MW Finds “Sign Up” Sheet w/ Random Women’s Phone #’s.. Sexual Chaos Ensues

By Manwhore
April 20, 2012

A lot of guys are confused as to how to use social circle game to meet women or even get laid. This article explains a very effective method of social circle game my buddies and I use extremely effectively.

A couple years back my buddy dressed up as a soccer referee for Halloween and carried a sign-up sheet where he went around and took girl’s names and numbers down for his fake intramural soccer league. He wasn’t a very charismatic dude at all, just had a good idea and walked up to girls and stuck to his guns. He got about 15 phone numbers that night lol.

Pretty damn genius.. except he made the mistake of leaving the signup sheet in my car. 😉 So I texted every single number on it and started chatting with about 7 or 8 of them. When they asked who it was I said “Halloween girl!! What do you MEAN you don’t know who this is!

It sounds like nonsense, and on a logical level it might be seen that way, but the emotional vibe I projected at them thru text blasted away any kind of potential weirdness. Proper follow-up game blows all perceived social awkwardness out of the water. The play of male/female dynamics is controlling the flow of emotions between a guy and a girl. It’s just that in our society today, it’s mostly women that do the controlling, lol. And women know VERY well that emotions are not logical, in fact most guys can stand there being tooled by a chick, thinking they’re doing the correct thing by discussing whatever the issue is rationally and have NO idea why they feel like shit. It’s because he’s not even aware of the emotions she’s forcing onto him unseen, in her dialogue, her facial expression, body language and tonality, and how she’s making everyone ELSE in the area perceive the issue. You can read more about that here (influencing a girl’s emotions).

Anyways, I invited all these girls out to that week’s social circle roundup. Basically this is where all my buddies would meet out on Sundays at a different restaurant around town. (I’ll have to write up a post on this it was genius. We passed around women like they were skittles.) One of them agreed to come out for that week’s festivities and a couple others said they’d be down for the next one. Anyways we hit up a fondue place in downtown La Jolla (rich part of San Diego) and I met up with her outside the restaurant with my typical “pull her in for a hug and a quick kiss”. By greeting her affectionately like that it set the perfect tone for the evening right off the bat.

Long story short, after hanging out with me during this super platonic dinner and being able to witness my casual awesomeness, I took her home and bang banged her. Ended up sleeping with another girl from the dinner that night as well, and one of our buddies ended up banging another girl from that sign-up sheet that came out the next week.


I basically was loud and expressive during dinner, and used little unseen sexual quips and tension-builders like I describe in this post here. There was definitely some last minute resistance when we got back to my place, mostly because I was some dude she’d just met before dinner and most girls have never been banged this way lol, but also because I just knew it was in the bag and was aggressive about taking the poon. She took the dick like a champ and liked it. I remember when she finally surrendered to the experience when I took out my dick and put it in her hand and told her it was for her. She goes “Oh you want me to suck it don’t you.” in a very sultry little voice. And she did.

She’d gotten dropped off by a friend at the restaurant and I had to take her back to her place at the Navy base afterwards. During the car ride she started asking me questions she did NOT want the answer to, lol. She started asking me exactly HOW I’d gotten her number, WHERE the guy was that actually got her to put her info down, and what I’d done with the sign-up sheet. I watched it slowly dawn on her face when she realized that I’d texted a bunch of random numbers, gotten one of the girls to show up and then banged her. Was hilarious and probably not the most comfortable realization, but the deed was done I thought it was funny. And I was relaxed about it so she could be relaxed about it as well. She was totally a cool chick and I liked hanging out with her. She was just a sexy little Navy girl, and sometimes she played Starcraft. Whoa.

Outside the base I got seriously harassed by a couple of on-base civilian security guards in their vehicles. I hate these fuckers because they feel less than adequate because they’re not actually service people and so they continuously feel the need to justify their existence on the base. They tried to harass me and make me wait to come on base while they questioned her and I and looked up my registration info. I just kept harassing them back until it was no longer worth their effort to keep me there and they let us go. She got out of my car and I watched her do the walk of shame down the street, her little hips swaying a bit wider than usual because of the dick she’d just received. I probably imagined that last, but hey, this is my world.

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