Wray’s Efforts to Protect Ongoing Inquiry While Providing Congressional Oversight Are Commendable, Raskin’s Stunning Lies & Remaining FBI Partisanship Are Not

By The Wizard Mandragora
June 7, 2023

Wray created conditions to maintain security over an ongoing inquiry while providing bipartisan Congressional oversight. And Raskin stunningly blew it. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to know full well that if it came down to falsely advertising the contents of the document it’d be Raskin, not Oversight Committee Chairman Comer (R-Ky). However apparently I need to be quicker. Did we even have to wait 24 hours? Raskin has apparently lost his touch. Or run out of girl scout troop laundry hampers to raid for new hats.

But let’s remember that they are the party of “defund the police”. The Republicans and GOP are not. And now is not the time to start. These ones don’t intend to repair the system. They’re not the ones that made it and they’re not here to fix it. Only break it.

Yet there remains a clear double standard in regards to what’s being fabricated against President Trump versus the obvious probable cause facing Hunter and Joe Biden. There is a clear ongoing weaponization of the legal system against an otherwise marvelous former American President. The FBI is being used to circumvent the US legal system for the Democrats. Yet these people despise Biden just as much as Trump. America will fight back.

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