Whistleblowing on Stolen Research on Aerospace/Astrophysics & IT/Mathematics Research By Foreign AND Domestic Sources

By Manwhore
July 11, 2021

A couple months before the US government declassified the UFO footage from 2004, I reported that some of the objects were a form of “carbonation”. Namely that they were exhibiting macro-level Brownian motion, a bit of “superfluidity”. I stated that these “objects” were created from recreatable processes, some occuring naturally, some not, that resulted in a carbon structure with an energy source that propelled them without any typical visible means of locomotion.

In so doing I provided the USG plausible deniability, namely that there would be no “alien scare” as they could be casually dismissed as “carbonation”, without revealing too much of the actual nature of these objects.

In coming to these conclusions I made four super specific and <em>accurate</em> predictions detailing their nature; namely the source of their locomotion, the source of their superfluidity, their chemical structure, and the extraordinary process by which they were formed.

Some of this research and data was stolen by the Chinese. They are over in the UK and Cambridge attempting to artificially recreate the findings and claim my discoveries. This is fully supported by the Biden administration.

In keeping quiet I thought I was letting the US government handle the national security concerns of this “emerging” technology. Instead they’ve published further “ufo footage” of what are obvious drones, have worked to further cripple carbon-based (fossil fuel) industries, and have continued to support the Chinese in their efforts to mature this technology through their theft of my intellectual property.

But not only that
Biden’s “China First” environmental policies are blatantly treasonous of America’s interest. These automobile companies trying to force electric vehicles are blatantly displaying their pro-China ties.

The next massive theft of my intellectual property was their brazen and publicly advertised theft of my findings in IT and mathematics. Several years back I identified the baseline physics of human sensory integration, solving one of the greatest physics problems of all time while also illuminating the root cause of the recent global spike in neurological sensory deficit disorders such as autism.

A deficiency, or failure, of postnatal (after birth) innervation of the auditory pathway results in a lack of initial cardinal orientiation of human sensory integration, which means the child is laden with a developmental disorder as their sense of vision, dexterity and propioception are all based on the sense of hearing that has failed to fully develop after birth. The other major factor intrinsically linked is the lapse in the creation of the “reflexive” response, e.g. the capacity for certain bodily processes to synapse at the spine rather than percolate up to the brain with the rest of the millions of sensory stimuli and data the body receives. The lack of the creation of the “reflexive” response leads to a deficiency in involuntary endogenous smooth muscle processes in the body such as peristalsis and sphincter control. This is the reason why autistic babies and children are chronically constipated and extremely fickle eaters. They don’t have that “unconscious” control of those bodily responses since they never formulated reflexive coordination.

The same modern “progressive” hospital policy, mostly practiced in liberal enclaves, is responsible for both conditions resulting in the heavy neurological sensory deficit. The underlying reason is very simple. A longstanding birthing practice has been abandoned in lieu of “progressive” policies that “protect” children from abuse but that actually serve to handicap them. This is the end goal of socialism and communism. To force the populace to be dependent on the government. So as to more easily control and tax them.

Medical professionals have stopped spanking babies’ bottoms at birth, instead opting to gently suction the mucus out of a baby’s lungs to “encourage” proper lung respiration. This is a massive This is another “helicopter mom” behavior that has resulted in massively crippling children.

Instead they stole my research off my laptop and have been attempting to reproduce it while attempting to carefully sidestep the fact they’re responsible for the massive spike in autistic children who are heavily dependent on the medical industry, and are massive burdens to their parents, for no reason at all except negligence on the part of hospitals and “liberal” medical professionals.

Furthermore, this work has had strong implications for artificial intelligence, driverless technology, robotics and mathematics. It completely solved the

I assume Musk knows of my discovery. He has certainly made hints, yet in the end has attempted to sidestep the issue by claiming that driverless companies pursuing lider-based sensors are behind the times. Lider sensors are light based, the same as visual “pattern recognition” based driverless technologies.

IT & Mathematics
related to baseline physics of human sensory
they advertised it. paraded it in fron of me
and they have tease me with “alternative” methods of having figued out my research and work
instead they claim to have found “the patterns that define existence”, based on research that they also stole off my laptop workstation.

I also reported threats to the US infrastructure. These are ongoing.

What’s been mindblowing is it has seemed to me that there have been attempts to create bribes for huge sums to publish these threats in a “fictionalized” format, so as to publicly broadcast their existence and potentially “streamline” their actual implementation.

I do not accept. I serve the United States, I continuously support its efforts to maintain world peace and prosperity in the U.S., and the rest of the world.

Also.. is Hunter Biden’s recent artwork exhibit another attempt to advertise means of accepting bribes?

I thought solving the root cause of the global autism epidemic would mean I’d get to golf with the President. But no. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Much to the delight of the Chinese who were at first completely shocked and despondent over my scuttling of their plans to trick the world with simple visual illusions.

The government and US Army have been banking on my “meekness”, my desire to support national security and leading industrial edges, while they secretly attempt to entrap me.

Instead they have simply attempted to rope me in to their efforts to further infantilize the population and force their dependency on the government and their guise of “human infrastructure”.

COVID-19 clotting effects, BAT factor in higher susceptibility to disease in Black Americans and other ethnic groups (of which Whites are one).


i also figured out why mexicans were
army evidence, viber and sombrero
I submitted evidence to a contact in the Army, someone I’ve . I’ve contacted multiple agencies, and after an initial attempt to deflect, they stop responding. They have NO interest in pursuing justice or setting things right. They are only interestd in pursuing their agenda of further infantilizing military servicemembers and making them even more subject to arbitrary rules and regulations from which there is no actual defense. More Chinese finger traps

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In lieu of the fact I have not been given any fair shake or opportunity to share my work

These efforts are incessant and awful.

They forced me to shut down my coaching program as they sabotaged my traffic sources, reducing my site from 50,000+ visitors a month to just a trickle. And every coaching request submission

This is the plan of the Chinese communist government, to spy on its citizens and steal their intellectual property. And then illegally slander and entrap any citizen whose “property” they deem worth stealing. This obviously has a massively chilling effect on ALL aspects of industrial, technological and societal growth and is the main driver of China’s decrepit social and political state.

I thought I was offering parlay. But these people are awful and incessant. I have not been able to restart my training program and continue my work.
I thought I was letting the US government handle national security. Instead they’ve published what are obvious drones, have worked to further cripple the carbon (fossil fuel) industries,
I cannot do mathematical or physics or chemistry research as I cannot afford secure computer workstation to continue my work.

I have been waiting just to allow the USG to conduct these affairs appropriately. But that isn’t what’s happened at all.

I have tried to give the U.S. Army time to fix its shit. Instead they’ve sent in a THIRD fake student to attempt to embroil me in a negligence tort, while also trying to sow disinformation designed to detract from autism work as well as remove my authorship from the IT and mathematics data and research they stole from me.

It’s been mindblowing. I’m sitting on top of multiple advances in technology, trying to support the USG in its work to maintain national sovereignty, and all they’ve done is be complicit in efforts to entrap me in legalist nonsense.

Last two landlords, my storage company has now transmitted my information I did not want put on a hacked device
last landlord tried to get me to reveal on camera that I was screening my internet activity behind a vpn.
My landlord prior to that illegally attempted to illegally enter my premises, claiming he was out of town and couldn’t issue the 24 hr notice. This was an attempt to plant evidence. My motorcycle was stolen, I was followed home multiple times, and my truck’s tire had a nail screwed in it my last night staying on the premises before moving out. I was fortunate to hear the faint tik tok sound driving down the road before the screw could work its way further into my tire and damaged it irreparably.
I had to back off because they were about to successfully squeeze me out onto the street. I took down the posts detailing the intellectual theft and stolen research. No one’s done anything to help.
I just caught them trying to illegally film me at a local pub. Right when I thought it was safe to “socialize” again, have a life, these people immediately . And the only time these people aren’t rabid shitheads is when they’re attempting to engage me enough, be jovial enough, just so they can entrap me. I was tailed by two cops IN my neighborhood the same night, attempting to establish a chain of evidence for what was presumably a DUI. Except I don’t illegally drink and drive.

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