Transformers 2

By Manwhore
February 22, 2012

I just got back from watching the new Transformer movie tonight.

Shia Labouf and Megan Fox had some great dialogue in the beginning.  Something along the lines of:

I’m breaking up with you- I hate you
That’s great baby.  You sounded almost serious that time.. anyways baby, blah blah

She threw several fast ones at him and he was completely unaffected by her seemingly scathing rejections.

It was surprising to see the media represent a non James Bond male character unperturbed by a woman’s emotional flutter.  Not that we can blame them.. they’re advertising to the “consumer”.  And apparently all consumers are women.

The point I want to make is that Lebouf had single-minded focus on his purpose.  Lazer-guided direction that could not be put off course by someone else’s emotional misdirection.

Sadly he didn’t get to this point himself- since later on in the movie, as soon as she threw anything else at him he folded like an origami pussy.  Obviously she started this type of hot/cold dialogue and he just learned to play along.

But imagine if he was always like this..

A girl could count on you to not get twisted up every time she had herself a crazy moment, or more importantly when life threw you or her a curveball.  It would be refreshing for her.  And on top of that any emotional treatment you gave her would be based on your strong emotional baseline.  She’d get to experience positive emotions with you.  Sounds like how things are actually supposed to be..

Sure it’s not always pretty.  When those emotionally unbalanced girls try their crazy shit and then look into your eyes for a reaction and there isn’t one.  It’s like WWIII- but with crying.

But hell that’s really fun too..

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