The DOJ/FBI Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Reveals DOJ Illegal Strawman Rush Plot To Protect Biden And Undermine Constitution

By The Wizard Mandragora
November 3, 2022

While it has been remarkable to witness the barrage of illegitimate political attacks weathered by President Trump the last several years, the recent audacity of the raid on his Florida residence based on a search for “classified” documents demonstrated a glaring transgression of whatever “legal” basis the DOJ and FBI had thus far pretended to have. Biden’s DOJ played the FBI through a double agent in the bureau and got the raid sanctioned.. over classified documents.

You have to try to imagine the level of planning that went into this. The FBI had to painstakingly avoid Trump’s Secret Service detail while conducting a raid for documents.. which they’d already examined.

Which they then searched for among the First Lady’s clothes. It seems the bureau’s special division in charge of transvestitures is at it full swing again. I can’t imagine the zoom calls China has recorded.

And though they put on a dog and pony show of “mistakenly” taking Trump’s passport in a disguised attempt to paint the premise for the raid as criminal in nature, the whole exercise was quickly exposed as just another massive abuse of office by a political party teetering on the edge of losing power.

It was a flagrant abuse of public office. But it could prove to be the DOJ’s last chance to play with their cherished FBI sock puppet.

It is mind-blowing the abuse of office that comes of handing the keys over to a bunch of lawyers.

Clearly the Founding Fathers were thinking of lawyers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights after defeating England in war.

As far as how to manage the situation going forward, the thought of just watching the spectacle play out has been rather bemusing. Surely the Mar-a-Lago raid must be it. These a-holes aren’t going to go through with their threat of criminal indictment, sink their timeline, expose the DOJ and the intricate cheating/hacks/workings of the “Deep State” right before the election and ruin their entire operation.

But as they said in Rome.. Garbage in, garbage out.

Maybe the Manchurian Candidate is betting by the time he has to pawn evidence off in Jill’s sock drawer the FBI will transpicuously no longer have any agents willing to stomach sniffing around the belongings of someone of Jill’s age category.


That’s it.

That is the illegal “magic trick” the DOJ is trying to pull with their raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago:

Biden’s DOJ has been facing the quandary of having to protect their boss, and themselves, from this exact scenario in the future; when legitimate government workers take back control and demand accountability and transparency of government dealings.

The whole Mar-a-Lago raid setup was actually about protecting Joe Biden (and themselves).. in the future.

It’s now widely acknowledged that President Trump got impeached for what Biden admitted to doing in Ukraine. They’re attempting the same bait ‘n switch trick.

Biden has committed every single crime the DNC has accused President Trump of. He has demonstrable financialĀ investments with hostile foreign powers, massive conflicts of interest with China and Ukraine, has presided over a massive ransacking of the middle class while he attempts to distract the public with colorful rainbow colored social “controversies”, spouting NLP patterns amid bouts of clear mental decline.

And remember, “the BIG GUY gets his 10%.” He’s still gotta get paid for all this ransacking of the American middle class. Welp you can’t do that if you can just easily peruse a President’s tax records!

So Biden has a bunch of mafia lawyers in the DOJ dressing themselves up as “the government” with a very special interest in dictating how government documents and accounts of these activities are controlled.

The real aim of these DOJ lawyers in raiding Trump is simply to assume control of the handover of, and transparency surrounding, presidential records. To protect Joe Biden and his criminal cohorts later. Yet this is the fake straw man argument. The DOJ is arguing backwards, claiming Trump’s inherent ability to reveal documents to the American public as grounds for them to raid his home, is actually grounds for them to hide Biden’s documents later. It’s a completely false equivalency.

Firstly, a bunch of unelected lawyers working for the DOJ do not get to just decide one day THEY are “the government”, and then start restricting a previous President’s ability to declassify his own presidential records. That is absurdly against the separation of Powers, the Constitution, and the entire point of government transparency. These lawyers make claims to be “the government” but their only standing is authority from the executive branch, i.e. the current president who is their boss. It’s simply presidential power disguised as “the government”. And it’s a flagrant violation of the separation of powers and the Constitution.

This is not a battle between the DOJ and the ex-president. This is a battle between the DOJ and The People of the United States, and their chosen elected representative, Donald J. Trump.

China gets it. The CCP caught on to the play and showed off by ushering out Xi’s predecessor publicly at the CCP’s inauguration of Xi for a third term. Yet did Hu not serve his country with distinction? What’s even more troubling to contemplate is Hu’s attempt to grab the document off Xi’s desk before being forced out. The implications of that are astonishing, and even a little bit horrifying.

But China is another world, one completely contrary to the United States. These sorts of brazen coups against political opponents for no other reason than their ability to abuse their office do not fly in America. Corruption does not constitute a stable form of government no matter how hard China tries to claim. That is communist bullshit, and our country doesn’t allow it. It is in fact designed to safeguard against it.

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So, we would assume they wouldn’t push the agenda too hard, right? That’s what we might have thought. Yet the anticipated legal quandary facing the DOJ has already manifested, and they’ve had to attempt their plan early. They’re now having to hide the DOJ’s plans to “enforce” their version of elections during the 2022 midterms. It would seem that the real premise for the currently fabricated assault against Trump is already underway.

It is crooked lawyers America now faces, currently masquerading as the DOJ but in actuality shills for anti-American interests, attacking Trump for no other reason than for his zeal and ability to turn this country around in the face of mass foreign encroachment. And to protect their mob boss, Biden, who plays the part of the clever invalid while younger henchmen, to include his son, the global medical industry, and Chinese interests, go out the back door with billions of dollars. A bunch of thieves and lawyers in power masquerading as the government while they sell off the American dream, use the legal system to attack their opponents, and task the transvestitutes over at the FBI with “enforcement.”

And they’re still going after Trump’s taxes without any probable cause. There are clear rules in place that govern the government’s ability to seize documents. They’re only using the idea of financial crimes against Trump because they know it’s going to be used against Biden for his obvious crimes.

These people aren’t the U.S. government. They’re a bunch of intruders with law degrees who’ve been caught meddling inside both the DOJ and FBI to protect their real clients..

A bunch of drug dealers now calling themselves the medical industry, and a thief for a president ransacking America and short selling the American dream.

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