The GOP Must Investigate the American Abortion Industry

By Manwhore
May 2, 2024

Not too long ago the DNC in New York “legalized” the abortion of babies up to and past the point of birth. They stood up and clapped for it as if to celebrate the fact they’d just legalized the murder of infants. This was in fact state-syndicated infanticide. The obvious question is what sort of incentive existed to motivate such blatantly horrific legislation. The answer is the abortion industry sells dead babies. Everyone knows this but it never gets discussed, publicized or investigated. It’s a massive multi-billion dollar (USD) industry, the reasons for which have not been made clear to the public.

A few years ago I solved the neurological disorder known as autism, identifying the root neural mechanics of the condition as inadequate reflexive sensory motor development. Essentially all the bodily processes the baby doesn’t use in the womb must be triggered and innervated to begin AFTER birth. The baby must neurally adapt to responding reflexively to the external environment, as well as its own internal environment. This is essential for survival and proper, healthy sensorimotor development. This was a huge problem for the abortion industry as they had been using “curing autism” as a ruse and cover for their business of selling dead babies. The medical industry had claimed that autism was a “genetic” disorder, and because of this it required them to be able to sell aborted baby body parts to further their research of the condition. My work solving autism unmasked this illicit and obscene business model.

I also did an exposé on Remdesivir, the first FDA approved treatment for Covid-19. What they had done was attempt to sneak through a new opioid during the confusion of the pandemic and the rushed rules governing approved treatments for Covid-19. Remdesivir is a reduced analog of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the body’s biofuel molecule. Except in the case of Remdesivir they attached a benzene ring at the phosphate group. This is extremely dangerous as benzene rings are not only carcinogenic but are also part of the pharmacological psychoactive ingredients of opioids. Remdesivir is not just a poison but also a glaring example of how “big pharma” attempts to exaggerate their bioengineering capabilities while simply introducing a new drug that actually harms patients. Anyone can look and see the chemical structure and pharmacological nature of Remdesivir for themselves. Remdesivir has proven to be a killer.

My exposé of Remdesivir is significant as it backs up RFK Jr.’s claims that DDT causes polio. He is in fact correct. DDT contains two benzene rings as well as multiple chlorine atoms. Because of the chemical properties of benzene rings, the effects of the chlorine in the DDT molecule are persistent and damaging to neural and structural growth in developing humans and animals. This is polio.

What’s ironic is I actually recorded an interview on my autism work for RFK Jr.’s medical organization Children’s Health Defense. But they refused to publish my interview. It’s recently come out that Children’s Health Defense is very involved in the new/old myth that “vaccines cause autism”. They’re part of the attempted take down of the old vaccine industry so as to push more damaging “mRNA vaccines” on children.

The original progenitor of the “vaccines cause autism” myth was Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who along with the Lancet medical journal was implicated in medical fraud.

Here is a quote from Dr. Wakefield:

“So finally, in summary, we have an environmental insult in perhaps a genetically susceptible child. The problem is that if you go to Sweden now, autism affects over 1.2 percent of the pediatric population. So if there is a genetic background, it is clearly widely distributed within the population. We believe that in many children, clearly, the subset of autistics, it leads to gut infection and damage; that leads to an ingress, an impaired metabolism, degradation of these chemicals from the gut which then get through and impact upon the brain.”

The plot twist is that through my research I have been able to essentially clear Dr. Andrew Wakefield of any lack of integrity in his claims. He HAD correctly deduced a relationship between the gut biome and the brain, he’d just done it in reverse. The gut biome is controlled by reflexive control of smooth muscles in the digestive tract. Immune function, especially early developmental immune function, is governed by reflexive control of oxygen transport to the gut to fend off bacterial infections. The lack of reflexive development in autists is responsible for their chronic digestive and immune dysfunction. Dr. Wakefield was quite accurate in his research and I’m happy to have helped restore the integrity of his work. What’s bizarre is the “vaccines cause autism” crowd has moved on from Dr. Andrew Wakefield to Dr. Andrew Zimmerman. It would appear Dr. Wakefield has too much integrity for them. I also don’t think the similarities in name is a coincidence.

I had thought that my medical research would be publicly celebrated. In fact the opposite has happened. Within weeks of publishing my autism work on this site my internet traffic went from 50k+ visitors a month to barely a trickle. And I became the target of shills attempting to slander myself and my work. They entered my training program masquerading as students before attempting to entrap me in some way. I had medical professionals attempt the same thing. Lo and behold I had a stem cell scientist from Manhattan, NY enter my program posing as a student before attempting all manner of deception and entrapment. He employed singular methods to try to finagle the situation to somehow be able to blame me for him “acting crazy” and doing things he shouldn’t be doing. He also made up ridiculous stories about his frat days to support the ongoing effort targeting male-centric institutions in America. This echoed the Gillette debacle, Tom Hank’s jokes disparaging fathers, etc. It was a largescale media effort to damage the public image of masculinity and the role of fathers in America, and this Manhattan stem cell scientist had hoped to play a role in it.

I had another medical professional enter my program who acted bizarrely and then after a couple of weeks asked me for advice on how to handle his grindr profile being discovered by his coworkers. He apparently was into trannies. His play was to attempt to create a link between my training program and such activities, but I wouldn’t stand for it. I told him very straightforwardly that I did not approve of anything to do with trannies and that I required him to disclose to any women he was planning on being intimate with that he engaged in sexual behavior with other men.

I also discovered that my own forum had been hacked and vandalized and “pro-tranny” and homosexual content had been embedded. My own user content, as well as other user content, had been edited to reflect such obscenities. Being a straight male I am physically repulsed and disgusted by such activity.

Some of you may think this sort of material is too vulgar and worldly to be discussed publicly. And this is why you lose. This is also the sort of fake Christian “holier than thou” type mentality and behavior these medical hucksters and snake oil salesmen adore. This is the type of Christianity they encourage. In fact they’ve infiltrated a lot of Christian churches to spread this mentality. They’ve been at it a long time. Why? Because throughout history it has been Christians who stood up to their machinations. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Crusades, European settlement, and now hopefully American history, these forces have been at work and it has been strong-minded Christians who have thwarted their evil ways. But not the Christians you see today. The Christians you see today are weak, uninspiring, servile creatures. They band together, cover their eyes, and cowardly rationalize away those who fall under the “auspices” of the communists. It’s cowardice. It’s the Mike Pence’s of the Christian world who as it turns out actually make great playmates for the communists.

These people lie and slander and steal my voice. And the GOP cowards allow it to continue by ignoring the significance of my work. My work in biochemistry speaks for itself. None of you have any business denying me my voice in public discourse. But just consider that it’s all linked. The transgender movement, the forced attempts at sexualizing children. It’s all connected. They tried it on me and I refused to go along with it. So they deplatformed me, stole my traffic, hacked my site and added the content anyway.

I’ve contacted law enforcement but they are heavily under the influence of these same people. The FBI “opens investigations”, interviews people criticizing the genocide going on in Gaza, tries little tricks on people. This betrays their true colors, exposing who’s really in charge over there. And the DHS think they’re a bunch of actors putting on plays for people. Neither of these organizations seem capable or effective at handling reality. Dead babies are being sold in broad daylight, in AMERICA, and they do nothing. Yet California managed to sue and fine these organizations to the tune of millions of dollars for the selling of dead baby body parts. Apparently as long as these “medical organizations” pay their taxes they’ll turn a blind eye to their blatant murdering and selling of babies. This is noxious. This is the cannibalization of America. America will not be able to continue like this. But that is what these people and these efforts want. They hope to crash America while they pillage and plunder its people.

The GOP and conservative base MUST investigate the murder and sale of dead babies under the guise of the abortion industry. It’s utterly erroneous and stupid not to. NY is going after Trump to protect themselves from their own very REAL crimes. They attempt to criminalize us, while committing actual heinous crimes.

The DNC is supported by criminal “industrial” organizations attempting to use it to cover their asses in NY, CA and elsewhere across the States. If this is allowed the DNC will continue to use abortion as a false dog whistle while “reaping the benefits” of their illicit business model. The people in charge of NY will never let Trump win. His money and properties are too much of a draw. These people are thieves. Communists are by definition thieves. But if he wins election he can undo the damage they’ve wrought against himself and America. They cannot allow this. The GOP and conservative base still do not understand the real stakes. They’ve placed their hands over their eyes and refuse to see the truth. This is why no one respects them or their churches.

Trump recently came out with a statement touting the supposed IVF industry. The subtle message was that he was interested in supporting the creation of business, not anything that undermined it. An unspoken (for good reason) implied critique of my autism work is that it pulls the rug out from under the autism therapeutics and care industry which is worth billions every year. Of course the children and families suffering from the condition aren’t part of this discussion. Regardless the autism industry isn’t going away any time soon. There’s still plenty of children who need help overcoming the condition. They just need better tactics and methods. That’s where my work comes in.

I certainly do not want to mischaracterize Trump’s message, however the presumed stance of stubbornly refusing to support anything that downsizes an industry that PLAGUES America while touting the so-called efforts of these supposed “medical industrialists” as somehow catering to the people running American industry is a critical error. He’s facing thieves, not industrialists. These people aren’t his competition, they’re simply robbing him. They are not concerned about maintaining the size of the US GDP. They’re only interested in how much of it they can control and steal. Communists do not create anything. They only take. They despise hard work. They don’t toil, they are not interested in creating unique content. The only unique content they are interested in is that which they can take credit for. Theft is a lifestyle for these people, it’s a defining characteristic of their culture.

The real difference to these people between Trump and Biden is Trump is a financial target, and Biden is a willing puppet. They will never choose Trump. They’ll never let him be president. Trump can only prevail over their cheating tactics, and support those who strive to support him and his ideals of American exceptionalism.

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