The Baseline Explanation for The “Adverse” Medical Events After Receiving mRNA Vaccination to Covid-19

By Manwhore
November 15, 2021

I’ve been commenting on the potential for harmful side effects since the advent of these new “mRNA vaccines”. I first published on the potential for myocarditis on Dec. 11th, 2020, remarking that “they’ve managed to take an immuno process that’s typically spread throughout a more widespread area of the body, the lungs for example, and concentrated it and injected it into the shoulder. Obviously this would not work as well for some. This is clearly a capitalist abuse of medicine and science.”

This still stands. Clearly. Though I would more specifically typify the crime as an abuse of fiduciary duties, under the guise of capitalism.

The reason for the harmful effect is that any immuno-boosting process injected into the shoulder would ALL pass through the heart. This would create inflammation, the amount of which would depend on the individual, but would exist across the entire spectrum of those injected.

I’ve been tracking these vaccines as treatments that induce or otherwise represent a strong immuno-metabolic response, namely the BAT metabolic response, the burning of brown adipose tissue in the lungs and other organs to counter respiratory pathogens. The BAT response is spread across the expanse of bodily organs, versus these mRNA vaccines which isolate the ENTIRE response into a single site of injection.

^ This is the doctor, from my alma mater, describing the process by which the mRNA vaccines combat the Covid-19 virus. His description of “brown lipid butter particles” describes brown adipose tissue. He is clearly describing the immuno-metabolic response that the body uses to clear pathogens from the lungs and other organs. Stated again, the danger is that you’re taking a widespread response the body employs to combat disease and pathogens, and isolating it into a single site of injection, passing the entire “vaccine” through the heart.

Those with prior heart conditions, and even young people with allergies engaged in strong cardiovascular activity, would be at heightened risk of the harmful effects of such an injection.

This also explains why natural immunity is better. The widespread immuno-metabolic response across the entire expanse of infected area is much more effective than just a single site of injection which is all passed through the heart. The people making these so-called mRNA vaccines are not even educated on the efficiency of such a route of exchange to actually combat sites of infection.

Aaron Rogers would be correct in describing himself as being “immunized”. Those who’ve stated that Aaron Rogers misled people are wrong, in fact it is clearly the CDC, the WHO, and the NIH who have betrayed their fiduciary duties, and the NFL who have misled their fans and cultural base. The NFL exists purely at the pleasure of their fans. To betray them with bureaucratic lies in a transparent desire to increase profits at the expense and integrity of football is insane. Multiple seasons of football were already destroyed with obnoxious political cuckery. Now it seems they want to continue ruining it with politicized medical cuckery.

Would they hope to blame anti-mandaters for their inability to place more taxes on football players? Would they blame real science for their inability to coerce more money from football with FAKE science? There is no excuse for such blatant denial of biology and medicine. This is economic coercion at the expense of the integrity of football. These people should be fired. They’re destroying the fabric of the game for short-term profits using LIES. They’re castigating and making villains out of those who follow ACTUAL science.

You know who else seeks to do this? China and their socialist saboteur allies that can’t hope to compete in such a setting.

The “BioEngineering” Medical Industry is NOT to be Trusted
Another prevailing reason for my inherent distrust of the supposed mRna technology, was that I had already caught the global medical regime highly exaggerating their bioengineering abilities to secretly churn out a new opioid in the form of Remdesivir as a treatment for Covid-19. Remdesivir is actually a replica of ATP (adenosine triphosphate); reduced to monophosphate then adding a hydrocarbon benzene ring at the site of the phosphate group. This makes it an incredibly effective narcotic and carcinogen. Hydrocarbon benzene rings are the main pharmacological ingredient of fentanyl, and opiates. ATP is the most coveted, most widely used molecule in the body, attaching a hydrocarbon benzene ring to the phosphate group would ensure widespread global distribution of these benzene rings. It would at the very least cause a widespread slowdown of normal muscular and metabolic processes. There would most likely be a HUGE spike in cases of Guillen-Barre syndrome, which they’d more than likely blame on some innocent “old school” medication or treatment they’re not in charge of and thus can’t profit off of. This is what they did with HCQ and Ivermectin.

The Link Between Autism & “Progressive” Hospitals
I also discovered the link between the decades long spike in autism cases with the fact that “progressive” hospitals began removing the practice at birth of paddling babies’ bottoms and inducing its cry, thus jump starting the “reflex arc” of smooth muscle involuntary processes such as peristalsis and other digestive processes, to synapse at the spine, rather than percolate up to the brain with the billions of other stimuli received by the body. This initialization of the “reflex arc” is mandatory for survival in the external environment and must occur AFTER birth, as a baby is not supposed to be using its own airways or processing food particles in the womb.

The baby’s cry, along with our sense of hearing, is the ONLY apparatus we are born with that provides for the means of a feedback loop with the external environment. The baby cries, and the sound waves are interfered with by/interact with the outside environment, and the baby is able to hear the response and form an understanding of the physical world. This is the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment. The baby’s cry also induces the postnatal innervation of the auditory pathway, namely the vestibulocochlear nerve, along with the uticles and sacchules in the inner ear, which create the sensation of head movement/acceleration, and sync with mechanoreceptors in the skin similar to the membranes of the inner ear, which create our sense of “proprioception”, e.g. our sense of physical self and identification of our own limbs, as well as bodily movement.

EVERY symptom of the autistic condition follows these two main root causes.

So in removing the ages old practice of paddling babies’ bottoms upon birth, choosing instead to “gently” pull the mucus out of a baby’s lungs, it becomes clear the entire autism epidemic was spawned by the medical industry. It’s a sordid representation of the global medical industry’s business model, the clear and present danger of a widespread pathological condition/disease THEY are the ones actually responsible for, then spawning a multi-billion dollar industry off their own evil and ineptitude.

More Examples of Global Medical Intrigue
The similarity to the machinations behind the current Covid-19 pandemic are obvious.

Fauci was involved with the funding of Chinese research designed to find and study viruses capable of infecting human beings. And then increase their capability of doing so. This is clearly the opposite of fiduciary duty, this is criminal in nature. This is the result of global anti-nationalist corporations not concerned with national security, not concerned with protecting the populace, only concerned with taxing and making money off the populace. This is outright thievery and murderous intent on full display. These global medical industrialists are violent criminals hiding in medical gowns.

This is not just about financial housing bubbles created by Wall St. anymore, this is people’s health. People are dying while these same globalist corporations continue their cons by attempting to vilify proper medical treatments and force their own experimental drugs on the population.

Elon Musk and Google both identified HCQ as a treatment, before Google then replaced its own search results with a massive campaign to smear the effectiveness of HCQ. This was actually a ruse to deny the biological role of chlorine, which is contained in HCQ, in bodily defense. Masks sidestep the role of chlorine in our skin, leaving those vulnerable to the effects of trapped infectious particles held against the face and sinuses, their primary site of infection.

It’s almost as if they don’t want their vast stupidity, and the inherent danger of inflicting masks on the population, from being uncovered.

China’s Role in mRNA Vaccines
But they’re not the only ones. China has been clearly involved from the start. And not just in the Covid-19 pandemic. China and its socialist saboteur allies have been busy across the entire expanse of science and academia hoping to obscure the true nature of the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external world. They have been attempting to create an artificial reality based on their own fabricated science, while accusing conservatives and the GOP of this exact ploy. This is so they can use doublethink and illogic to pretend to be doing their jobs while actually undermining and destroying the very nature of society, culture, and technology. This is all designed to lower the competency of their opponents and provide an avenue for inherent mediocrity while prolonging their coercive rule.

It was Chinese leader Xi’s proposal in one of his recent global addresses for the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines to lower substantially. The reported efficacy of covid-19 vaccines all went down shortly after.

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What’s interesting about this entire Covid-19 scenario, and what speaks most clearly to collusion between the American medical industry and Chinese efforts to spread Covid-19 and reap the benefits of the pandemic, is the fact the Pfizer vaccine had over a 90% effective rate when the Chinese vaccine had a 50% effective rate; even though apparently the virus had come from Chinese scientists.

This is MASSIVELY suspect, clearly speaking to the American medical industry knowing more about the virus than Chinese scientists.

Another important factor.. the supposed Delta variant was “discovered” by China. Personally I don’t believe there’s a delta variant whatsoever, it’s simply a cover story for the medical industry’s desire to lower vaccine efficacy rates. And if you look at the actual supposed documentation regarding the “delta variant”, it’s laughable, juvenile. Apparently the virus’ “appendage” got bigger, longer, more able to penetrate. As if the whole idea of the “delta variant” is a secret attack on biological manhood. Did anyone else see this? Am I the only one immune to clown world?

Dr. Robert Mallone’s potential explanation for the delta variant is mostly sound, following the same logic as the theory of “superflu” variants that are resistant to antibiotics. Except for the fact he’s describing phenomena that takes DECADES to occur, and in fact hasn’t even happened yet. All these discussions of supposed variants “escaping” the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines are pie in the sky. They’re completely suspect at their very base of medicinal and biological theory.

Dr. Mallone tried to play ball with the cabal, and still got burned. As did President Trump.

Open Borders
Chinese leader Xi also mentioned “open borders” in the same address as his touting of the Chinese vaccine’s lower efficacy rate. This is also highly suspect, and signals a desire to return to a fake status quo.

Chinese interests were already acting like they owned the place (America) up to and even through the early years of Trump’s presidency. This seems like a not so subtle secret request for a return to the same. At least until certain… “elements” are out of the picture? They already tried this, however. And when it comes to my work and research they already stole my work in aerospace and chemistry and mathematics, so I would consider us more than even at this point. In fact the debt owed is definitely going in the other direction. I certainly did not start this

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