A Stunning Example of the Weaponization of my Autism Work to Sell Big Pharma Drugs/”Therapeutics”

By Manwhore
May 11, 2024

Check out the article below it just came out:


It was the #1 article on HackerNews/Ycombinator earlier today with over 200 comments. It’s a clear co-opt/theft of my work, weaponizing it to sell dangerous drugs. In this case to naive parents for use on their infants and young children.

I posted my autism webinar on HackerNews just a month ago. Here it is:


That’s from 4-10-24, 33 days ago. It was flagged then taken down and presumably most people won’t be able to access it now.

Here’s my autism webinar: https://rumble.com/v2ingfc-breaking-neural-mechanics-of-autism-revealed.html

Here’s the latest article from my site which their article co-opts:

The GOP Must Investigate the American Abortion Industry

It takes several of the same mechanics and bodily systems mentioned in my article and “reconstitutes” them to sell big pharma drugs. The drug “suramin” they’re recommending at the end of the article for treating autism, is AWFUL. HORRIBLE. Take a look at it:


That’s a monster of a drug. It’s also a clear reference to my work identifying the early immune system and the role of oxygen transport to the gut to fight bacterial infections. Suramin is loaded with oxygen, along with EIGHT benzene rings (carcinogens), and a bunch of sulfur. So the end result is going to be even more bloating and inflammation in the gut of young children, and the added result of producing stinky babies. Just another attempt to drive a wedge between parent and child.

And once again it’s attempting to use a drug that blankets the whole system, instead of the utilization of the baby’s natural localized reflexive smooth muscle-controlled defense against bacterial infections. Same as these so-called Covid-19 mRNA vaccines that somehow attempt to target a local respiratory infection (Covid) with a dose of “mRNA vaccine” delivered through the lymphatic system.

Here’s some more “interesting” information on suramin:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
It is unknown whether it is safe for the baby when a woman takes it while breastfeeding.[2]

Adverse reactions
The most frequent adverse reactions are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and a feeling of general discomfort. It is also common to experience various sensations in the skin, from crawling or tingling sensations, tenderness of palms and the soles, and numbness of hands, arm, legs or feet.[10] Other skin reactions include skin rash, swelling and stinging sensation.[10] Suramin can also cause loss of appetite and irritability.[10] Suramin causes non-harmful changes in urine during use, specifically making the urine cloudy.[10] It may exacerbate kidney disease.[11]

Less common side effects include extreme fatigue, ulcers in the mouth, and painful tender glands in the neck, armpits and groin.[10] Suramin uncommonly affects the eyes causing watery eyes, swelling around the eyes, photophobia, and changes or loss of vision.[10]

So it’s a drug they use in Africa and they have no idea the effects of it on breastfeeding mothers, not to mention the babies themselves. But those benzene rings obviously do a horrific job on the digestive system and kidneys. This drug, suramin, is supremely dangerous for babies. It’s going to do a terrible job providing oxygen to the gut to counteract bacterial infections, and it’s going to massively exacerbate the child’s developing sensorimotor systems. It mentions numbness in the extremities, but is going to have an even more pronounced effect on small children. It’s going to increase the severity of autistic symptoms in children, not cure anything.

My article they co-opted (linked above) also mentions ATP, adenosine triphosphate, and the link between gut and brain. So does the article. Like I said it’s a perfect example of how they’ve been taking/stealing my work and using it to make their bullshit sound more legit to sell their big pharma drugs. It’s literally a cliche at this point. All scientists worry about their work being “weaponized”. I just can’t believe they figured out a way to weaponize autism research.

It’s also an attempt to provide cover for Google and other search engines, mentioning the same biochemical mechanics and bodily processes as in my work as an attempt to create an excuse for not having crawled my site/work and displayed the results. It’s also from UCSD, my alma mater. UCSD should be getting credit for me as having solved autism. Instead their consolation prize is they’re getting big pharma money for selling their drugs.

Also, the article is just simply put, dinky. Yet it was the #1 article on HackerNews/Ycombinator. It’s very clear that not only does big pharma control the printing and publishing of medical textbooks but they attempt to control the flow and availability of information on the internet as well.

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