The Hidden Socialist Implications of Facebook’s “Whistleblower” Allegations

By The Wizard Mandragora
October 4, 2021

The problem with this “whistleblower’s” allegations against Facebook is that they’re way too broad, too open to hijacking by corrupt “regulators” who just want Zuck and Chan out of the way so they can commit the same “crimes” themselves. E.g. these are socialist tactics. So Facebook put profits over human health.. based on a study that says celebrity profiles cause young girls harm? That is pure bullshit. Talk about circular, self-feeding fake moral bullshit. So they get to target their favorite unfavorite celebrities as well. Two birds one stone?

And it’s no coincidence China is currently targeting its own social media celebrities. That’s who the American leftist communists take their cue from.

I also realize it is no coincidence I JUST posted an article detailing Google’s “profit over human health” strategy regarding autism and boom this comes out two days later.

Young women have always had “eating disorders”, it’s a typical female competition strategy. To try to regulate based on typical human behavior is pure socialist garbage. And it wasn’t even a problem until these young women stopped eating more of their “feed”, huh? If they don’t eat more they don’t become obese and “adopt” health problems, ehh?

So are there attempts to impose unhealthy “standards” on young women and people in general? Most assuredly. Women are NOT necessarily more prone than men to be gentle and kind that is absurd. They ARE designed to compete. And not always justly, or ethically. Women treat each other like shit all the time. But what these legislators are trying to do is adopt reasoning based on unrelated real harms to cover for their attempts at a hostile takeover of the social media industry. It’s a scam. Female competition is healthy. Until it becomes unhealthy. All they’re doing here is trying to raise the stakes.

Some women just want to control other women. And people in general. They’re assholes. Women were certainly part of the cultural institutional landscape of slavery back in the day. And Kamala Harris was once California’s Attorney General Slaver.

But this is WHY we have the Constitution. And it’s why so many of these new-fangled “liberals” made up of hyena women and their beta males, rail against it. They don’t think it’s fair because it impedes their normal impulses to fuck each other up. It’s like.. this thing that only seems to exist to stop their most wildest desires. Wow. So unfair! Who would ever come up with such a thing? PFF

These hyena women don’t build things, their conceptualized sense of “reality” is not based on physics or long-term growth. These hyena women only seek to control and take.

This is why leftist liberals have tried so hard to infiltrate “human resources” departments, why CEOs are getting shitcanned over stupid accusations. This is discussed in the Art of War, the sovereign (i.e. government) does not dictate the battle or control the commander; or the battle is lost. These are brazen attempts to use women’s “associational” violence against each other to take down American industries, to control the means of production. It’s no coincidence North Korea’s dictator has recently placed his sister in a high position of power, and then reestablished communications with South Korea. Hyenas at work

There are however, plenty of women that do build things, cherish and nurture children and businesses and institutions. And in our current time of crisis in America they are in it frontline and center.

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