Right here is where 95% of guys would try to release the tension in some way, leaning in to establish rapport with her either through a quick touch or appeasing smile, or abashedly breaking eye contact. I don’t budge a millimeter. I continue staring her down, a hard yet easygoing smirk on my face.

She takes a step closer to me, says something else. I respond, low key cocky as fuck. I don’t have a problem letting her know I think I’m all that and a bag of chips and I’m here to defend the crown if she wants a go at it. She comes closer, we’re playing the staring game now. She’s used to guys breaking, not that she wants them too, she’s drawn to this game of “romantic chicken”, but most guys bow out before letting it go too far. This time it’s different, I’m not going anywhere. She’s amused and intrigued. I give her more attitude, not in the slightest perturbed that her face is now only inches from mine, and that she’s gazing at me inquisitively.

She can’t help but let a smile play across her lips as well. She’s titillated, completely invested.. she wants to experience how it all ends, and to conquer me. But she also knows she’s got the golden trump card she can still play. There’s always one way to melt a cold heart. She steps the rest of the way in, slowly pushes her lips against mine, kisses me.
Damn. Looks like she got me 😉

We kiss for a bit, it’s a very good kiss. But there’s something more going on as well. A bit of an explorative edge to the way she slowly brings her face in close, putting her lips to mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth. It’s feminine, even coy, but there’s something else to it. Something about the experience that’s more heightened. It’s like she’s dining on me, savoring me. Seems I’m a more delectable prize than most.. 😉

We part after a bit, look at each other. Enjoying the hotness of the moment. She flashes me a beautiful smile then turns back to her friends. I notice my wing staring at me with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. He tells me later that watching that go down had been awesome, lol.

We talk some more after they get their drinks. I tell her to give me her number and ask her what she’s doing later. Her two other friends are being a bit anti-social and aren’t jelling well with my two buddies so our two groups split and go their separate ways. Things resume between her and I over text and we make plans to meet up at the end of the night. I keep it casual, nothing blatantly sexual, there’s enough of an allure between us that I don’t need to oversell anything or even imply/hint at sex. All that’s set already it’s simply a matter of keeping the focus on meeting up and making sure her logistics are good.

Which does not prove to be the case. At the end of the night I call her, she’s with her male roommate and they’re headed back home. When he realizes she’s talking to a guy on the phone and the conversation is steering towards me coming over he flips his shit. I start hearing him screaming and yelling in the background. He’s so angry, but she’s so calm about it. Lol. I can tell she feels no personal danger from it, it’s all directed at me. I ask if he’s her boyfriend, she assures me he isn’t, just a very protective roommate and “friend”. Ahh, I see.. it’s one of those aggressive male orbiters certain women have. These guys can’t make any moves on her themselves, but throw a fit if another man does. It’s got to be one of the most desperate and weirdly needy lives for a male to lead, some form of emotional/mental impotency acting itself out in real life. He sounds angry as fuck, but I can tell she’s in no danger so I don’t even pay it any attention.

We talk through text the next week or so, and I finally make it over about two weeks later with a six pack. Her roommate works nights and isn’t around, but..   The premise we’d set up over text beforehand (and you can very easily use this in your own date meetup attempts with women) is that I’m going to teach her poker. Actually telling a girl you’re going to teach her something is a great way to set up a date with her. Not the only way to do it, but probably one of the better ones as the context, and “man to woman” dynamic of it is fantastic for furthering intimacy with her. Setting up a teacher/student dynamic with a girl can lead to very sexy things 😉

So I check out her place, meet her dog- a hilarious boxer whose high jump is extremely legit and which he’s always enthusiastic about showing you, and then we head to her room. I’ve brought over a pack of cards and we’ve agreed to play with change. Real stakes means taking the game seriously, and she’s serious about this. 😉

Now mind you I know exactly where this is headed, but I can tell this girl is rather hung up over the whole “sex” thing and definitely doesn’t want to be seen as “that kind of girl”. It’s unfortunate that society frowns upon a girl making her own sexual choices, even shaming her for them. But in turn women have become adept at creating a sort of bulletproof context to mask their sexual intentions.

Now some people reading this might think, “Oh well she invited him over, she was ‘looking for that’, she’s just ‘that kind of girl'”. And they would be wrong and misguided, because there are millions of guys that can manage to hang out alone with a woman and still never manage to make “it” happen. Anyone that’s taken the time to master this part of intimacy with a woman knows it’s nowhere near a done deal just because a woman agrees to hang out alone with you.

So we begin playing poker, I start out explaining every hand and the rationale behind every bet. After I can see she’s got the hang of things I take off the training wheels. And this is when things get interesting. She tells me we should place a wager on who wins. I agree, because I know exactly what I want if I win, ;). So I tell her to explain what she wants first. After some humhawing around she comes up with something super humdrum, like me taking out the trash or washing her dishes or something. Super lame and not at all what she really wants to get out of this I can tell, lol.

Then she asks me what I want. I pause, look in her eyes and tell her if I win I’m going to have her get on her knees and blow me while begging me to cum on her pretty little face. Then I just look at her.

She tries to stifle her reactions, but I watch her pupils dilate and she freezes slightly. Lol. I can tell she’s shocked, but I can also tell it’s not quite an unpleasant experience for her 😉 She’s actually secretly enthralled by it but just like all “good girls” she can’t admit this, even to herself.

She blushes, looks away, dealing with a flood of emotions. I love watching all the little expressions pass across her face, it’s so hot. She doesn’t say anything for a bit but then after a bit says, “Ok.”

Sexy does not begin to describe that moment.

We start playing poker.. at which point the ending to this scenario becomes clear. She doesn’t win a single hand. Haha! I’m not even playing that aggressive I’m super relaxed about the game but we go through close to twenty hands with the change we have and she never wins a single one.

I lay my cards down to claim the final win, looking at her and pausing to savor the moment, watching the realization cross her face. God I’m loving this. I make a show of sweeping the last pot out of the way, dropping it slowly into my ever burgeoning pile of coins. Then I look up at her. Like a wolf that’s cornered its prey and is calmly examining its meal before going in for the final consummation.

I matter of factly stand up from the bed we’d been reclining on, step back a couple steps from the bed and look at her.

Alright. Come here.

I undo my pants and spread them open, look at her. She looks back at me. She does nothing, lol. Apparently she didn’t get the memo. “C’mere“. I pull my boxers out from my hips and take my cock out like it’s the royal scepter being put on display. I look down at it then up at her. “Suck my cock.” I say softly. She looks at me incredulously, but I can tell loves it 😉 She smiles almost shyly and looks away, then looks back at me, down at it, then back up into my eyes.

She finally says, “Fine! But you have to fuck me too!” She says it like I actually need to be talked into this, LOL!! So I softly and casually say, “Fine.” I really should have gotten a Golden Globe nomination for that performance.

She gets up from the bed, comes over to me.. gets on her knees, puts my cock in her mouth and starts going at it. Of course it’s amazing, and she looks beautiful.. but she’s being shy. Eyes closed, faced straight ahead, not the experience either of us signed up for. I tell her to look up at me. She does. Watching her go to work on my cock while she looks into my eyes is a slice of heaven on earth. But we’re not done here. I tell her, “Now beg me to cum on your pretty little face.

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She does. My mind has a little mini implosion. Fuck! That is intense. After a minute or so of this she takes my cock out of her mouth and asks me if I’ll fuck her now. Haha! I say sure and clothes come off and the railing begins. I pound her cute little muff for a few minutes. Not enough to make her cum but she definitely enjoys it lol. Then I tell her to get back on her knees and go to work. She does.

Her talents in this area aren’t that good, but seeing her little face staring up at me, taking turns pushing my cock in and out of her mouth while plaintively begging me, “Please cum on my face. Please? ” is overfuckingwhelming. It doesn’t take too long before my orgasm builds up so strongly it starts fucking with my head and my balance. I cum so hard it hurts. My vision fades to a small tunnel, I almost topple over onto her. Haha

I gaze down at my masterpiece. She’s stunning. But the look on her face is slightly inquisitive.. and she’s looking into my eyes to gauge my reaction. She wants to know if I’ll “judge” her now. Hell no. She never loses her innocence. Never loses my respect. We’ve simply taken our intimacy to another level.

Doesn’t matter my cock is her new god, I don’t blame her for wanting to worship it. 😉

All women want to surrender so completely to a man, to be his sexual plaything. But most never seem to find a guy willing and able to make this happen.

She goes and takes a shower. I watch her wipe my cum off her face as she leaves the room.

While I wait I gaze around her room. Her high school softball pictures are hanging up around her room, mixed with a few trophies and other awards. A framed handwritten letter from her dad hangs on one of the walls, telling her how much he loves her and how proud of her he is. So am I. She’s beautiful, and so hardworking, lol.

We do this a couple more times before she moves to the east coast for work. She’s a young head manager at a huge high-end restaurant chain (think Asian cuisine) and they want her to open up a new location. She tells me about her work, how she hates firing people. She’s a darling, sweet-tempered and beautiful. She hates having to tell someone they’re fired. I understand where she’s coming from. As a coach and a trainer I’ve always wanted everyone to succeed even in the face of crazy obstacles. Telling someone they failed, even if it’s only a temporary setback, is heavy-handed work. But I think it’s also this sort of sweet-minded attitude of hers, this “nondesire” to see others hurt, such as the embarrassment and fear associated with losing a job, that also puts her more in touch with her ability to deeply appreciate and even adore the male form in the way she was able to with me. She wasn’t the first woman I’d had this kind of experience with, and certainly not the last, but I consider this level of intimacy between a man and a woman to be normal. But most people and traditional social institutions attempt to disparage this sort of sexual encounter, even criticizing the porn industry for “forcing women to subjugate themselves to a man’s penis in worship.” But all they’re doing is simply denying themselves, and denying the men in their lives an incredibly intimate experience.

Just remember fellas, it’s up to you to make it happen 😉

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