Glossary of Terms

Diaphragmatic Breathing:  The correct and more effective way of breathing that produces strong, untiring vocal projection. It’s done by breathing through the diaphragm and expanding the belly while breathing, instead of the chest.

Million Dollar Mouthpiece: The ability to speak and communicate with others, without ever running out of relevancy. Real life examples of this have been known to have poor delivery (rambling or even mumbling), yet still remain highly inspiring and magnetic to listen to. Known celebrity examples of this ability include Bob Dylan and Russel Brand, as well as Marlon Brando in his younger days.

Speaking Cognizance: The habit of only speaking while breathing out (belly subsiding), and pausing to take a breath before continuing to speak. This allows for loud vocal projection, protects from damage to vocal cords and subsequently a strained throat, and allows the speaker enough breath to modulate the tonality of each word/syllable and thereby infuse your speech with emotional content.

Verbal Vomiting: The act of speaking to another person or persons, purely from a vocal “stream of consciousness”. No attempt is made to create any coherent argument or discussion, it is simply moving from one conversational thread to the next at random.

Approach Invitation: When a woman in your social environment communicates, consciously or unconsciously, that she’s open to being approached by you. This can be communicated through short or lingering eye contact, body language opening to you as walk by, or her making the first move by standing in your vicinity. It does not guarantee success, however, and for most men happens only rarely. As such it should never be relied upon, and it is certainly not necessary for success.

Mandragora [ man-druhgawruh, –gohruh ] : The difference between a horse and a motorcycle.


“What is the meaning of life?”
– Socrates
“Imagination. And perfect form.”
– The Wizard Mandragora

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