Today’s “NewDes Debate” Hosted by Fox’s Hannity Will Feature Communism’s War Against Free America

By Manwhore
November 30, 2023

The upcoming debate between Ron Desantis and Gavin Newsom would appear to be an easy victory for Ron Desantis, having run an American state during the pandemic the exact opposite of Newsom- opening up schools and businesses and the economy while Newsom drained California’s $20 billion budget surplus then begged the federal government for billions more, of course made from taxing more fiscally responsible states.

Yet during his last appearance Newsom managed to snowball Hannity on the economy, and we were left wondering..

1) did Hannity actually enjoy it? 2) does he just want a repeat of the same experience, and 3) is Newsom’s repeal of the laws criminalizing prostitution in California just a cover for his real job as a sex worker?

Newsom drained California’s economy, managing to “successfully” rob the 6th largest GDP in the world, paid China a billion dollars for faulty masks, then waived race reparations in everyone’s faces as a cover for his grifting. The guy is a thief, and a ho. Admit it. But this is what it takes to be a governor according to these petty crooks/politicians.

What’s it called? Communism, right? “YES!”, he says, “let’s call it that! Or Socialism, whatever. Just 10% for the “Big Guy”, right?”

Scarily accurate, he is. About communism. But not about running a state.

What exactly was Newsom making down payments on with his $1 billion dollar payment to China for masks that didn’t work? Or was he just paying off the loan Hunter took out from China? Ha!

And how exactly is California’s GDP so big with the outlawing of every traditional industry in the state? There’s been a concerted, coordinated takedown of every single male-centric industry in California- everything from foresting, construction, mining, aerospace materials refining, and EVERY OTHER male-centric industry, has been shut down. You can take this all the way in.. they have no answer. Their plans fully rely on the forced removal of masculine input from culture, society, and the home. There is no rationale or excuse. Their encroachments are in American’s faces 24/7.

And yet, how exactly does California make its money?

There’s four main “industries” in California, and they all have to do with thieving off the populace.

1)Silicon Valley 2)Banking/financial services for new “residents” 3)Prison/industrial complex 4)”Climate change” 5)California’s “Family Law” legal system

Silicon Valley has turned into the greatest theft of American intellectual property in history. Big tech and social media conspire, under the influence of foreign interests, to spy on and steal America’s data, and everything else they can- including proprietary intellectual property- while they suppress competition, steal traffic, and take financial credit for everything they can get their hands on. All on the interwebs.

Is it not obvious that “big tech” and “social media” are simply thieves hiding behind keyboards? Silicon Valley is wholesale theft of people’s data, technological inventiveness, creativity and intellectual business savvy. All by global/foreign online monopolies built on the interwebs. Never before has it been so easy to encroach on another nation’s sovereignty to plunder its wealth.

And yet these “efforts” seem to think if they can keep framing the U.S. government for their own crimes, they can keep getting away with it.

And now Gavin Newsom wants to accuse Desantis of banning books! And impeding students’ education. Except Newsome kept kids OUT of school during the so-called pandemic. And masked up. He majorly disrupted the education of California’s children, erased CA’s educational standards, reading and math requirements, SAT requirements; all while his commie friends destroyed California’s standardized merit-based system for acceptance into CA colleges.

The DoJ recruited the FBI to entrap ignorant celebrity parents trying to get their kids into CA colleges during the “Varsity Blues” scandal, while the CA college system itself tore down the state’s education standards in a firesale to promote foreign students entering their degree programs. It’s been estimated CA colleges made TEN TIMES the amount from Chinese parents sending their kids to CA universities versus U.S. parents sending their children to the same institutions. In fact China advertised on the backend of all the MSM advertisements clamoring on about the “college acceptance” scandal the kind of money colleges could expect from accepting Chinese students. Yet the whole ordeal was a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution; a brazen attempt to communize the legal system and prey upon the relationship between parents and offspring. It’s all part of the plan to cripple the next generation and leave them defenseless against “government” enslavement. Shame on everyone involved.

These are the same psychological, “legal” loopholes communists use to take down the protective mechanisms of societies and nations around the world.

And don’t forget “climate change”. Championed by legal corporations within California to cover for the fact industrial monopolies within California have turned the state into another “dust bowl” just like Southern Democrats did to the south during the 20s and 30s. Their incompetent monopolization of state water resources has led to central California being depleted of its naturally occurring fertileness. Yet their communist profit model dictates they do not create the infrastructure and technology to save more water as this would threaten their current monopoly. The problem is that these people are communists, and communists are inherently lazy. They despise work. They attempt to look down on those that do.

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