Tips on macro-level College Game (elite tactics)

By Manwhore
February 21, 2012

Check to see if your college has a campus tv station- then start a show. Get your buds on it with you. It could be about anything. Just look good doing it- the skills you learn here are obviously what I’m talking about. You could be 3 dudes sitting on a couch discussing college chicks and it would totally get an audience.

Tell the frats and sororities you have a tv show and want to promote their events, do the same with the sports teams. You’ll be cordially invited and well-received at all their events. Plus your show will be known for advertising all the upcoming parties. Face-time baby.. there’s nothing like it.

If you’re on a sports team then volunteer to be the publicist dude and contact all the sororities and frats asking for their support in getting people to come out to your games/matches/whatever. Actually only contact the sororities. It is amazing how sweet those sorority presidents are when they find out who you are and that you are asking for their “support”.

There are alcohol companies out there that are looking for motivated dudes like you to hardwire events together. Find a cheap venue, hook up with a local alcohol company- they’ll bring their beer and do the legal shit and you’ll have a topnotch party. Also some of those companies are in with the local band scene- there’s nothing like having a live band playing with kegs of Arrogant Bastard flowin’..

Also arrange for party buses.. picking people up from campus and then dropping them back off later. This will guarantee a lot of fuckin’ drunk people. Fuckin’ drunk people fuck.

Start up a drinking fraternity and throw baseball game keggers- I forget the scientific name but basically you hit the ball and run around the bases drinking beer. It’s a fucking riot

Do raffles ‘n shit at these parties. Say the first girl to get naked wins the snowboard. They get naked.. believe me.

Throw a lingerie party and enforce the rules. It’s hilarious watching people come up fully-clothed and the look on their face when you tell them to strip. They do strip

When you throw a party, have and decorate a Champagne Room. Soft lights, couches, and mood music. Remember- there is no sex.. in the Champagne Room

Beach bonfire parties are fucking gay

Theme parties are the fucking bomb. Pimp ‘n Ho parties are fun. I’ve been at a “Just fucked” party that was gawdamn bomb. I packed 5? semi-naked chicks into my car

Start a party website for your college. Post that motherfucker on flyers and tack them to bulletin boards around your campus. It could be a myspace website who cares..

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