Plummeting U.S. Birthrate Not Result of “Career Ladder”, It’s The Economy, Stupid

By Manwhore
June 1, 2023

Blaming the “career ladder” or the presence of porn as the cause behind the severe drop in child births, marriages and families is insulting to people’s intelligence.

Mediocrity is not an excuse for religiosity, tattle-telling and lame duck church communism. Why don’t you all go do something useful? Sex is not undervalued, you dumb asses. It’s amazing the level of weak, servile herd animals that come out of hiding when it’s time to judge people. Envy is a hell of a drug.

Families are not being created because children are EXPENSIVE. Child birth costs over $10,000 in the United States. Families fork out thousands per birth even with insurance. Yet in England and Europe most mothers have their children at home. Did you know this? This pervasive idea in America that hospitals are necessary for the birth of a child is what’s responsible for a slew of corruption and malaise affecting families and costing them billions of dollars a year. It’s corruption. And it’s the reason why birthrates are so low.

Autism, a childhood malady that affects more and more families every year, is a scam costing American families upwards of $126 BILLION a year in expenses. And don’t forget the horror of the condition itself. (For more information on autism)

Taxes are a sensitive issue, and to many are a matter of civic pride. But taxation without representation is the reason this country was founded. Nancy Pelosi pilfered MILLIONS for free using her insider information on the stock market, while collecting a government paycheck for her parasitic abilities in crushing her own constituency. Look at what Jezebel has done to her city. It is a temple of doom.

Yet McCarthy and friends are now voting to unleash an entire army of armed IRS snoops to further cannibalize American families. But Zelenksy gets tanks, and the Mexican cartels get AT-4s. Great job, everyone.

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