Winning, anyone?

By Manwhore
January 20, 2012

Check THIS.. real life beats fiction ANY TIME

I’m at XS nightclub in Vegas talking to a girl and some dude who’s seat I’m apparently sitting in gets a bit aggro telling me to give him his seat back in a not so polite fashion. I’m like wtf dude and we have a few words and he tells me like any respectable tool that he’s an mma fighter. I tell him that’s great I’ve been training for years as well we should swordfight some time. In all honesty this dude was a gorilla and could straight kick my ass but I seriously am not about to let some random go aggro on me without “discussing” it. Anyways it ends up being all good, he’s an alright dude just an honestly high-testosterone kind of person who can’t help himself, and he starts showing me a youtube clip of him beating some dude’s ASS at a legit televised Vegas fight.

30 seconds in I’m like.. wtf. I peer closer and look at the chick ring girling his fight, thinking I know her. Text the girl up the next day sure enough… I’ve got videos of the girl ring girling his fight, sucking my COCK.

Winning anyone?

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