Trump’s NYC Bragg Gag Order is Unconstitutional FBI Ruse Originally Used to Protect Witnesses From Mafia Retaliation

By The Wizard Mandragora
May 30, 2023

The NY judge’s gag order on Trump is against the Constitution. So be it if we have to drag this all out now. Its original intended use has absolutely no bearing here. However the FBI has used it in the past and so now the DOJ thinks it’s “free use” because they’re all a bunch of political prostitutes.

Now the supposedly pro-Trump memes from all the “financial speculators” running these supposedly pro-Trump sites about the “return of Teflon Don” make sense. It’s a setup.

The judge preventing Trump from speaking on his own criminal case is not just a “gag order”, it’s the government chilling his own speech in defense of himself. It’s a massive First Amendment violation. It is flagrantly against the Constitution, and flagrantly communist. A former POTUS can’t talk about his own trial, can’t review and examine evidence outside the supervision of his attorneys, and has all his actions governed and dictated by the judge? That’s not legal. That’s a coup. This judge “presiding” over the case is creating an illegal court proceeding in an apparent attempt to take down President Trump.

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