One Focus

By Manwhore
February 28, 2012

I like to have one focus when I go out.

Whether it’s “I’m having an adventure with the buds” or “I’m pulling a girl”, I keep myself focused on the mission at hand. It’s pretty hard to get me focused on anything else.

However- I think the main point here is that I do have a purpose. Whether I’m intent on banging, practicing a particular skill set, or playing pool.. there is something to what I’m doing. This is a big deal- and something I think a lot of guys lack when they go out.

What the fuck are you out for gentlemen..? Get on it. Stay on it.

This will give you clarity of mind and action; and your behavior will follow suit. And this is what girls get a sense of. I ran around last night gaming three girls in the same vicinity- they knew what was going on, but as I was serious and focused, they inherently did not question it.

Do you always have girls asking you where your friends are? It’s probably because they don’t get a sense of purpose about you.

And most people lack this.. so when you do have a sense of what you’re about.. you automatically elevate yourself above them in status and value. They don’t question you, they don’t attempt bullshit, the idea doesn’t even pop up in their heads. You aren’t questioning yourself, so they sure as fuck aren’t going to. This happens on a purely biological level. You don’t even have to try at this point.

When most guys get shit-tested, they get thrown off their course, their mental flow. However if you have a purpose and a focus.. you know exactly how to get back on track. Your thoughts and actions follow right behind, and you “pass”. You don’t question yourself, flounder around, check your environment for external cues; because you’re internally directed. This is important, and is exactly what the world expects from a man.


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