Sexual Archetypes

By Manwhore
April 28, 2016

Disney Lied To You..

The flower petal love story with a romantic ending in the castle tower…

The kiss does not come when all the petals fall off the rose and true love is finally realized. It’s a lie —

Sex is not the goal, it is only part of the journey you begin. With someone else. Sex is part of the courtship, part of the act of discovering each other. It is itself a neverending story.

To become a fulfilled person you must become “sexually awakened”. You must become okay with sex. That does not mean only logically, or in discussion groups on Facebook. It does not mean you are familiar with every twist of the feminist agenda, it is in fact just the opposite. It means you must be in touch with sexuality, know when and how to use it, be comfortable employing it.

Sex is not some purely masculinized hunt for pleasure. It is not a competition or just another notch on the belt. It is an adventure. And there are two of you.

Sex is a multi-faceted affair. Live a life familiarizing yourself with as many of its forms as possible:

  • Just because she’s a lioness doesn’t mean you aren’t going to crush her pussy. You’re going to MATE with her, it’s a meeting of Lion and Lioness on the plains of the savannah. Your bodies crush each other. Not all your bites are gentle. Not all hers are either. You are so hard it almost hurts, it definitely hurts her. You’ll both remember this one if not for the marks on both your bodies.


  • Sometimes you’ve got to be “Daddy” and teach her a thing or two. This “young” lady needs a lesson and you’re going to give her one. She can act out any cute little “victim” fantasy she wants, but she is still “powerless” to the experience you give her.


  • Or you are the King. Enjoying the stunning splendor of a woman putting herself on display for you. Undressing for you, showing herself to you, giving herself to you. She crawls toward you, sleek, beautiful, melting across the bed. Or she is resplendent upon her knees before you. Gazing up at you as you enter her mouth, the sensation of something so intimate and raw and carnal washing over you.


  • Or you are the Healer. In adulation of her femininity. Putting her at ease, putting her in touch with her body. Healing it, setting it right, showing her what her body means, what it’s for, why it’s beautiful. Putting the worship of her body into motion. The sensation of every part of her body being explored. Knowing every part of her, tasting every part of her. Waiting to see her moan, watching to see what moves her, makes her body come alive.


  • Or you meet the Black Widow (she comes in many forms), and she is the one that devours you. And you are eaten alive, and enjoyed, and feasted upon. And she makes you shudder, and moan. You are to be tasted and eaten, a treat for someone else. She rides you, beckons you, and you come. And the feeling of this is so intoxicating, you know at that moment that sex may never be the same for you again.


  • Or you are the faeries. Taking tender youthful playful exploration of each other’s bodies. Playing doctor, doing silly sexual experimentations with each other. Her feeling her body pulse and shiver against yours in delicious new ways, you gripping and moving her body, shaping a luscious experience at every new twist and turn and angle of penetration.


  • Or you are her Confessor, her priest, her Final Judgment. Chastising her for every sexual misdeed, her guilty nature condemning her of original sin. When she awoke to her love of the carnal, the knowledge of her own sexuality. She can only be punished for it, over and over again. And she surrenders, begging for redemption. You force her to face her sin, her lust, to make her swallow the object of her craving.You baptize her, on her knees. She chokes and gags, but not on water.

    You make her do things, to atone. She is crucified, penetrated, reborn. And when the final sacrament comes, she doesn’t waste a drop.

Let go all your inner baggage regarding sex. Let go the pervasive and poisonous mindset that sex somehow makes victims of women, or that having a strong desire for sex debases her. This is the last vestige of an evil era. When patriarchy ruled and everyone was a slave to it. For all our current trends of self-development, these same stigmas and brainwashings still persist in weird twisted forms in both men and women

If sex makes a woman a victim then man is a natural oppressor. So a man cannot trust himself, and a woman must be ashamed of herself. That is evil.

No more.


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