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By Manwhore
May 19, 2012

Every once in a while I feel like I’m living on the plains of prehistoric North America. Hunting the big ones with my Jurassic style hunting spear. But then I imagine living without the internet, and that desire quickly goes away ;). Anyways this is a very interesting story because it drives home two crucial fundamental lessons on dealing with uberhotties. A lot of guys have issues with the super attractive, intimidating women that a lot of other men are chasing as well. And even if they do succeed in getting them out on a date, or alone; they have serious problems with escalation and/or staying present and not letting the girl intimidate them and get in their head.

These two lessons are:
1) You must be RUTHLESS in your physical/sexual escalation with superhotties. No hesitation. They have no respect for hesitation. They respect a dude with a complete lack of self-doubt. Sadly this usually only exists inside assholes, and that is why you see so many of them with these kinds of guys. Plus they don’t have time for pussies, they are used to getting what they want, WHEN they want, and they generally don’t play games. And if YOU hesitate, you have automatically knocked yourself off their dinner menu. They will no longer be into you.
2) The fastest way to get into a relationship with a girl is to sleep with her. Whether you fuck her and it DOESN’T turn into a relationship, it doesn’t matter. Too many other things happen, life is complicated and hard, and relationships between people are rare, THEREFORE, you must take what you have when you have it, and make the most of it at ALL times.

Just as a warning, this isn’t a typical Manwhore lay report, because funny enough, my first round with this girl took place over two years ago. I did not handle things correctly and failed to seal the deal. A year later we had another chance together and again I didn’t handle it the way I should have. Then ANOTHER year later we finally meet up and I’m like.. you know what? Fuck it. Absolutely NO other options are being evaluated aside from the fact I’m going to FUCK this girl and that’s it.

Here’s the backstory: we threw a Superbowl party in 2010 at our house in Pacific Beach. Had probably 150 people show up over the course of the day and at least half of those were girls. We baked and bbq’d all kinds of different meat, had kegs and liquor of all sorts, ran two games of beerpong simultaneously at all times. Was a thrasher for sure. I pinned one girl against the wall in my hallway and finger’d her, and then my roommate took her into his room and banged her about 20 minutes later lol. Towards the end of the party we had another group of girls show up, except within that little group was a girl that was like NO other girl at the party. Completely exotic fucking stunner, but also just so serenely composed and chill, she just had a vibe to her that was like watching a tiger drink water from a jungle stream. Some of you might know what I’m talking about, because that’s actually a pretty good analogy lol. Anyways I didn’t make any kind of moves on her at first, I remember walking by at least once or twice thru the crowd and getting no “approach invitation” or even a glance. Not that I ever count on this sort of support, but in particular with these kinds of girls, you will get NOTHING. It will be up to you to manufacture from scratch any kind of interaction or spark of interest from a girl like this. Even if you happen to be “the man” in your particular choice of social environment, you cannot count on getting anything more than a superficial nod of approval from the uberhots.

Towards the end of the party I came back in from the garage (was separated from house) and I see that her and her group of girls are about to leave. So I walk up on the porch and am just standing there casually, she turns towards me and we’re looking each other eye to eye and I say “…”. Honestly I don’t have a clue what I said, but I remember feeling the intense level of eye contact we immediately had, that I was communicating from a super chill place, but with absolute conviction, and that what I said, hit her like a ton of bricks. She showed no real reaction, but I could tell we had made serious contact. We talked for a little bit, nothing but our vibe holding it together and I have the thought “I’m going to get this girl’s number.” It had the mental force of a typhoon. It was just the mental headspace I was in. I remember actually thinking “well not sure if this girl likes me but could not give a fuck ;)”. So I tell her we should hang out some time and ask for her number. Definitely not the smoothest # close at all, but it was enough.

She takes off and I start texting her. We go back and forth a bit and then she says she’s dropped her friends off she’s going to come back. I’m like.. you’ve got to be kidding me.. we didn’t make out or get overly flirty with each other, and she wasn’t coming back because I had an eightball lol.. what chick ditches her girls and decides to head back to a party because she just liked talking to a guy? What it meant was that this girl did EXACTLY what she felt like doing and had incredible control of her natural inclinations (e.g. most girls are programmed to go home after a party and pass out without the aid of friends to keep them out, this one was just up for a spontaneous rendezvous.)

So I’m just standing around not sure if she’s showing up or not, I walk outside to chill on the lawn, and boom she comes walking up out of the darkness like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Was it? Fuck no. I actually remember being aware of how intense a scenario it was, her showing back up because it was obviously serious attraction she was projecting at me. A girl like this.. I didn’t even get the idea she was “feeling” attraction, more like projecting it at me and seeing how I’d respond, lol. I remember feeling/knowing that there was no kind of pressure to acknowledge, and that other guys would feel serious pressure to perform but that I felt none. It was a meeting of apex predators. It did not matter what happened; I liked her, she was nice to look at, and we had a good vibe together. Nothing outside of that was my responsibility. I was calm and just looked at her as she came up.

I don’t remember what happened but we hung out for a bit and then she took off. Apparently another guy who was at the party, that fancied himself a ladies man, and actually did have game in terms of being a loud, rude, arrogant tool (I was fine with this guy except for some reason he decided him and I weren’t going to be buddies), walked up to her and said something retarded like “Why are you so arrogant I can’t talk to you.” Honestly this is seriously how this girl comes across, she’s just so calm yet sexually charged. Anyways she looked at him and just plainly said, “I never said I wanted to talk to you.” When I heard this I lol’d. Fuck that guy.

Anyways I didn’t really get physical with her even tho I probably should have. This is where my faulty thinking began to manifest itself. I didn’t want this to just be a hookup and so I didn’t push it. Now I’m not saying that you want to attempt to “rape”, or go hardcore escalation with every girl you find within your grasp (lol), but looking back I possibly could have fucked her that night, and saved myself two years of ‘WTF’. She came over a couple nights later and hung out with me while I watched Spartacus. I think more than anything I was just the kind of guy that she could hang out with without any kind of needy bullshit and I had a “killer’s” chillness to me that she really dug. There was definite physical/sexual chemistry between us, but this girl gave NO signs of anything. It was all me escalating or nothing. She was just content to sit there lol.

So her story was that she was a considerably talented local artist and had her work featured in a couple galleries and she also was a phenomenal long-distance runner. She competed in marathons regularly and had a killer toned bod. I attribute her free-thinking and independence to this long-distance running. It’s a little known fact that running for long periods of time is actually SUPER meditative, provides high dosages of seratonin (think runner’s high), and is a major balancer of body and brain chemicals. Most humans live lives of extreme stagnancy; they sit in their little cubicles all day without any exercise, and chemicals, natural or not, build up in their bodies and affect their thought processes and behavior. This chick was a free-thinking lil fairy simply because she burned out all the extra clutter on a regular basis.

Anyways I believe this second night she came over, we got a bit cozy on my couch, I wrestled her a bit, and then I took her into my room and put her on my bed. I remember having this EXACT thought process, “I’m just going to show her I can be aggressive when I want to be, but I can scale it back too.” I’m sort of holding her in my arms, then she leans forward on her hands and knees, subtly pushes back against me. After a little bit I slide her black leggings down over her tan booty, squeeze her thighs, then put my face between her legs and start devouring her from behind. She’s on her hands and knees perched on my bed in front of me and flexes her bottom and spreads her legs wider wider so I can get better access .. ‘cuz she liked it. I remember leaning back and just gazing at this little spectacle. In all my years of being with women, I’ve never become jaded or had my appreciation for women diminish. Far from it. I still feel like a kid in the candy store sometimes.

Anyways at this point I stopped.. and looking back it was probably a bad move. I chilled back, wanting to wait, refusing to let her see me as a one night stand/hookup. Sometimes this sort of thing serves me well, but many times it doesn’t. It was completely lost on this kind of girl, she didn’t care either way how fast we slept with each other. Most hotties don’t care.. they make the decision to hang out with a guy or date him, based on other things, not the timeline. I’m exactly the same way, and most socially savvy people, whether they’re male or female, are the same way. I’ve had several long-term girlfriends where we had sex the first night or our first date and it did not at all lessen our value in each other’s mind. They were doing what they wanted and that was.. me.

That’s pretty much the extent of our physical adventures that night. My roomie’s lil pet chihuahua decided he wanted to sleep with us that night instead of his usual spot. He’s a burrower (pretty sure he’s still alive, lol), and liked to get cuddled up in a blanky or bury himself in small places. So he crushed himself in between our two bodies curled up on each other. Not going to lie it was super adorable. In the morning I pulled her top down and nibbled on her breasts for a bit before letting her go. She drew a cat on my whiteboard and that was that.

We didn’t see each other again for a year. Her coworker, who was the reason why she showed up to the party in the first place, and had a major crush on her (every guy that meets her develops a crush on her), made up rumors and talked shit on me, saying I was hiding a girlfriend on the side. NOW… if I’d fucked her.. I would have had the kind of leverage where she would have to ask me what was up because she was now invested. However as it was, her text responses back to me just began to peter off and then disappear. 🙁

About a year later I just randomly hit her up on Facebook and boom she was responsive, and then boom she wanted to hang out. So I have her come over, kick my roommates out (we were living in a skyrise in the gaslamp district of San Diego, super baller), and cooked her dinner while we drank wine. Now this is where the stupidity really hit the fan. She came over to get laid.. pure and simple. She knew I was a guy who would fuck her, but what she ended up saying during dinner was that I made her uncomfortable that night because I escalated too quickly. This was COMPLETELY not true, she loved it, but as a woman living in this particular stage of American development, she didn’t really have the words to describe exactly what she was feeling. I also later found out that she had just gotten out of a relationship this night and had some emotional baggage going on. I told her matter of factly that that night was special to me and I did not see her as just a hookup. This was just laying it out on the table and being open with a woman.

After dinner we sat on the couch together and started watching a movie. She was wearing a pair of black leggings again, I could tell wasn’t wearing panties, and was laid out next to me. She was hoping I’d give her dick. This was SO in contrast to what she’d dished out earlier, but chicks are dumb and cannot come out and say they want dick. In fact she was almost completely emotionless and chill lying next to me. So I refused. I was slightly pissed about what she’d said earlier, when it was obvious she was here to get screwed AND she obviously just saw me as a hookup. That pissed me off and I just refused to give her the dick. So we just casually chilled on the couch until she left. A few minutes later I sent her a text saying she’d had the emotional temperament of a dude when she was over. She apparently didn’t like this (lol) and calls me. We discuss a bit but come to no mutual understanding.

I remember thinking very vividly several times throughout the following months that I should have just fucking ravaged her and been done with it. But actually I felt solid about sticking to my guns.

Fast forward a year later to a couple weeks ago.. I’d stalked her Facebook from time to time as it came up on my timeline, and just recently had put up a couple comments on her pictures, one being “Cute. But definitely more beautiful IRL.” A couple nights later I randomly check my Facebook on my phone while sipping a heineken and watching this retardedly dumb vietnamese martial arts movie. I see she’s checked into “Tropicana”, I’m like.. holy shit. Is she in my city? I shoot her a text telling her if she’s in my city she better be a nice girl and not fuck anything up while she’s here ;). I’m sitting there just chilling and all of a sudden I realize she’s calling me. Holy shit. I spill my beer while trying to answer my phone. I look down at my texts while bringing my foaming beer into the kitchen while trying to answer her call. She’s asked me over text if I want to hang out and then is calling me. We immediately make plans to hang out and I say I’ll swing by and grab her as she’s down to ditch her friends to kick it with me. Once again a super high level of independence from this girl.

On the way over there we’re still texting and she tells me to meet her at Drais afterhours because all of a sudden she can’t leave her sister. I’m pissed because this definitely doesn’t work in my favor and she’d just gotten me to drive out at 3 in the morning and then was flaking. Anyways I walk in and she’s come out of the club and is waiting for me but talking to the head promoter at the door. Apparently this guy knew her. She tells me later that this guy told her he was really into her but she intimidated him and he wouldn’t know how to handle having a girlfriend like her. *wtf*

Anyways she’s a bit standoffish, as is her nature, but I grab her and pull her in for a hug ‘n munch anyways. She’s looking fucking foxy as usual. I tell her let’s get the fuck outta there I got the top down on my car we’re going to cruise the streets of Vegas in style. She says she can’t I’m like.. wtf. I stand there looking into her eyes in a calm “wtf” stare. We do this for about 5 seconds just staring each other down. I say “Do you feel guilty yet.” She pauses then nods and then another look passes over her face that I interpret as “Ok I like him but here he goes making me feel bad again.” Which I thought was gay because it’s always been her “fault” shit didn’t go down lol, but girls suck at taking responsibility and then actually changing their behavior to match. Mostly because they simply don’t have to. They’re girls. Guys follow them around and accept any bullshit behavior.

Anyways I take off, I’m a bit aggravated because I drove all the way out there then got jerked around and got to watch this head promoter chode take MY girl back down into his club afterwards. But this is game, son, and you cannot let that shit effect your behavior. So even as I’m getting into bed 20 minutes later to finally fall asleep for the night I shoot her a text, “Well damn you. All good Im going to crash. Tell your sister well played. Well played

She doesn’t respond I send her another text.. “Yer gay. You looked scrumptious I wanted to hang out
Her: uhhh srry?
Oh. Was hoping you’d beg me to come back or steal a cab and come over. It IS vegas that stuff is allowed here

That’s a pretty genius series of texts, a lot of intricate things happening in them and I’m not going to go into too much detail because I have an entire forum dedicated to teaching text game at Anyways within a few minutes of sending that last one she calls me and says she’ll take a cab over. I’m lying in bed at this point but could not give a fuck. I have won, baby. Anyways I talk to her piece of shit taxi driver when he gets lost (they always get “lost” when they’re driving around tourists) and she finally shows up at my door. We pop open a bottle of wine and drink the whole damn thing. I pretty much get obliterated at this point ‘cuz I’m so tired and had a good 4 glasses of wine but I start pinning her against my kitchen counter as we talk. We make out a bit here ‘n there. At one point I get down in front of her and try to lift her dress up (drunk times), and she firmly presses it down but I do not give a fuck. After about half an hour I pick her up and carry her into my bedroom. She says “it’s light out!” I tell her hell ya so I can see you better. As I lay her down her dress comes up and I can see she’s removed any traceage of panties before arriving. I kiss her then slide down her body. She presses her dress down to her sides but I slide down farther and peer up dress and say “Mm I see something in there.” She giggles and it’s pretty much game over. She’d been flexxing her legs together but slowly relaxes them. I lift her dress up and kiss her on her vagina, then lick it. A little bit later I shove my cock in her and rail her for awhile. The wine makes me sweat balls and I get a little bit lightheaded. I tell her, “Baby I’m fucked up I got to sleep for a bit then wake up and handle dis biz.” I roll over and pass the fuck out like a boss.

I wake up a few hours later, she’s quietly laying naked next to me on her side. My dick turns into a baseball bat at just the thought of her lying there, so exposed to me. I waste no time. I grab her lil body and pull it towards me. I stretch her legs apart and try to stick it inside her. It doesn’t want to go in so I lean down and lick her lil kitty deliciously, lubing it up and getting it ready to be fucked. I stick it in her and shove it all the way in. She goes into lil feminine convulsions as she feels the length of my cock penetrating her. She tells me to put a condom on and I do. I wrap her lil legs around me and fuck her, reaching down underneath her and grabbing her hips and pulling them up into me as I thrust into her. She’s a lush little fucktoy and I’m enjoying every second of it. I take my time, then bust, but as I’ve trained my dick to never go to sleep, she sees she’s still got some meat to play around with and climbs on top of me. I grab her luscious little ass and thighs as she’s perched on top of me, and fuck her as she rides me. She starts to come and falls down into my face as I continue to fuck her. She begans to come almost continuously, I count 6 noticeable ones, and then she’s done and I toss her to the side like a used little toy.

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Everything is lovey-dovey afterwards and we’ve hung out a few times together since then. Her and I have sexted quite a few times since, she’s not that good at it but she’s enthusiastic lol.

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