Uncovered More Tampering With My Facebook Profile: August 25th, 2018

Not only has Facebook shadow banned my posts on such as NEC and from receiving any exposure whatsoever on their platform, but I found at least one of my Facebook Messenger conversation completely altered. Apparently they think that user conversations on their interface are theirs to “edit” however they want. I was clearly being set up as some kind of patsy. And now I’ve discovered that they removed images from my profile from the night of August 25th, 2018. What’s significant about these images is they show photographic evidence of foreign intelligence operations taking place on American soil. And they show participation in these same operations by U.S. intelligence agents. I literally had photographic evidence of these operations on my Facebook profile and they’ve been scrubbed.

U.S. intelligence agents were involved in setting people up to help the process of criminalizing intimacy to force through the legalization of prostitution. I was being set up to be some sort of scapegoat for “male kind”.

This is one of the BIGGEST goals of /socialism. This is not just a slap in the face to human intimacy, it is the enslavement of mankind.

After my initial publishings on I had multiple U.S. medical professionals enter my training program and attempt to slander my work while acting like complete idiots. One was a stem cell scientist out of Manhattan, clearly in league with SDNY and the DNC’s recently expanded abortion laws in NYC, who acted like an infant and tried to coerce me into advising him to act in unethical fashion with his female staff. When I pressed for more details on who these women were he refused to answer. He also sent in idiotic stories about his supposed “frat days” (clearly fake) that were designed to slander male collegiate fraternal organizations. The whole thing was a hit job. I had a previous student (black American) come back to the training program very recently and try this exact tactic. He tried to push through a complete misinterpretation of one of my training concepts to make it seem highly coercive even though that training concept is the OPPOSITE of coercive. What’s sad about this is originally this student had just failed out of college and his financial aid program when he first entered my training program almost a decade ago. I got him back on track, wrote a letter to his university, and he got back his financial aid status. He ended up graduating college and entered the SaaS industry. He’s been successful ever since, but apparently was still convinced to attempt to betray his old mentor and coach.

I had another medical professional early in 2021 enter my training program, attempting to hit as many potential “this guy’s a threat” triggers as possible, before telling me a few weeks into training he was into trannies and had had his nude grinder photos leaked to his coworkers. He wanted advice from me on how to handle the situation. This was completely out of the blue there’d been no indication whatsoever of these sorts of proclivities beforehand. It was very clearly a ruse. I told him I did not condone homosexuality of any kind in my training program and if he insisted on such activities he was to notify any women he was planning on being intimate with of these activities as he was placing them at severe medical risk. He disappeared after that.

I recently had a “student” from France enter the program and just utterly brazenly attempt to use linguistic tricks in an attempt to define the boundaries of sex and human intimacy by legal terms. This was the same effort to force the legalization of prostitution, monetizing human intimacy by criminalizing those who engage in it outside the state’s control. When I called him out on his tactics he asked me for the “empirical evidence” of his agenda. Anyone familiar with France’s legal system is aware how silly this is. Their legal prosecutorial process is pure socialism, their DA’s are actors. Macron’s recent histrionics, accusing Australia of “treason”, is the same show of French society’s complete lack of understanding of Western ideologies. France has also been highly involved in embedding fake science into the global system for quite awhile now.

And these attempts to entrap myself and my work have not just been online. There’s been multiple attempts to illegally film me. I have gotten “invited” to parties only to arrive and realize it’s a bunch of amateur actors attempting to engage me in idiotic scenarios. I had to stop going to Vegas clubs because people would enter my conversations and tell the girls who I was as if it was some kind of opener.

What’s been so disconcerting to see is how willing American citizens are to attempt to criminalize and betray a top U.S. scientist, someone whose work in has historical, global implications. These are clearly attacks on U.S. merit, exceptionalism, and our way of life.

The other problem is some of the things I’ve witnessed I am duty bound to report to U.S. intelligence services. These are foreign operations taking place on American soil. But here you can see the problem. Some of these same people are actually involved. And now they’re trying to cover their own asses for the treason they’ve committed. The FBI agent I was communicating with ended up trying to get me to leave out my military and academic background when making my report. He was trying to set me up for increased surveillance while sidestepping my scientific research and military background. I’ve had interactions with a DHS agent, someone I went to high school with who was on the wrestling and swim teams with me and was also a tanker in the Army. He also tried to set me up, with tragic results. What’s interesting is this was the kind of guy who mostly only showed up to picture day, rarely to practice. And here he is going after a fellow vet.

There’s another big problem for America, however. China stole my work in aerospace chemistry and mathematics right off my workstation. Yet the Biden administration (and pentagon) seem content with acquiescing to this arrangement, AND covering for it. This is not just bizarrely stupid, this is kowtowing to China’s plan to subjugate the rest of the world’s populations to socialist/communist control. Yet apparently they think their whole plan “worked”, because they were able to spy on someone and gain valuable technological research. China itself seems at a crossroads. They realize they’ve been set up while Biden and the DNC learn as much from their system as they can so they can implement it themselves on the U.S. population. The thing is is the DNC is a bunch of idiots not capable of actual governorship. And China rose from the ashes through direct help from America; they clearly understand the value of preserving our system. Yet we cannot count on the DNC and Biden making the correct choices. stamps out human ingenuity, reduces humanity to the lowest common denominator. Clearly there needs to be some accountability for America, and the world, to survive.

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