LR: Stealing a Girl Away From Her Brother for Bang Times

By Manwhore
January 23, 2014

This is a text convo with a sexy NYC bartender I met on a trip with her family in Vegas a couple years back while I was running a bootcamp. Her brother was standing right next to us and apparently made a comment about how aggressive I was. Her brother had just started practicing law in New York. I did not give one fuckity ūüėČ

There’s a few things to learn from this convo. First and foremost it’s just absolutely ridiculous. When my buddy Alexander of Rsd used to talk about the concept of “deliberate illogicality” (which he invented), this is the kind of thing he was referring to. Not that I’m trying to confuse a girl, it just happens when you’re out being social and

I’m also bold as fuck, but diffuse the tension very well. There’s even a point where I introduce¬†another¬†point of tension to take the attention away from an earlier point of tension that¬†seems¬†like it’s worse, when in actuality I knew exactly how to address it. I’m referring to the stripper/brother part of the convo it’s in the beginning. The convo starts off as I’m leaving the club I met her at. I find that when you have a good interaction with a girl and start texting her immediately, it¬†really¬†carries a lot of happy emotional momentum/investment into the text convo. This is super fucking important.

I also embedded a TON of social/lifestyle type stuff into the convo. What Tim from Rsd calls “ecosystem” type stuff.

I used some very intense sexual escalation tactics to take her down. Stuff that most guys would not be able to handle.

She squirted in my face it tasted like Erbium. That was a first for me I believe. I returned the favor a few minutes later. She tried to say later on that I came on her tits but she had it dripping off her face all over the place so when I reminded her of this it was kind of hard to deny and she got slightly embarrassed which totally turned me on so I fucked her again.

There are elements in this convo that a lot of guys will think contradicts what they think they know about “game”. That’s because they follow too blindly after established “pua doctrine”. That being said I don’t always text like this but she was leaving town and I had to take her on a roller coaster to generate as much interest as possible. For science!

Leaving babylove. Talk manana and behave. Till we meet up

Dam! Lemme kno Tom

Za (I think this was a “feeler” text. E.g. plausible deniability)

Za yerself

I foresee a strip club in our future tonight

O ya which one

Probly the one you work at. Which one is that

Wow ithink u don’t know who I am. Cuz I’m not a fuckin stripper

Lmao I’m just playin with you bebe. I know exactly who you are. You want to come with us tonight? No brow allowed tho! ; b

Lol idk abt strip club til late night

Yep I’m thinking the same thing this isn’t my first rodeo babydoll

By the way yer earlier statement makes you a stripperist

Idk what to say to that

It’s a stripper racist ; )

Haha what?!

You’re racist. Against strippers. They’re people too you know!

Actually you have the goods to be one ; ) Ill throw ones at you tonight if you want to practice

Click Here For More Info

Haha ur fuckin bold for not knowing me at all

Eh I’m just a real dude. Plus a “fondness” for freckles ; )



Aight that’s it. You’re going on time-out young lady. And we’re getting ice cream

Haha wheeeeee


Hold on I know what you like. gotta find the one with the slide

K its ice cream time in a bit. I want extra sprinkles

Where u staying at?

Uh excuse me I will tell everyone you have freckles on yer booty if you keep taking so long to READ your texts and answer me!

I didn’t c it!!!

We r eating At hooters

Lol. Dont you have enough hooters of your own? Well let me know cuz i want to kick it with you

Well I missed my flight so I hav no idea wat I’m gonna do


I mean err- its ok this slight mishap is a good thing

Lol y is that. Now I gotta pay for another room and flight


My service blows but wher ru goin

I’m jogging then showering then scooping you up. Be ready 6ish

I’m gonna chill here fora min

Ya you got an hr pumpkin

U even remember my name?

Plus ur pushy enuf infront of my bro. I’m not supposed to trust strangers lol

Lmao. Mhm sometimes I drink you at clubs

Lol. Moet?

Your bro was cool its a guy thing I have 2 sisters

Lol well all I hav on is jeans and a tank. My stuff is being held and I can’t take it out until my flights

Plus my fball game is starting in 30 min. U a sports guy?

Of course. I’m good at all sports. Even badminton

A football game sounds good actually. Who’s your team and choose your next words carefully

Lol it’s college. Iwent to Maryland. They r playing Miami

I was a college wrestler and a nerd so not really into college sports

Lol well it’s our first game. Wudnt wanna watch?

Actually I’m totally down. Where at I’ll head over in a bit

Lol u tell me. I’m at hooters

Ya possibly not the best environment I’ll figure out something else. Fuck those stools they make you sit on

Haha good I’m in. I’m sick of the stools myself.

But I’m def by myself so if u fake I’m gonna go walk and drink lol

Naw on my way now bebe see you soon. Hooters hotel?

I’m in the actual restaurant tho

I’m gonna go get a hotel room for me for tonight cuz I don’t wanna sleep in the airport

Naw don’t trip I got a spare room. If you don’t want to do that you can get a hotel later

Oh my gawd how did it get hot again I’m wearing the wrong shit

Lol I kno jus happened. I’d rather hav my own room and u chill in it then go to ur house randomly. No offense.

So what’s better? Circus circus? Hooters the hotel? Or riviera?

Hahaha. Well miss moneypants that’s up to you

Lol those are the cheapest

Imperial palace by far

Plus centrally located

Parking at hooters

There’s probly a billion [nyc bartenderchick]‘ on Facebook

Lol ok mr J#### I’ll find u

Jon jac###?

Jus look up my email.

I did a search on facebook for “balls deep” I found you that way. You were the first result

Sounds abt right

Did you make your flight. My phone died for a bit there


Mmkay crashing now. Have my teddybear n blanky so Ill be able to sleep now

Lol k

Thank you if I didn’t say so before. For everything

Ur right if u hadn’t been a Lil pushy and dirty I wudnt hav been down ;p

; b I had a very awesome and thorough experience with you babydoll. Very glad you missed your flight

I did as well. And it was def worth missing my flight

Hell ya! Ya I didnt want to hear THAT nonsense anymoar! Lol. Actually my dick is now hard please come back and put your mouth on it


I will

I liked spreading those long luscious legs of yours and seeing this tiny cute little vagina that needed gentler ramming to get my cock inside it. I think your lil coochie likes having my cock slide in n out of it

U gonna make me sext u lol?

Ok maybe she liked it

Yes she liked it very much and misses him

Idunno if she shud miss him if she will never see him again

Lmao. She’ll see him again. Unless her mommy somehow doesn’t allow it.

Lol she has her own apartment

Kitties need their own apartment complete with toys, litterbox, and collars so they can’t go outside by themselves

Well she’s independent so she can go out alone ūüėČ

She is def sore. U hav me walkin sideways

Ya? Thats good that means I did my job well. Glad I took your lil pussy down at my house first. Get that outta the way so we could chill n relax like normal

I was surprised I felt that comfortable with u after how dirty u are ūüėČ

; ) cuz Im world class baby. Plus your lil coochie knew what it was in for. Damn she needs another lickin I think

she does

And some pretty solid sexting at the end there, lol. This is my “typical” sexting scenario where we’ve already banged and¬†then¬†we go into the naughtier texting stuff. That being said I’ve been experimenting a lot with sending sexts¬†before¬†the meetup, just keeping it very “double entendre” and not getting crass at all, just keeping it sensual yet very provocative, and it’s pulling girls in that are otherwise a bit flaky.¬†

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