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Is Age An Advantage? Two Techniques For Getting Much Younger Women Into Bed

July 7, 2016

I’m on bootcamp with a student a few years back and get the “you’re too old for me” shit test from a 21 yr old super hottie (black hair, stunning blue eyes). After handling this and throwing some sexual disqualification and compliance building at her I take her back to my car and bang her. I ran some pretty high-level game on this girl there’s some solid learning points in this recounting.


My student’s in some ways already advanced so we’re having a great time the whole program. He’s ex-military and already charismatic so we’re mostly working on transferring certain “social dominance” skills over to dealing with women, and working on his quick pulls and fast escalation.. but since he knows how to “bring the party”, keep himself entertained AND always be “in set” I have a lot more latitude and flexibility to go off and have adventures of my own. 😉

This night we’re in full social butterfly mode, what I term “masculine flamboyance”, chatting up any girls we happen to be in the vicinity of as we pass through the club. This is what cold approach game really should be. Not “pua style” approaches where everyone around knows you just cold approached a stranger, put her on the spot, and subsequently are in damage control as she’s taking the polite way out from the hardcore social ultimatum you presented her with out of the blue. Ha! Not that I don’t “cold approach” women in the traditional sense, because I do.. for the last SIXTEEN years, but it’s never supposed to be awkward. In fact my “normal” friends always go through a period of full on brain melt watching me cold approach. They come up to me afterwards and ask me how I know all the people in the club, haha! Sometimes I don’t even take the time to explain I didn’t know them, as they simply can’t mentally fathom “cold approaching” as “normal”.

What solid, consistently successful cold approach pickup takes is controlled precision over your mannerisms and demeanor, and your voice. Being ex-military we both have a lot of “bearing”, or what’s called “command presence”.. e.g. authority in how we speak and communicate. Add the fun party factor and everyone is just naturally drawn to our energy. “Happy dominance” is what I would call it.

Traditional dogma states to get used to approach anxiety, rejection and blow-outs, and it’s absolutely true. But there are many nights where I experience none of this. And honestly that’s the place you always want to be aiming for. Top players rarely feel negative emotions when it comes to meeting new people, beautiful women or not.

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So we proceed through the club and find ourselves talking to two younger girls. Mine is incredibly beautiful. Porcelain skin, raven black hair, intensely blue eyes. The kind of girl you usually only see on the internet. And here we are face to face. And just like most intensely beautiful girls, she’s NOT into me at first. Lol! 
I laugh when I see how disparaged and depressed most guys get when they realize a lot of girl’s aren’t into them from the get go. Uh… duh, that’s normal! Lol. But allowing themselves this emotional drop is a consequence of an underdeveloped “little boy” ego. What’s interesting is it’s not even unattractive guys that fall for this the most often, it’s usually the good looking guys that develop such a complex over this! I’m here to tell you.. some of the most beautiful women I’ve been with, that I had the most deeply beautiful and intense relationships of my life with.. did not give a fuck about me when they first saw me. Zero. Nothing. I did not exist to them. Their eyes passed right over me the first time they saw me. Derp

The difference is that from a very young age I quickly realized that the way to get what I wanted was to make it happen. I grew up surrounded by females, I rarely got attention. My sister did, she got loads of it. When all the women got together she’d be doted on, coddled, etc. Most of the time I was ignored. I wasn’t offended, it’s just what I knew reality to be. Interestingly enough both my sisters are pretty helpless people, lol. Not to disparage them or women in general, but it seems that if kids get too much attention growing up just for breathing, they turn into adults that are dependent on that attention to feel good and/or to take action for themselves. I never learned to rely on this and I think it’s made all the difference in the world.

So I continue to chat her up even though there’s no initial attraction, I don’t care, I can keep a conversation interesting and engrossing for as long as I need to, especially when I’m trying to get my student to bang her friend 😉 Plus I’m absolutely happy to let a girl live her life without giving me any sort of emotional validation. I need nothing from her but positivity and good vibes. Now sometimes this can encourage slightly bad behavior from a woman, but honestly everything in today’s society encourages bad behavior from women! Haha! So what happens next is she tries to shit test me, probably because my casual lack of interest, or the fact I wasn’t chasing her in the slightest made her determined to get the upper hand. Now understand this is typical female behavior do NOT be put off by this! I know a lot of men grow super resentful of women’s incessant need to gain the upper hand socially. But it’s only because women spend their entire lives being subjected to this! It’s a direct result of women having lived under patriarchy for so long, surviving by social finagling. They feel beholden to a social hierarchy that even though mostly exists in people’s heads, is still very real to them.

“You’re too old for me..!” (Shit Test)

So she asks me how old I am, and tells me she’s 21. I tell her I’m 31. And as soon as I say it I see the look cross her face.. I’m about to get “the older guy shit test” that every dude past 27 seems to live in fear of. Not this motherfucker 😉 In fact I welcome shit tests from women. Because it’s a HUUUGE chance to shine and turn their cute lil games around on them for extra points 😉
So she starts in on me, “Oh yeah I don’t think tha..” And that’s as far as I let her go before I cut in over the top of her. Louder, more vibrant, more in control. “Ah yeah see I think you’re too young to handle me.”

Now most guys have heard or read about what to say when a woman shit tests them on something.. whether it’s their age, height, their hair/clothes/WHATEVER. They’ve heard the most intricate sexy smooth comebacks, yet when they try them they never seem to work, the woman just punches right through them. And I know for a fact that when those same guys read what I said above, some of them will be almost disappointed! They’ll think something so simple and straightforward could never work. But because they’re missing the “rocket science” behind proper delivery they simply don’t understand how it’s supposed to go, don’t trust themselves to handle it appropriately, are scared, and so their comeback falls flat. Which is antithesis to the masculine “OOMPH” that makes this stuff actually work.

I say it and it’s done. Boom. Relaxed “set” look to my demeanor, aloof and dismissive of any other possibility. She’s immediately beholden to the new frame and starts qualifying herself to me, and then starts sexually qualifying herself to me! She tells me all about herself. She’s got a live-in boyfriend that fully supports her financially, but she’s proud to tell me she’s got a 23 year old “fuck buddy” and another one that’s 24.

I appraise the female douchebag I now realize is standing in front of me. Wow. And they say men are dogs! This girl is every man’s worst nightmare, every evil female stereotype alive in this one. She lives with a boyfriend that 100% financially supports her but she has a couple guys she’s banging on the side as well. Bitch! Lmao.

Well.. time to run the gauntlet on this beautiful douchebag and get in on the action! She apparently doesn’t have much else in the world to offer myself, or any man, but her tight little lips wrapped around my cock in appreciation. The feeling of her flesh penetrated as I squeeze her delicate little goth sensibilities into outer space.  Yup. She gon learn today!

She’d seemed like such a sweetheart at first too, lol.. someone who simply wasn’t into me and I wasn’t going to try too hard to convince her otherwise. But this girl.. she’s up for fuckin’ grabs. Uh uh.

Funny enough I know quite a few guys who’ll be indignant at what happens next. They’ll think I’m encouraging bad behavior or am furthering harm by attempting to fuck this guy’s girlfriend. But the truth is that all these “nice guys” are actually pussies. Unassertive, scared, timid. They hide behind ethics but in actuality lack the conviction of their own beliefs. The poor wittle guys with their feelings telling me I shouldn’t encourage bad behavior, should admonish her, and at the very least not try to sleep with her. They might even go so far as to say I’m “lowering myself”. Ha! Utter bullshit. They’re only running away. Female douchebags were put on this planet to get fucked. Duh.
And there’s another segment of the male population that seems to have a lot of problems with younger women. Older guys! Like I mentioned above older guys get hung up on the shit tests that invariably come from the younger segment of the female population. And it’s a damn shame! Somehow they think a romantic or sexual relationship with a young immature woman is based on mutual respect and connection. Haha. The tragedy is that older guys are at an advantage with these women, they’re supposed to be treating them like little girls, acting like a daddy to them! But instead they get hung up on stupid young girl antics that don’t make sense.

Negative, you are supposed to manage them CORRECTLY.. that is the point of being older, more mature, more seasoned, and invariably smarter. The sexual decisions these women make “naturally” are STUPID. They are not “good”. Young women are attracted to narcissistic assholes. It’s a part of the female biological paradigm. Society and parents at large attempt to guide women in the proper direction, but left to their own devices (welcome to the brave new modern era) they fall to depravity.. associating with young dumb drug dealers, overly aggressive douchebags, or the “cool crowd”. Well, being smart or interested in academics is not considered cool these days.  Women are social creatures. They’re drawn to it from an extremely young age. Young men focused on academia, grades, advancing their careers don’t have time to develop their social skills and social lives. So they mostly rejected by the “hot” women their age. Yet somehow society force feeds them the “be a good guy get good grades, get a career and get a wife, have kids then get divorced and live unhappily ever after.” And then chastise them if they catch them dating women significantly younger than them.  DURR. Don’t fall for that shit.

Building Logistical Compliance & Sexual Disqualification

So we all hang out some more, my student is doing really well with her friend and the conversation is lively. She’s enjoying her time with me and coming into my frame more and more. A song comes on in the club I’m familiar with, I grab her and say “Hey! I love this song we need to go dance to it.” I lead her out onto the dance floor.. less than a minute later the song changes and I say, “Naw I can’t stand this song let’s get the fuck out of here!” I pull her off the dance floor.. on the opposite side from how we’d entered. I take her over to the wall and we lean against it facing each other. Earlier in the conversation it had come out that she had a clit ring.. and I use this to tease her with the potential of sexual disqualification. If you’re not familiar with this as a concept it’s one of the most powerful verbal skills to have in your repertoire. And when it comes to extremely hot women it’s mandatory. Simply put if you don’t have it you’re not going to get consistent results with the hotties.

So as we’re leaning against the wall chatting I look at her and with a hard quizzical look on my face I say, “So I heard you have a clit ring. *eyes narrow* Yeah I’m not so sure about this.. I better check it out.” The look on her face is pure sexiness. She needs me to like her clit ring, she wants to please daddy.


I come in closer to her, slide my hand down the front of her pants, using my body to block others from seeing. I glide my hand inside her panties, feel the ring, then push it down deeper and curl a finger up inside her. She starts to breathe much more heavily, and I lean in and kiss her. The overall effect is complete surrender. She’s toast.

I do this for a bit longer before pulling out and then leading her away from the wall, towards the exit. I don’t say anything I just walk us out the door. A few feet outside the entrance she says, “Where we going?” I hit her with another doozy y’all should become very familiar with.. “Oh just over there.. we’ll be back.” 😉

I take her to my car she gets in the passenger seat and looks at me. I tell her “Give me your lips” (Another magic phrase). She leans in and we kiss, she’s very enthusiastic. Then I undo my jeans and take out my cock as we’re kissing, then lean back and look down at it. She follows my gaze, I can tell she likes what’s about to happen next. I put my hand lightly on the back of her head and neck and guide her head down, she doesn’t need much convincing. She starts going at it, sucking the chrome off it. Whoa this girl is good. After about fifteen seconds I tell her to slooow the fuck down. Doesn’t matter how many women I’ve been with, some of them have a gift. And I wasn’t ready to bust yet I wanted to fuck her brains out before we were finished here.

I lean her back in the seat, her boots lace up to her knees and aren’t coming off, so I lift her legs up and slide her leggings “up” over her hips, then her panties. In the awkwardness of all of this I lose my hard-on, and so tell her to fix it 😉 I’m sort of “standing” over her, perched over her in the seat. She blows me again before I lower myself into the foot rest area and then stick it inside her. Fucking lovely is all I can say.

Afterwards we go back inside the club, I find my student still talking to her friend. I tell him I’d just banged the friend, hand him my keys, tell him to move her twice around the club and then just walk out the door with her. He executes this smoothly and a minute later I follow them outside. I’m peering at them from behind another car (I’m in “coach mode” so I’m allowed to be a creeper, lol) and watch them basically just chode off in the front seat. I catch back up with him later and ask what happened. He says that everything went according to plan but the entire time on the way back to the car the only thought running through his head is, “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe this is happening! I can’t believe this is happening!” And he managed to stifle himself so badly he could only manage to get her tits out and get a partial handjob. Haha. Live and learn.. don’t let that “flinch factor” paralyze you! Execute