The Forum is Back Open to the Public! Come Be a Part of One of the Greatest Pickup/Dating/Seduction Forums to Ever Exist!

By Manwhore
April 3, 2021

The Forum is Back Open to Public Registration and Posting!


Come be a part of one of the greatest (and oldest) Pickup/Dating/Seduction forums ever to exist.

This is a forum about developing seductive skills on a path of self-actualization and self-development. And it is about giving women what they WANT.

This forum is a representation of the Light side of the Force. There will be no Dark Side discussions of game, no discussions that

Discussions and questions on the following are allowed and encouraged:

– Verbal skills
– Sexual escalation
– Text game, sexting, date setup
– Dating ecology and lifestyle development

– No hacking.
– No legal shills.
– No trolling.
– No accusations that are baseless or can’t be validated.
– No posts will be allowed discussing pursuing relationships with women who’ve demonstrated psychological issues.

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