The New “Autism Tracking/Predictor” App SenseToKnow Is Medical Fraud/Theft Of My Work Identifying Lack Of Reflexive Sensory Motor Development As Root Neurology Underlying Autism

By Manwhore
October 15, 2023

The SenseToKnow predictor app uses head and eye movement to track the likelihood of autism in infants and young children. The underlying biological basis for tracking head and eye movement to predict autism is based on my work. This is blatant theft. They’re using tricky verbage to try to dance around the subject but this is just outright plagiarism of my work.

My work identifies the root of as a lack of reflexive sensory motor development starting from birth. The lack of reflexes is responsible for the entire spectrum and severity of symptoms of autism. In particular the lack of the vestibulo-ocular reflex in autistic children means their eyes don’t automatically shift/adjust in response to their own head movement which is necessary to stay focused on the same visual plane and cue. That’s why tracking head and eye movement is a good way of predicting autism. This reflexive shifting of the eyes is the basis for visual sensory integration, and serves as the basis for the post birth migration of the rods and cones in the eye for proper development of depth perception, color identification and vision in low light conditions. This is why autists have lifelong vision problems.

Here’s the app:

What they’re doing is stealing my work and making money off it without revealing the fact the science behind why the app works is based on actually having solved and now being able to prevent the condition in the first place. Except “cures aren’t profitable”. This is not just full on medical fraud and theft and the lowest form of plagiarism, it’s utterly despicable.

Here’s the webinar featuring my work solving autism:

Why does it seem some women have a distinctly heightened sense of when it comes to committing theft?

I’ve also contacted the NIH- who commented on the depth of my work then referred me to department heads for funding. I wasn’t exactly looking for funding but contacted them anyway. I got no response. Yet these people get $100 million to just steal my work and create an app to detect based on it. It probably cost 2 grand to make this app. Who gets the rest of that $100 million?

Probably the same people who’ve been committing massive slander and libel against me, starting retarded rumors to keep the government and military from investigating my military and academic background. For the record, I have no criminal affiliations, zero business ties to criminal organizations. So tell enRICO to eff off. Everything I’ve said is true. Twitter is hacked. The media is hacked. AI is just a cover for human tampering and sabotage. They’re going after Musk to maintain their control over his platform. They’re going after because they’re trying to take over the legal system and rule over the United States.

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