RFK Jr.’s DDT/Polio Claims, Remdesivir, & the Pathology of Covid-19

By Manwhore
August 5, 2023

I’ll first cover the flaws of these so-called mRNA vaccines and the pathology of respiratory conditions.

As I’d stated previously, the mechanism of action of these “mRNA vaccines” being shot into the shoulder or arm leaves a lot to the imagination. A shot into the lymphatic and/or circulatory system is somehow supposed to have an effect on a lung infection? Actually what happens is ANY adverse effect to the vaccines gets circulated through the body and the heart, where it can build up and create heart issues such as myocarditis. Which is exactly what we’ve seen. However the respiratory system is designed and fully capable of taking care of its own business. The respiratory system has a natural and effective immuno-metabolic response. In response to an infection the lungs burn brown adipose tissue already existent in the lungs (this sort of tissue surrounds all bodily organs) in conjunction with the help of sunlight and vitamin D to fight and clear respiratory infections. It’s like a controlled tree burning for forest control.

One of the biggest points of contention the medical industry is attempting to keep from public awareness is the base, inherent nature of respiratory infections. Respiratory infections and “viruses” are infections of VOLUME. They have a PHYSICAL pathology. As the infection spreads it cuts off and/or isolates respiratory function, specifically oxygen transport across the alveoli of the lungs. It’s essentially a slow asphyxiation. As the body loses access to oxygen it becomes weaker and weaker. This is why otherwise relatively strong and healthy people can succumb to a respiratory illness.

RFK Jr.’s Polio/DDT Claims, Hydrocarbon Benzene Rings, and… Remdesivir

RFK Jr. has recently claimed that the serious decline of polio in the U.S. isn’t in response to the polio vaccine, but the outlawing of DDT. I’d never heard of this and decided to take a look. Upon examination of DDT I realized I was staring at my old nemesis, hydrocarbon benzene rings.

Hydrocarbon benzene rings are aromatic, incredibly stable molecules that don’t naturally react with other molecules, and don’t break down in the body. They’re not digestible, they just sit there and interfere with whatever metabolic, immune-response, or digestive function is happening all around them. The closest most realistic analogy for putting benzene rings in the body is like.. throwing small round pebbles into a car’s oil system. This is of course very unhealthy for the car’s engine which is dependent on smoothly running, adequately lubricated moving parts. A small amount of tiny pebbles don’t have much of an effect, but a large enough amount and pistons and gaskets can begin to break down, causing greater even catastrophic damage to a car’s moving parts, and in the end can cause the engine to seize. Which means no more locomotion. The effect is similar in the human body. An accumulation of benzene rings will lead to clogging of the lymphatic system, especially where the lymphatic system drains. This is why benzene rings contained in anti-depression medication is linked to breast and ovarian cancer. Because those are natural drainage areas in a woman’s metabolic/lymphatic systems.

They’re also the main pharmacological ingredient of opiates. Benzene rings interfere with memory, long-term potentiation, and normal neural activity in the brain. They impede brain activity, creating the psychoactive effect of “brain numbing”. This is why people hooked on hydrocarbon benzene ring medication feel like mental/emotional zombies. Benzene medication is NOT an appropriate anti-depression medication. Overcoming depression requires a proper, LIVE brain response, not interference with and the shutting down of normal brain activity.

But benzene rings are even more damaging when they get attached to other elements, that by themselves can be harmless, even benign, but when attached to a noxiously persistent indigestible benzene ring, turn into a true menace.

The main chemicals to watch out for when attached to a benzene ring are: chlorine (DDT, Agent Orange) and nitrogen (fentanyl).

DDT, AND Agent Orange, are a result of attaching chlorine to benzene rings. Chlorine is a natural bodily disinfectant. It’s also an astringent. Our bodies are covered in it where it serves as a major part of our skin’s defensive mechanism against bacteria and contaminants. This is why wearing a mask to “protect” against Covid-19 is actually harmful as the mask sidesteps our body’s natural defense system and traps infectious particles close to their main site of infection, the sinuses. However when attached to persistent benzene rings chlorine becomes a noxious harmful chemical that STICKS. The clogging effect of the benzene ring along with the noxious effect of chlorine is what creates the harmful pharmacological effects of DDT and Agent Orange. It’s why those afflicted with it have rashes and persistent respiratory issues, and can even die.

But take these same benzene rings, and attach NITROGEN to them, and something nefarious happens. Nitrogen has an active effect on the heart. The heart beats in reaction to all the electrical stimuli in the heart syncing together to pass the threshold for the heart to contract/beat. A defibrillator works to sync these same electrical impulses in the heart to force the heart to beat, and then hopefully they stay in sync. However nitrogen attached to a persistent benzene ring, in large enough quantities, will put out an electrical stimulus that counteracts or impedes the synchronization and coordination of electric stimulus in the heart, in effect stopping the beating of the heart. In other words, fentanyl is not a recreational drug. It is not a business model. It is not “50 to 100 times as potent as morphine” as it is described by the American medical industry. There is no basis in pharmacology to justify such a ridiculous analogy. Fentanyl has one simple purpose. It is a KILLER. It endangers the heart. It sends users, if enough of a dose is accumulated, into cardiac arrest.


And now maybe some can see the nature of the “predicament” I’ve been in the last several years. I walked in on massive operations targeting American and Western children and wreaked quite a bit of havoc on their carefully laid plans. And no one seemed to care. I had to flip up the U.S. Army’s skirt and show everyone they were wearing bloomers to get anyone to pay attention. Paying attention?

Most of this I’ve reported/published on before, but had to stop because of nefarious efforts to steal my work and use it to further their own decrepit purposes. My expose of Remdesivir from some years back is one such example.

Remdesivir was the first FDA approved drug treatment for Covid-19, but I’d already posted my expose of the drug. It took me about a week of eyeballing it before I realized what was going on. The global medical industry had managed to create a new narcotic opiate and attempted to sneak it through as a Covid-19 treatment. I reported it was a replica or “analog” of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), reduced to adenosine monophosphate, with a hydrocarbon benzene ring attached at the phosphate group!




ATP is the body’s biofuel molecule. It is the most coveted molecule in the body, just about matches the body’s own weight in daily production. But the global medical industry managed to create a replica of this molecule, and attached a benzene ring directly to the most potent and sought after component of ATP, the phosphate group. ATP starts out as *tri*phosphate, but as the body uses the molecule it gets reduced to di then mono.. phosphate. Attaching a benzene ring at the phosphate group would ensure that hydrocarbon benzene rings get widely distributed throughout the body, to detrimental effect. Remember what I said about the physical properties of benzene rings above. They are like rocks being tossed in the oil lubrication system. So of course they would do the most damage in the smallest capillary systems of the human body, which is exactly what Remdesivir does. Remdesivir has pronounced detrimental effects in the small renal capillaries of the kidneys, the body’s main filtration system.

My expose of Remdesivir had a bit of an effect. A flurry of spokespeople attempted to use their feminine wiles to placate the authorities. I remember one such “microbiologist of 30 years” who stated that Remdesivir was an “adenosine analog”, and not dangerous. Except Remdesivir is NOT an “adenosine analog”, if anything it’s an “ATP analog”.

Interestingly enough soon afterwards Hollywood came out with a new movie featuring a scientist who’d discovered the medical industry had developed a new narcotic opioid and was selling it to hospitals. Apparently the movie dealt with his travails once the medical industry had caught on to him. Of course I haven’t been paid on such a blatant theft of my work. My question is, why do you need AI to steal someone’s work when Hollywood will do it just fine.

So what was the result? They removed MY work from the internet, then STOLE it, first claiming that adding a depressant to the respiratory system was actually a good thing. In other words the hydrocarbon benzene ring, which would act like a depressant and tranquilizer on the respiratory system- not to mention the horrible effects of the benzene ring being distributed throughout the entire body, was somehow good for oxygen transport in the lungs. As if further weakening the respiratory system was good for ailing patients.

Once the absurdity of such claims was pointed out to them, they backed off this track, claiming instead that it was ATP that had a positive effect on respiratory function (it actually does), ignored the benzene ring, and continued on as if nothing had happened.

Images below of work removed from internet:

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But what they overlooked from my work is that Remdesivir is not really a replica of ATP, it’s a replica of adenosine MONOphosphate. Not triphosphate. Adenosine monophosphate is actually known for having a disregulatory effect on bodily systems. The mCAMP response.


Now I stated this in my original expose of Remdesivir but of course this was ignored, and they went with the “ATP analog” route, completely ignoring the fact AMP has harmful effects on multiple bodily systems.

I don’t necessarily blame Rand Paul for being a doctor and not realizing what Remdesivir is. It took me 4 or 5 times looking at Remdesivir while in the midst of other biology work to realize it. But he needs to work to counteract his earlier ignorant endorsement of it. They used his endorsement to force Remdesivir into the hospital “Covid-19 protocol” and lots of people died. This is a tarnish on his family’s name he must correct. However the people that designed Remdesivir clearly knew what they were designing. And what a cover they came up with. Gilead. A name from the Bible.

Musk and Internet Transparency
Though communists imagine “transparency” to be that of tranny teachers indoctrinating children in the school system, actual transparency is paramount to the success of Western ideals, democracy, and American exceptionalism. It’s time to reveal the nature of the Twitter/X “ghost in the machine”.

When Elon Musk purchased Twitter he was in effect buying his own psi op designed to cleverly entrap him. The people behind it are running actual “ghost in the machine” tactics on Twitter/X on Elon and his conservative users. The idea was to match Twitter/X to Elon’s worldview of society and politics, then slowly turn up the heat by incorporating more and more leftist propaganda into his Twitter/X stream, as well as conservatives, in the hopes of slowly and slyly convincing him, and conservative users, the world is just turning more leftist/communist and they should go along. This includes massive amounts of pro-vaccine propaganda, anti-Trump rhetoric, and pro-medical establishment shills. Not only are Twitter/X feeds full of fake doctors and science, there is a whole other set of code being run on Twitter that hands over the controls of user profiles, user feeds, and even users’ direct messages, to third party control. In fact certain user profiles are entirely encapsulated. Their posts and replies aren’t seen by anyone, their direct messages to other users aren’t seen by the users they’re attempting to message and they are left solely interacting with the “ghost in the machine”, not the Twitter/X web app itself. These users are essentially left “shouting in the dark”, unable to communicate with anyone on Twitter/X. Anyone with common sense can see there’s something wrong with Twitter/X, but the actual depth of trickery going on is insidious. Yet their attempts to slowly turn up the heat on Elon and its conservative base are quite obvious. Anyone with any degree of intelligence can see the outright brainwashing going on. But there’s more to it than just users’ Twitter/X feeds. These people have attempted to create the perception of fake interactions on Twitter/X being real, using fake profiles to interact with targeted users, even answering user DMs, replies, etc. It’s absurd.

The highlight of the conceited is the presumption of trickery.

The good news is that they’re totally obvious with these tactics, and Elon Musk *does not know* about it. In fact whenever Musk is actively reviewing Twitter/X (this has occurred multiple times) these tactics cease and desist *immediately*. Twitter’s massive leftist slant just disappears. In other words, they are afraid of getting caught.

As far as the nature of those behind these machinations, we catch glimpses here ‘n there of who’s behind it. It’s not American, though it pretends to be. Part of its strategy is to pretend to be sanctioned by the USG, but it can’t help betray its globalist tinkerings. It puts on a show of *pretending* to be U.S. intel but constantly reveals its true nature. They’re massive tranny lover propagandists, media conglomerates, and those whose stupidly conceitful nature allow them to prey on the ignorant as long as it pads their pockets. Vampires currently reside in San Francisco, New York City, Portland, Vegas, Chicago.. but these people are trying to come up with “cures” to shield it from purview. “Let them eat bugs!” says Renfield. And the media concurs

I’ve been watching the latest attempts at a takedown of Trump by Jack Smith and co., and the response of Trump’s defenders answering his asinine indictments. I must say I’m a bit disappointed. Can no one stuff this turkey? Will it have to be me.. *again?* This time I will be charging for my services to Trump… to the tune of $1,000,000.

This is of course scraps to the *REAL* “Big Guy”. And I will also throw in a takedown of this Jean E. Carrol nonsense as well.

I’ve scoured the web for the appropriate Austin Powers gif to use here and am once again disappointed. Did we all even watch the same movies? Being a singularity can be *such* a bother. I will now have to take time out of my day to rewatch Austin Powers to acquire the correct meme. But *c’iest la vie, baby!*

It’s been rather amazing watching organizations such as Breitbart fail completely in their attempts to predict and influence the outcome of cultural zeitgeists. They clearly have a weak, conceitful view of humanity, masculinity in particular. They are presumably only capable of a sum total of their parts. And Fox News is run by a rather insidious set of hands. Who is running things over there? What evil stupidity coerces them to make such dumb mistakes.

And Tucker..? Undoubtedly familiar with my work, but hasn’t lifted a finger to raise awareness of my work in autism, my expose of Remdesivir, or the rest of my medical work. I could blow the whole cover off the situation with him and Jan. 6, Fox News and Dominion voting systems. This whole “best kept secret” status is boolshit. And is Julie Kelly even a real person? I’m starting to have doubts.

The Taiwanese government has recently commented that though a CCP invasion of Taiwan would be catastrophic for the world, they also do not want to become scapegoats for the sins of the CCP. I should think we would have that well in control. Cue Biden, Xi and their media mongrels..

I recently posted rather startling details on the abortion industry. It’s ironic I was blamed for outing it when these people were actively ADVERTISING what they were doing in the L.A. school system, and I still didn’t believe it even after I was threatened with it. But I had to find the evidence of it before commenting. However we don’t want things being construed overly broadly, stereotypes created and people being targeted for things they didn’t do, right? RIGHT? *How do you like it?* Regardless, yes there is a new, yet ancient, barbarism that’s managed to crop up in response to foreign influence. But the government of Mexico does not abide such, and has already taken steps to shut it down.

I believe the government of Mexico was one of the first to draw attention to the use of submersibles to smuggle/transport drugs, and worse, into and out of the U.S. I do not think the use of razor wire is conducive to the proper functioning of this inter-governmental relationship. The water barrier installed in the river is to impede the transport of “goods.” I certainly do not agree with the use of razor wire in a RIVER to impede people swimming across. That is not right

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