Hypnosis Techniques for Insomnia & Making Yourself Sleep

By Manwhore
April 24, 2012

I’ve been asked recently to help a few guys get to sleep that have insomnia, or major issues falling asleep. I’ve been using hypnosis to fall asleep fast and get solid sleep for many years now. I have no sleeping issues. Doesn’t matter what’s happening the next day or how much is at stake, when it’s time for lights out, I turn it off.

This has not always been the case. Back in high school I started having awful insomnia many times only getting 3-4 hours a sleep a night for weeks on end. The pressures of advanced placement classes, sports, work and of course hormones made my mind come alive at night. I couldn’t control it. This continued through the first couple of years of college, I was known for having a few shots before bed to put myself to sleep.

Fast forward some time and I was called in for a review session with my professor of military science.. a Special Forces green beret Captain. You might know the type.. the genuine article, steely-eyed snake-eater kind. He had (according to our youthful reckonings) killed multiple people with his bare hands, and at one time, upon appraisal of our pt scores, told us as a class that if we didn’t improve our physical fitness scores and we were all running to the evac chopper and couldn’t keep up, he’d put the bullet in our heads himself.

I still remember hearing the collective gasping of the entire room. Though this particular phrase I had already gotten used to hearing directed at myself from an early age, it was still thrilling shit. Plus I usually had the highest pt score in the class.

Anyways at the end of our review session (we had a solid rapport) he asked me if I had any questions.. to which I replied, “Well sir, I have a very hard time sleeping. Do you have any tips or thoughts on this.” I asked because it’s always been my feeling that people at a particular level of success have all KINDS of wisdom in strange areas. This man being a fucking BAD ASS, I figured he knew something about getting a solid, functional amount of sleep. He sat back in his chair, that hilariously smug, self-satisfied alligator smile spreading across his face..

Well I’m glad you asked me that. I do indeed have some things to help you with that..

Exercise #1
Imagine you are at a lake, at night, and it is foggy. A haze hovers over the lake and floats through the trees that surround it. As you walk you come upon a small pier that juts out into the lake. You walk out onto it and in the haze and fog you see little boats on either side tied to the dock with rope.

As you walk along the dock further into the fog, you pause at each little boat, and take your worries and thoughts that are plaguing your mind, and one by one, load them onto a boat, untie it, and watch it float off into the fog, never to be seen again. Then move on to the next boat, and take your next worrying thought, put it into the boat, and untie it and watch it sail away. As you keep walking along the pier you unload more and more of your troubles until your brain no longer has any more troubles to unload because they are all gone.

Exercise #2
This was the 2nd one he taught me but worked the most effectively for me. This one has more of a focus on taking control of your body and relaxing it whereas the other one is more focused on removed emotional/mental clutter that is keeping you from falling asleep.

When you are lying in bed, imagine that death is upon you, has settled on the bed, and is slowly slowly slowly moving up your body. Starting at your toes, and moving slowly but steadily up through your entire body. Everything it touches and passes over, is dead and gone. It feels nothing, it cannot move, it cannot resist. Imagine it slowly passing through your toes, then your feet, up your ankles and then through your legs. Imagine it passing up through every part of your body. Focus on the steady feeling of your body becoming paralyzed a little bit at a time.

Most people will pass out even before it gets to their neck. But just keep imagining it until it passes through your head and then that too is paralyzed and dead. Without thought or feeling or emotion. Your mind no longer exists.

End of exercise.

These are also super effective in making your sleep deeper and calmer. You wake up feeling more refreshed because you’ve removed tension and mental clutter from your head before sleeping. If you want you can use both techniques, I recommend using them in the order I listed.

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