LR: Sleeping with a “Socialite” Superhottie

By Manwhore
May 21, 2008

Night starts out chill.. I never try to force anything to happen anymore. Never try to push outside my own frame. The night comes, it always comes. Danger. Blood. Lust. It’s all there. I wait

As Tolle the hobgoblin says, “I am in joy in myself

If you’re standing in a bar or club, feeling anxious wanting something to happen, wondering if you should approach or scan, you’ll probably mess up your vibe. Just remain chill.. the night will happen.

But this is no excuse to chode off. You want to be at a point where on auto pilot you talk to girls and pull them in as they walk by, give commentary, talk to the people around you as things go down. High value mannerisms. Projecting who you are and how you should be responded to. Sucking everybody in to your fun dominating experience.

Anyways I spot a beautiful girl across the fence in the other club. Blueprint beautiful. Can’t tell if she’s Italian, Latina, or Arabic. I walk up, start talking to her casually about a cigarette lying on the table. I tell her it’s probably laced with drugs. She should smoke it before I do and then I’ll try it. Very chill and relaxed. I question/accuse her about the cigarette, Why would people do this..? Chill vibe, quizzical “backed off” expression.

I later find out this girl is a known socialite in the San Diego scene. She parties at all the clubs for free, knows all the owners, promoters and dj’s, hangs out in the scene, has guys fly her to Europe, men proposing to her (she actually did end up marrying a rich guy from Spain lol), and here I am just gaming the fuck out of her. I don’t give a shit who she knows or what she does I’m giving her the full treatment 😉

I tease the shit out of her, I tease her friend. I do this with hotties, it sets the dynamic for the relationship, that they need to always be responsive to me because I’m the most important, demanding thing around, and they need to give me their full attention. I ground her always. Tell her we’re getting married. No idea why I did this but it sticks hard. Oh I remember, the club camera guy wants to take our picture. We take one and I tell her I want a better pic, then a “lovey” one. Then a mean one- she flips off camera as I pull her into me. She is such a bad little girl. This is all with a little black iron fence separating us.

I end up at the other club, go outside, and she’s at the other club! Weird.

Finally we end up at the same club but she’s running around with all her social people. I don’t give her too much attention, but I know I will not let this one go; I don’t meet girls like her very often. I come in on her from time to time, hard and demanding she talk to me, then pull away to do something else. I’m very chill with her, but when I want to talk to her, I hit HARD. I don’t touch her that much, but when I do I just take her and root her attention to the spot.

The night is all about communicating who I am, without needing anything from her. Just blasting off from a chill frame. But looking at her and interacting with her with intensity. She has my full attention. Then I wander off. Full attention.. then I check out something else.

I mingle with a minx of a hottie who shows me naughty ass pictures of her and her friend as she wraps herself around me. Her friend is running around right in front of us, acting demure and sulky.. oblivious to the fact that I’m staring at pictures of her getting finger banged in the shower. Oh and there’s one with a tongue in her panties geezez. I’m flirty and physical with this obvious party-girl, pulling her into me. She finally stops and looks at me. Wait. What do you want from me?

When this happens you need to recognize this for what it is. She wants you to state your intent explicitly. She wants you to man up and be up front. Also, she is a party girl and wants to know you’re the same kind of guy. I tell her I’m going to throw her in the shower, pull her out and do her on her bed. She’s happy.

Anyways I spot my hottie watching us and ditch mynx for her. Come up on her; she’d noticed the female attention and acts very feline as we talk. I pull her into a hug and hold her against me.

The end of the night comes around. Everyone’s outside and I meet the girl and her friends who ran the event. Everyone gathers around me and all of a sudden I’m a spectacle. Seems they’re curious as to why I’m so relaxed with everyone around me asking me questions and trying to get my attention. The girl who ran it seems to be in a trance in front of me, won’t let go of me hand as she stares at me explaining her plans and stuff. I just look at her, no need to justify why I want to know what her plans are and what she does. She asks for my number.

We start coordinating an after-party but then decide not to do it. Hottie’s friend excitedly tells her to marry me. Hottie tells me to give her my number so she can leave. I do. I want to take her home right then and make her my love slave. If you like something, you have to be able to let it go.

I text her awhile later. If u don’t call me within 2 days u get a ticket and NO love.

Thinking about that text later I think it is the worst text ever. Whatever..

She calls me later on the next day. Ooh I like seeing her number pop up. But she doesn’t remember who I am. She wants to know who I am and what that text was about. Pretending? Maybe. I’ve noticed some girls pretend not to know who you are so they have an excuse to call, and then keep calling “not remembering” who it is.

Anyways. It starts out with her not remembering who I am, and ends with her telling me to come over to rub hot oils into her body

Yeah. Go me

The phone convo was probably worth a million dollars. Kinda wish I’d recorded it. There’s only a few things I really remember..

What do you mean you don’t remember? We got married

She starts to remember me and tell me stuff- engaging in the conversation.

I tease her.. “Let’s just agree it didn’t work out and give me jessica’s number since she seemed nicer than you. I mean.. I’d think about you.. sometimes.

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Anyways it goes for a bit and I don’t think the convo is going anywhere. Then I realize we’re really starting to have a good time together on the phone. At this point I know not to bullshit around…

So when are you off. (*$@)#(*#()$* Good, we’ll hang out tonight.

Little bit more bullshitting.

Um well. Why don’t I get off work, you come over we’ll watch a movie, and.. .. you can rub hot oils into my body.


I. Don’t. Know. I’m just on the phone vibing, having fun with a girl who’s sexy on the phone as well, giving me shit about everything.. and then I realize she’s open to hang out that night. Never says anything, I can just hear it in her voice. Hell ya

So I meet up with her and immediately want to put her on a little plate and eat her. As usual, right off the bat I’m open about what kind of guy I am and what kind of relationship we’re gonna have. She gets hugged, noogied, and ignored.

We get back to her place and chill. As cute as this girl is, and seemingly pleased to be with me.. she’s feisty as fuck. Just like any emotionally intelligent super hottie, she knows how to break the mood at a moment’s notice if she doesn’t like the way something’s going. Little whipper snapper. This is just how high-value chicks are, they know how to control the flow and rhythm to their own liking.

Anyways I start messing with her. She retorts.. What happened to the guy who opened the door and bought me food.

What are you.. I’m an ASSHOLE. She laughs.

At one point she tries to throw me. I’m a virgin. I don’t skip a beat.

Good. I’m going to take your virginity, again and again, and again. She looks at me. And then next week.. I’m going to take it again. and again, and again. This communicates to her that she’ll lose nothing in my eyes just because she won’t be a virgin once I take her.I figure she’s bullshitting but I don’t care.

Little while later she says something about how once she loses it, it’s gonna be different.

Shush. You’re going to be the exact little beautiful hottie you are right now. Nothing’s gonna change.

These subcommunicated a few different things. First and for most, that she RETAINS her value to me. Big. Church dogma, or whatever you want to call it, preaches very hard that once a girl loses it, she doesn’t hold the same value. Really sad, and something you need to make sure she knows isn’t true with you. The other things you can figure out, that’s the biggest one.

Like usual, I manhandle her for my own pleasure. And as is normal, I grow slightly bored with this and ignore her to watch tv.

I have my way with her, not too much, and pull back, her comfort zone increases, and I enjoy the savoriness of our increased intimacy. Touch her again in hot spots, don’t go as far as I went the last time, before ignoring her for a bit. Then all of a sudden just pull her pants down, or shirt down to expose her body to me. I’m a total tease. Her body is absolutely beautiful. Breasts perfect, soft skin, shapely ass. Huge round eyes. She’s a kitty I have curled up on the couch with me.

Anyways we go to bed. I’m pretty sure I go to hit it and she tells me no. I decide this is fun. I don’t let her touch me either. She tries to grab my cock I don’t let her. Tries to grab it some more I don’t let her. She tells me this really turns her on; she mounts me with our clothes on and rides me softly, it’s pretty nice.

She settles down and we go to sleep. We hold hands as we fall asleep. I curl her little bottom in against me and hold her.

We semi wake up in the morning and hold hands again. I wake up, tell her I’m not gonna sleep anymore, and kiss her all over her body. I turn her over and bite her bottom. Her booty is.. deeelicious

I ask her what it was about me she liked. She tells me it was the way I approached her. Not like the regular guy saying stupid shit to her.

I finger her a bit she super enjoys it. First time inside her panties.

So we both get up. She’s walking around in her panties and baby t. I’m walking around with a boner. She is tan and luscious. I’m white and kinda hairy.

She goes to take a shower. I follow her in there she shoos me out. About 5 minutes later I walk into the bathroom. Door’s unlocked. I strip. And get into the shower with her. She looks at me surpised with those huge eyes. She’s absolutely incredulous. She scolds me telling me to get out. I’m not going anywhere.

She gets over it, tells me to get out of her way while she bathes. I could care less.

I grab her and pull her in. Finger her a little bit while kissing her neck. Let her go. She puts soap all over, slightly bent over. I bend her over the rest of the way, she’s surprised but I can tell waits expectantly. I slide inside her from behind. It feels so good. She moans and backs it up against me. She sounds like a little cat, injured that I would take such advantage, happy that I would exploit her little body. I hit that ass for a bit then pull out, pretending for a bit like nothing happened. Then bend her over again and take her. I pull her around so I can kiss her while I do it, lift up one of her legs so I can enter her but can’t manage it. So I pick her up and set her down on my cock, lifting her up and down. Life is good when you have a hottie pinned against the wall of her shower and you’re sliding her up and down your cock.

We get out and I throw her back on her bed. She “accidentally” moves her robe around to expose her body to me. I get on top of her, tell her she’s not getting any because she needs to get to work. She tells me ok. Then she says well she might have time. I tell her she can have 5 seconds. I shove it in, count to 5 while I hit it. Pull out. She looks at me in disbelief.

I tell her ok she can have 10 seconds. Do her, count to 10, come out and look at her. She’s frustrated. Do it again with 15. She says “ dammit I almost came

I get up to 25, at which point I pull out and redecorate her.

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