LR: Tandem Pull

By Manwhore
March 5, 2013

I’m sure most people aren’t that curious about how to have a foursome, but if you ever wanted to know.. here’s how you do it 😉

So my wing Rogan and I bought matching cupcake beanies and wore them out together that same night to go on patrol around the Cosmopolitan lobby here in Vegas.

Also I stole these nerd glasses without lens off some chick and was wearing them along with the cupcake beanie. I was in full disguise. A shark with a boner wearing sheep’s clothing. The beanies attracted a TON of attention, from guys and girls. Actually since this first night, people have attempted to steal them off us multiple times, I have never had mine successfully stolen, but Rogan is too casual and let his get stolen one time. (I was honestly pissed at him.)

So we’re talking to people as we pass through the casino, nothing significant, then come up on these two girls walking by the big shoe on the bottom floor. They immediately light up when they see our cupcake beanies (dubbed thereafter Cupcake Rape Beanies), and we fall into step with them. We just have fun flirty convo and then tell them they have to go have drinks with us because we are awesome and we require their company and are their male escorts for the evening. A hint of gentlemanly panache and chivalry while subtly implanting strong high-value sexuality. As Borat would say, “Very nice”. Somewhere in there one of the girls tells us they are under twenty-one and can’t be on the casino floor and that one of their brothers works security and is watching them. So they make us walk with them away from his area, and we just keep it going and immediately start walking them outside towards Rogan’s studio. This pull happens literally within a minute.

About half way to the door of the casino I can tell my girl needs a bit more investment from me before she allows herself to be pulled. So I grab her and pull her in and make out with her for a few seconds then pull back. Once we leave the casino the night is cold dark and harsh. This is NO time to let the girls’ emotional state hit a downer or let the environment dictate what happens next. So I amp up the energy and keep things lively. As we’re walking along we come upon a series of little gargoyle heads atop the posts lining the outside of the Cosmopolitan. I immediately kick into telling the story of the Cosmo “unicorn dragon dildo heads”. The girls are in stitches and crisis is averted 😉

We take them upstairs and we have a little cooling off period before I make my big fucking move. I don’t recommend this cooling off period for most guys. It takes a lot of skill to be able to let all the sexual momentum die down, and then super quickly ramp it up just in time for a nice cozy isolation opportunity that presents itself, or that you made “happen”. That being said, from a big picture concept, I knew I had to slow things down a tiny bit and give them some time with us in the room before we settled in with our cocks.

Tangent: The way to ramp things up sexually in a very short time, is to implant the idea of it on a super subtle level, and built subtle momentum, without them having to be made obnoxiously conscious of it happening (no one wants this). And then when you make your big move, it completely turns them the fuck on and they immediately sexually surrender to the experience. Believe me, it works just like this.

The way I did this was that when I would casually walk by my girl as we were moving around my buddy’s studio, I would casually but firmly, slap her ass, or pull her in to me for a quick hug and munch. Then move off and away from her just as casually.

What I just described above, is one of the jewels of knowledge that most of the community does not understand, and will take years to figure out on their own. This is the basis for day2 game (getting laid on the first date), same night lays, and physical game in general. You must maintain your own high-value while getting physical with her. You cannot be too grabby or pushy with your physical escalation or she will lock up.

Some might think this sounds super reactionary to the girl. It’s not, it’s actually just the “natural” way of things between high-value guys and the girls they’re seducing.

Anyways, when I sense the vibe is at the right spot, I “announce” to the group that “Sophie” and I have to have a very serious conversation. And that we will be back, in a bit. I then march her straight into the bathroom with me and shut the door.

I softly pin her up against the bathroom wall, slide her straps down over her shoulder, and then down until her big boobs pop out.

Then I nonchalantly take my dick out and let her look at it. She says wow and grabs it, then after a bit takes the initiative herself, slowly lowering herself to her knees in front of me and putting my cock in her mouth. That’s always one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. I make sure to take a pic of myself in the mirror, wearing the cupcake beanie and the glasses, while she is on her knees in front of me. Solid natural, photographical talent.

Then I pop on a condom and put her on her back on the floor of the bathroom, but she stops me and says, “Let’s just go out there.” LOL. So we march outside and Rogan and his girl are on the couch making out, my girl gets on the bed and I’m right behind her, Rogan is slightly bewildered, wondering what’s going on. He then sees my pants are halfway down, and then realizes he’s also seeing my big cock swinging wildly around. Yea buddy, we are on “I’ve seen my wing naked” status now.

So I throw her legs up and proceed to penetrate. She has a pretty vagina and I tell her that. She likes it. I look over and Rogan has taken the opportunity to start poking his girl as well. He’s got her on the couch and is forcing me to stare at his white ass instead of the naked cutie in front of him. Bad winging!

But I definitely see an opportunity to get in on his action as well lol. (We’re wings so it’s cool 😉 ). I proceed to start framing the sexual adventure about to go down.

Bro hurry up so we can switch!

I say this with absolute enthusiasm and an almost boyish, innocently exuberant tonality. Everyone’s kind of silent, and this is where years of training/experience save the day. I know for a fact I got this, yet I’m sure everyone besides me is nervous I just said that, because they don’t know if I know how to make something like that go down without awkwardness. That’s a girl’s greatest fear, lol. Anyways, after 20 seconds or so I deliver the zinger.

Bro you better move or I’m just going to go through you!” (E.g. I would have to go through him to get to her)

Everybody laughs, tension is relieved, and the girls have implicitly complied to what’s about to go down. Knowing how to have a foursome comes down to knowing how to properly set one up 😉

I jump off the bed and walk around with my girl for some reason, probably because I realize I need to reserve some energy for her friend (I don’t remember), and Rogan and his girl jump on the bed. About 30 seconds later I drag my girl over to the bed and lightly grab the back of her neck and say, “Suck his dick!”

The only problem is.. Rogan already has a girl sucking his dick 😉 I stay on it firmly and lightly drag her down. She gets a little smile on her face and crawls up onto the bed and over him so she’s on one side and the first girl is on the other. Then they both start going to town on his cock. So Rogan gets to have his first blowjob from two girls at the same time, courtesy of yours truly. In case any of you were wondering, that’s good winging 😉

Anyways, I come up behind the other girl, grab her hips, and stick my cock in her while she’s blowing Rogan. It’s good stuff. I pound out my girl more later on, then at one point we’re all on the bed right next to each other (lol) and I say “Ok man which one of them are you going to impregnate!” Everybody busts up laughing, and then him and her go to jump on the couch for more room but before they do I quickly grab his girl, lay side by side next to mine, and stick it in one then the other, back and forth a couple times just for kicks. Later on Rogan’s girl tries to sit there and play video games with him, and I ninja up on her and slap her in the forehead with my cock. Pretty much took out her eye I don’t think she could see that well after that.

That’s the end of that story.. they leave and we play Black Ops for a bit before heading back out for more Vegas action. We actually pulled a couple more times after but didn’t bang any of them.

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