The Great Manwhore 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary Predictions

By The Wizard Mandragora
September 9, 2019

It seems it won’t be the nice brisk jog of escorting the President into his next election (and term) like many might have expected.

Even liberal heroes such as Bill Maher have joined the ranks of those “making jokes” about welcoming an economic recession if only to be rid of President Trump.

That is not funny, Bill.

But more important, the DNC has made it clear they cheat elections. They did in the 2016 presidential election in a blatant slap to the public’s face when they got caught stealing their own nomination from Bernie Sanders and giving it to Hillary Clinton. Even though Bernie had won the nomination fair and square during the Democratic primary.

But when it was found out, instead of bursting into flame in the sunlight and dawning glory of justice, like many might have expected, they instead brazenly stated in court that they weren’t legally bound to give the nomination to the candidate their constituents (the American public) had actually voted for.

They used the “law” to escape the consequences of their actions.

And it didn’t give them any moral pause either, or even slow them down. Instead they claimed the President had cheated. They came up with the Steele dossier, paid for by the Clinton Foundation, embedded it in an Obama presidential briefing to make it “official”, then leaked it to the media. In it they claimed the President had conspired with Russia to win the election and cheat the American people of their rightfully elected president. Even though they’d actually attempted to do so themselves, and had failed. This was apparently reason enough to claim victimhood.

Those in the know call this a “sociopathic turn”. Sociopaths adopt the natural moral opposition to their own wrongdoings and claim victimhood.

And they are now looking for scapegoats to take the blame for their sins. Or at least provide a distraction while they continue their work of subversion. They look to President Trump’s support, those that welcome back the travails of technology and industry, those that toil to keep the ship aright. Those that protect the high ground. Those that look ahead, to the future, to the the fate and destiny of this country, and the world. They look for isolated marks, stragglers, easy targets they suppose.

But some are designed to stay out longer, tantalizing targets to draw out the opposition. There are many disguises, and some work better than others.

Not all who straggle, struggle
Not all who wander are lost

There is divine design in the tumbleweed’s roll
And it is not magic that makes the wind blow

Not all heroes who rise are crossed
Though not one would refuse the cost

And sometimes the buck pays in full
And sometimes lions lie with the wool

The 2020 Democratic National Convention
So we come now to the deplorable state of the Democratic Party. Their machinations are obvious, and they are clearly trying to make a play. It all adds up to the next setup.

The Kamela Harris/Joe Biden Setup
Kamela Harris has already been outed for her role in the subjugation and imprisonment of her own California constituents. Though her “That little girl was me, Biden” in response to the segregation of schools in certain municipalities Biden apparently supported certainly seemed to garner some support, the American people have become wise to the prison-industrial complex. And Kamela Harris was California’s attorney general, it was her job to feed the prison-industrial complex. And she was good at her job.

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has done her job of marginalizing and pigeonholing Kamela’s prison stats, by claiming she was only responsible for an extra “1500 marijuana convictions”. As if somehow the “extra” number of people Kamela Harris put in jail is only 1500. And the state of California has already been caught scrubbing the official record of her prison count.

Joe Biden has squandered what popularity he’s gained with his many public flaws and guffaws. Not to mention all the pictures and videos of him that’ve surfaced over the years of him putting his hands on children in weird, inappropriate, and fucked up ways.

They’ll attempt a similar “That little girl was me” except this time it’ll be sexual victimization, and Biden will be the actual creeper bad guy who’ll play the role of male molester and overall sinner against female kind. Against this backdrop they’ll attempt to paint men in general as predators, deserving of harsh punishment, jail time, and of being an overall menace to society.

They attempted this same machination in the 2016 presidential election, releasing an old hidden recorded tape of a younger Donald Trump answering the jibbering questions of Jeb Bush who wanted to know explicit details of Donald Trump’s celebrity adventures with women. Which Trump did, in hushed tones, explaining that when you’re famous, women let you grab them by parts of their body only reserved for lovers. In it he explicitly defined consent, yet the DNC still introduced this as what they thought would be the final coup de grace against presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Yet its release only garnered a muted roar, and obviously no effect on Donald Trump’s candidacy and subsequent election.

Why? Because women have been attempting to escape this same trap for years! To tell women what they should and should not allow for from men, or to attempt to project onto them a feeling of victimization as the natural consequences of a man’s advances, is enslavement pure and simple. We are attempting to protect and educate and develop the women of our nation, not continue to force them into infantilism.

But this time the DNC’s large social media echo chamber is in place. And if/when they “catch” their target they will attempt to make so much automated noise, confusion, and spam outpouring of hysterical grief and outcry they hope to choke out and mask the real response from women.

They’ve been actively seeking to entrap those who would serve as a public spectacle. I was at one time a worldwide figure in a community that catered to the needs and desires and failings of men. For this reason I’ve been a target of their machinations for the last couple years. I’m sure I’m not the only one they’ve tried to farm this out to. I am however, an exceptionally dangerous choice. I do not know what they were thinking, but I did not mind. I have worn many disguises, and some work better than others. I watched and observed, played along and learned.

Their machinations have taken on multiple forms. The first was attempts at statutory entrapment. I had fifteen yr old girls looking at me wantonly, their young immature bodies peeking out from shorts and outfits way too revealing. I was made to witness potential predatory behavior towards children. It was incredibly bothersome, I reported what I could, but young immature girls isn’t something you can report.

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The worst was, within that same time period, when I was walking to my home and up ahead three children were standing at an open window, the screen removed, all three of their heads leaned over the sill into the room beyond the window. It didn’t seem natural, it would have had to be an uncomfortable position to remain in, heads cranked and perched over the window sill. But as I walked past they all suddenly turned and darted towards me, all three of their heads directly aimed for my groin. I just about jumped out of my skin the feeling was so overwhelming, but I managed to dodge around them. If I had to guess I would say someone was sitting somewhere with a camera hoping to get some good shots.

Another attempt was to get me to start talking about masturbation in public places, or at the very least in front of other people. I would surmise they hoped to use this not just to smear and slander, but also to introduce the topic onto the public agenda. So they could then “discuss” it on the news, so they could start their machinations and their tinkerings and their mass subversions. Masturbation is not the subject matter of public debate. It is a private matter and should remain so, if only to protect our children.

There is only this. Math and science are hard. Life is hard. Those that engage their turbo, have a blow out valve for releasing the extra pressure. And that is all.

The other blatant push was to make me out to be a homosexual. This was the worst. Three times within a period of a week and a half I was walking my dog in a secluded area, tucked away, and had three random gay men approach me and my dog. One of these times I wasn’t even visible from the street, but a gay man drove in, parked his car and got out to engage me and my dog. I am no homophobe, there was clearly effort taken to engage me in homosexual fashion multiple times.

Society has to learn to see homosexuality for what it is. It is the physical manifestation of a society eating itself. It is a society’s undoing. It is the first natural law of subversion.

Homosexuals are intrinsically “advertisers”. They have to be. And that is what drives the dysfunction. Take Greek culture for instance, it is one of the most fundamental components of Western society. It is the bedrock of Western moral ethical philosophy. Yet homosexuals of that day managed to paint enough depictions of homosexual erotic relationships so as to imply for modern historians that the society itself was gay, or that teacher/student relations included a sexual relationship. This is not the case even in the slightest.

I am Greek, and a teacher. I practice the Socratic Method as it is the only effective means of teaching students the things they do not know. I must draw out their knowledge so I can meet them where they’re at and bring them to where they need to be. My students trust me to lead and guide them on the right path. The straight and narrow proper path of self-actualization, moral emotional and mental aptitude, personal exertion and self-initiative.

Students are looking for those that will guide them without preying on them. It means the “signal” is clear and pure, trustworthy. It means they can trust that the effort and work they put into learning and doing will serve them well.

To embed homosexuality is a complete betrayal of a teacher’s duty.

Children need a sense of physical safety, personal space, bodily boundaries, a sense of personal sovereignty. Cleanliness and hygiene also play a massive role. To define the relationship between a child and their teacher as one of their teacher being able to invade them in such a way is not just perversion, it hurts the child. No child wants this.

And lest we forget the obvious, it is very clear that little girls are drawn to little boys and vice versa.

There’s never been a Western society based on the ethical moral traditions of Christianity and ethical philosophy that encouraged the indoctrination of young boys into homosexuality. Socrates was not gay. Alexander the Great was not gay. Homosexuality was not a rampant part of Greek society like Hollywood would have you believe.

Yet HBO just released their Neverland special, attacking the Michael Jackson estate, with claims from two of the original young boys involved in the original highly public and sensational court case, now grown up, claiming they actually were molested by Michael Jackson those many years ago. Even though they’d both already claimed in court at the time of the original trial that there’d been no molestation.

Even more perversely they’re on national television, claiming, falsely, that not only did Michael Jackson seduce them, but that the physical advances of an adult male seemed “normal” to them. This is a lie, a biological untruth, an evil twisted machination. And it will have to be answered for.

But the true danger society now faces is the fact the “Homosexual Agenda” has managed to infiltrate law enforcement. To allow homosexuality into the police system is a civilization destroyer. Because there is an inherent catch-22 in homosexual police machinations. A person of authority putting a heterosexual in a homosexually compromising situation will many times force that person to act in ways that clearly go against their own best interests, even personal safety. Even if they’re innocent. Just to escape the sexual trap.

Wrestlers and grapplers are very aware of this phenomenon. There is a grappling move referred to as “checking the oil” where you grab your opponent’s buttocks as tightly and securely as you can. One time a member of my team I was training with checked me so effectively I immediately threw myself on my back, pinning myself. Because nothing else mattered. The sense of panic and danger was instantly overwhelming.

But these individual subversions of sovereign citizens and individuals are not the only precedent these “professional homosexuals” hope to make. Who seeks to get in a man’s way when all he’s doing is his job? The homosexual agenda. They seek to subvert and undermine males in positions of authority. It’s intrinsic to their nature. Not women. Professional men and women have long coexisted. And in the end all a woman wants is just a kiss goodbye and assurances that you will be back.

But McCabe attacking in the media in the way he did, even after the investigation into possible Russian collusion had ended, was a blatant example of this tool of subversion.

Here is the truth. We need more Alan Turings. More Milo Yiannopoulos. More Kevin Spaceys. More Bryan Singers, more Anderson Coopers. Less faggots.

To allow for the unbridled expression of homosexuality in the workplace is to immediately lower the bar for what constitutes the true standard. Because now people in authority have to “entertain” people’s feelings. Everything has undertones.

But this is simply a corruption of the noise to signal ratio.

Sexuality is a corrupting influence, it is the most corrupting influence. I have seen young women abandon all forms of education, discipline, respect for society and the emotional peace of those around them, once they are shown that they can manipulate and coerce men and gain resources simply by using the power of their bodies and their sexuality.

But homosexuality has not been the only forced subversion of matters of policing. Law enforcement has apparently also been given the go-ahead to commit crimes to enhance their criminal connections, without “breaking cover”. As if the public is paying the police to commit crimes as some sort of public service.

Testimony offers glimpse of life with outlaw bikers in Las Vegas

But overall there has been a steady “legalist” push to inject illegality into the relationships between men and women, to criminalize intimacy, to make men beholden to a set of laws governing intimacy that favor manipulative woman’s ability to make false claims.

But this runs contrary to the needs of society. Young men are ignorant of the ways of women. They must be taught the rules and emotional framework of seduction and female reproductive strategies, otherwise they have no chance. And it is an order of the highest calling, to be able to teach men to bridge that gap, to work to reconcile the sexes.

But time passes, there is much work to be done, and soon I shall be rid of my Scarlet Letter, and take my rightful place.

The Warren Agenda
Elizabeth Warren has always stood up for the people, she is a true liberal and democrat, and even her “firewater” foible was not enough to quench their faith. But her intended policy of privatizing education could have disastrous consequences. Several charter schools have been complicit in inviting drag queens to school “show and tell” events.

But this is the epitome of child subversion.

Children are taught potty-training, taught to control their bodily functions, taught to control themselves, their natural aggressive propensity to touch and manipulate the objects around them, including each other. They’re taught to channel their natural curiosity and vigor into learning and playing and developing themselves into competent citizens and adults.

Some children take longer than others, some clearly prioritize certain scholastic or athletic pursuits over others. But one thing they do not do is choose to be forced to witness and participate in the apparent role reversal of how others choose to use and define their genitalia. These are called “private parts” for a reason. To be subjected to the forced questioning of their own biology during these elementary school “coming out” parties is to force confusion and self-doubt upon them.

Bringing drag queens to school storytelling events is an organized attempt to infiltrate the school system and infantilize and pervert our children.

Education is one of those areas of national sovereignty that requires transparency. The public must know what’s going on. Just ask Nevadans. Nevada’s population came together to legalize cannabis and use the taxes raised to improve the standards of Nevada education. And it passed. But the funds have not been used for education. Instead Nevada schools are still overcrowded, teachers are on strike, and Nevada education is ranked some of the lowest in the nation.

But at least it’s visible. If the school system was to be privatized the public as a whole collective force would have no direct oversight or knowledge of how their children were being taught and prepared for the real world. And the very nature of it would turn the U.S. educational system into a modern day Tower of Babel.

The Bernie Sanders/Cardi B. Setup
Bernie Sanders is back to his old role, garnering mass support for his ideas of sweeping economic and cultural reform before handing off the nomination to whomever the DNC has chosen (Kamela Harris). But now he’s introduced the topic of “population control”, an extreme example of “socialist” reform. We’ve seen the effects of population control over the last century. Genocide is always involved. But that’s not his only dramatic change this election. He’s also invited Cardi B onto his 2020 election run as a “political contributor”. This is an obvious ploy, one I saw coming the moment Cardi B. popped the fact she’d once been a prostitute in a hugely popular song featuring G-Eazy, a Bay area rapper. It was the first massively commercialized high production song to “pop” the prostitution taboo. And it’s important, because along with “population control” they’re also going to attempt to normalize prostitution. Because what they’re really trying to do is take away everyone’s jobs with automation. But before they do they’ll want to legalize prostitution. So everyone still has “jobs” and doesn’t immediately fight back. They’ll claim it’s “cool”, “liberating”, they’ll claim it’s “woke” and considered high society to condone and even encourage people to be so “free” with their bodies so as to see prostitution as a means of “self-expression”, even a valid form of societal contribution.

Step 1 was to idolize Cardi B. as an ex-prostitute. Step 2 was to put Cardi B. on political stage with Bernie Sanders to serve to bridge that societal and “lifestyle” gap. They seek out those that would help them in their plot, proponents of prostitution, promiscuity, sexual exploitation, those who’ve assumed the mantle ahead of time so to speak. They look to find male counterparts to compliment their female repertoire. And as they draw nearer and nearer their goals they realize someone has already forged ahead, has already set up shop. They come closer, expecting an ally, someone to help them in their plotting and machinations. But something’s not as expected. This is no welcome. He stands alert, waiting, as if standing guard.

And as they draw near he turns to them, unbudging in his authority and admonishment, and roars, “You shall not pass.”

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