Nutbusters, err- Mythbusters: Has Julien Blanc, “The Most Hated Man In The World”, Really Changed?

By Manwhore
April 16, 2018

It seems Julien is still a fan of fucked up explorative forays into the realm of the human unconscious. This latest one I find a bit disturbing, and honestly a little disgusting.

Here’s the intro blurb to one of his latest articles:

Let’s face it,

You’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past… BUT those mistakes have led you to the man you are NOW.

(^ Guilt/hope projection => Standard NLP or “street pimp” emotionally coercive tactic. E.g. shaming someone into compliance)

And that’s a good thing…

THE BAD THING TO DO IS: Dreading on what happened in the past and not moving on with your life… ultimately sabotaging your future success and happiness.

So how can you tell if you are not subconsciously doing the last-mentioned?

Father J has you covered because in today’s video we explore the tendencies and traits unhappy people tend to follow… sometimes it’s so subtle, you could be doing it right now.

(^ Subliminal “Anchoring”)

(Here’s original article on Rsdnation:

julien mythbusters


That’s a textbook “guilt/hope projection” embedded with strong homosexual innuendos. It seems Julien likes playing “jokes” on his male readers now. Har har, old buddy. But it’s not “fun and games” when you completely pervert and mislead your readers and site users. They come to you with their issues with women and you answer them with homosexual intimations?

This is not obscure, this is not an innocent joke. Julien’s intro piece is going way too far into the corrupt and predatory. How does he go from being disparaged worldwide for coercing Japanese girls into public sexual displays, and “dissing fatties and banging hotties”, to embedding homosexual innuendos into the articles he writes for his male fans to read? Did they come to him for that kind of “guidance”? Or is that not a complete perversion of their purpose and intentions in coming to his site?

It seems he still hasn’t learnt his lesson.

What’s so ironic about his little blurb (where he implies he’s giving his male readers facials), is I gave his girl a facial a few years back. Hadn’t realized at the time she was Julien’s “Vegas girl” otherwise I probably wouldn’t even have touched her. He’s an old buddy and I was sentimental back then. Still am.

But times were different, I was leaner and meaner. She came out on a blind double date with her friend and was getting banged against my motorcycle behind some warehouses a couple hours later. And I didn’t have Capital One or a condom in my wallet.

We’d taken the girls to a strip club (CH3) after getting drinks at Hard Rock, and it was here I noticed how turned on she’d become after witnessing me schooling her girlfriend on her romantic faux pas. My buddy was in the bathroom while this was going down, but by the time we got to the strip club she was pretty much crawling all over me. So I whisked her outside put my helmet on her and careened across the street to “explore” some deserted looking buildings. Apparently that wasn’t the only kind of ride she wanted.

I remember every little caress of her body I made, the way I softly spun her around, draped my arms around her, my hands pinning her hips against me then sliding over them and down into her jeans. Then inside her panties. She was luscious, her body aflush against me,  waiting for more. I softly bit into the back of her neck before undoing the button on her skintight jeans. I squeezed her against me then slid them down, her panties hitching a ride, her pussy exposed to the delicious night air, and to me. I grabbed her by her forearms, pinning them to her hips and pulled her against me for one last intimate brush of her against my face. Then I pushed her down, bending her over, and she surrendered, allowing herself to be draped over my motorcycle.

She was a beautiful sight. But she needed a much closer inspection. I got on one knee behind her and bit her ass, then gripped her upper thigh with my right arm and clamped down with the other on her lower back to pin her over my bike. Then I roughly pulled her into me, let my face slowly slide up between her legs and took a long lingering lick of her pretty little pussy. I stood back up, held her wrists down tightly against her hips and locking her firmly in place, brought out the heavy equipment and began pummeling her against my bike. She took me readily enough, her vagina barely giving resistance before seeming to envelop me almost instantaneously. I felt her body shiver and clench against me, her hands finding then gripping and clenching around my wrists harder and harder as I slid all the way up inside her.

I took my time, pushing her out by her hips till I felt her flush against my bike, then slowly pulled her back in against me, her wrists and forearms still secured to her hips as my dick plunged into her deep and hard. I relished her tortured moaning as she slid down over every inch of me. Then I held her in place, pinning her against me while I flexed my dick inside her. She softly grinded her muscular little white girl booty against me, and we savored each other like this for a moment. Until I shoved her back out, pinning her against my bike again. And then I repeated this over and over again. Like I was the Terminator, and I’d found Sarah Connor, but the mission was a little different this time.

But no sexual encounter with such a minx would be complete without seeing her on her knees. I turned her around and lightly gripping her by her forearms pulled her in and kissed her then softly but firmly pushed her down onto the ground in front of me. She seemed to resist for a split second, then descended to her knees in a smooth, taut motion. She leaned her head back up against my bike as she took one last look up at me with her light emerald cat eyes, then her head slid forward and she took my cock deep in her mouth.

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It was intense, and beautiful, I could have spent an hour like that honestly, but I needed to fuck her, feel her body clenched in my grip, look deep in her eyes as she felt me penetrate her. Besides, her pretty little cat face was just too fragile and delicate for the sort of Biblically carnal destruction I wanted to inflict. I grabbed her under her shoulders and hefted her back into place over my bike. A bright Vegas moon officiated the unholy matrimony of Lust and Murder as I massacred her little pussy over and over again.

After several minutes I told her I wanted to take my time with her somewhere else more comfortable. She wanted more, but the dick got put away. We two-wheeled it back to the club to meet up with the other couple then headed back to my buddy’s condo. We all chatted for a bit once we returned but pretty quickly I took my girl out alone onto the patio and got her laid out on a chair. Naked. ‘Cuz I don’t fuck around when I fuck around. Apparently my buddy and his girl began having an argument inside while I’m outside banging my girl ferociously. They’d both acknowledged the fact of what we were doing at this point and were trying to come to terms with it, lol. I felt like expressing to them they could have been making better use of their time, but I wasn’t going to pause my romantic adventure movie just to babysit their confused and shocked emotions. Plus at least I was being a good example ;). They’d been “dating” for three weeks, he was taking her to Cancun the following week.. but they hadn’t had sex yet. Apparently my little sexscapade with her friend had thrown his girl’s “game” into a bit of disarray.

But there was no way I wasn’t going to fuck this girl. A lithe sexy brunette with a cute lil bob haircut, dark hair and green eyes. When the time struck, so did I. And my buddy and “his girl” ended up sleeping together for the first time that night. So we were more than even as far as wingman services rendered, though my buddy appeared a little bent out of shape with me over the whole thing. It seemed I was the wingman he deserved, but not the one he needed right then. 🦇

He would end up sticking me with a surprise $450 wine bill a couple weeks later to show his appreciation. Some sort of passive aggressive gesture of revenge. But that is another story for another time, this was happening now

She lay underneath me, held down by my body weight, then nailed into place with the full extent of my dick. I felt the warm soft expanse of her body underneath me, felt her little body quiver, then pinned her long slender legs to each side with my forearms, scooped up her hips and squeezed her while rhythmically pulling her in to feed her pretty little hole more dick.

My buddy’s desert style patio furniture was holding up decently well, an unsung hero aside from its own constant squeaking and groaning as I plowed her, turning it into a rocking chair. I gave it a break, pausing to kiss her all over her face, slipping my tongue over her lips, into her mouth, then sliding my hands from around her hips and up under her shoulders, then pulling her down sharply while arching hard up into her. She reacted with a shock, wriggling and writhing so hard I had to tighten my grip as I continued penetrating her, relishing the feeling of her beautiful body under my control. She braced her hands against my thighs, riding my rhythmic thrusts with her own little hip palpitations. Every beat of my body against hers seemed to electrify her, her legs and hips twisted and thrashed against me, and she cried and moaned while I kept her pinned in place.

I fucked her like this for awhile, her mind and body fully surrendered to the needs of my dick, devouring her every spasm and convulsion and shudder.. when all of a sudden she paused her pulsations against me, hands grasping at me and exclaimed, “I want your dick in my mouth!”  Her eyes bored into mine in the semi-darkness, the look of hot abandon in them matching the nature of her guilty plea.

She didn’t expect any dissension from me, and I wasn’t going to give her any. Never will this not be one of the most alluring things a man hears in life. Besides, it was nearing that time. I stood up and leaned back, not wanting to miss the show. Her lithe body came forward, cream-colored and feline in the darkness. She planted her long slender legs and slid towards me, her white girl booty hovering lightly across the chair then landing on the edge of it. Perfectly poised and balanced for the assault she was planning on my manhood. I saw her sexy little bob haircut swoop in, felt as she grabbed the base of my cock then her mouth as it enclosed around my cock. Her mouth began twisting and violently clamping down, and I slid my way in as deep as I could go. It wasn’t as far as I’d hoped, but the little sounds she made as she sacrificed oxygen to take me in, intermittently with little gasps for air, more than made up for it.

We softly strangled each other like this, and I knew I couldn’t hold myself in much longer. But then she asked me something that instantly shattered the last remaining icicles on my dick’s heart strings. In a mournful little voice, something I hadn’t heard from her all night, she asked me.. “Wait… are you going to cum on my face?”

I was still framing a response, formulating how to tell her the truth, that I had indeed been mulling over the possibility, when she answered for me, “.. please cum on my face.” Her voice was plaintive, almost breaking in her desire to tell me what she wanted me to do to her, the level of carnal intimacy she wanted to experience with me. It was so fucking hot.

My brain and body cascaded, narrowed into the infinite expanse of a black hole, then exploded. Like a volcano, shooting fire, magma, and pure love. The kind that stings a bit when it gets in a girl’s eyes. I shot all over her pretty face, over and over again. I couldn’t stop, my body convulsing so strongly I felt like I was losing sensation in the lower half before I remembered to breathe again.

And roared.

And continued covering her face with hot steaming tendrils of lava. Turning her face from a perfect tapestry to a hot little pastry. It took me awhile, and I suppose after the first few seconds the scenario may have lost some of its charm for her. But that didn’t stop the fireworks. Because as Queen once said, “The show must go on”, and this was about as mercurial as love got.

I finally finished, my body finally exhausted of its professions of love. She lay there, glazed and confused, her face scrunching up in a self-protective attempt to periscope above the rising flood levels. It did not work. And I was no help, barely able to stand for the first few seconds afterwards, sturdy legs teetering a bit while I surveyed my work. I murmured low to her, whispering sweet nothings to my captive princess. She asked me for a towel.

I backed away and headed inside, taking one last look back. She lay there like Sleeping Beauty, perfectly still, afraid to move a muscle for fear it would start a deluge.

I went straight to the kitchen. I was incredibly hungry after my ideal. I made a sandwich out of some sort of italian deli meat whose name I could not pronounce. The kitchen knife was the kind of ostentatious and polished yuppy excellence I would have expected from my buddy. His parents owned a vineyard and were quite known and well-to-do in their particular part of California, but a scandal involving a woman and an airplane had forced my buddy’s relocation to Las Vegas.

I cut my sandwich in half. Something didn’t feel right about this, didn’t I have someone to do this for me? Oh yes, she was out on the patio.

I poured myself a glass of water, grabbed a towel hanging off the oven and headed back outside. She was still there. So adorable. Her features a cute, squeezed look of resignation, destined to be my sex doll forever as her features were now encased in sexual carbonite.

As a disclaimer for my actions here I want to add that I’m quick, military quick. That whole dining exercise took less than two minutes, tops. Probably. And yeah I liked letting her lay there like that. I adulate women just as much as I demand they worship me. So be it

I handed her the towel leaned back against the patio railing and watched. Cleaning up wasn’t supposed to be as fun, but I enjoyed every second of it.

When it was finally safe to open her eyes she looked up at me, saw the plate in my hand, lol. I received a wry little look and nose wrinkle. Afterwards I took her back to my place. We had sex a couple more times then listened to tunes on my player while she danced in her panties in my living room. Everything seemed to be ending typically well after an evening full of sex. But then she noticed my bookshelf and began perusing it. (The same one in some of my videos) I watched, always curious to find a woman curious about the books I read. I watched her notice Jeff’s “Nine Ball” on the shelf. She asked me if I’d read “The Game”, I told her “Sure.” Then she asked me, “What’s the name of that guy that was in that movie Fight Club?”

Her energy in the situation told me exactly what was coming next. (Plus the fact I’d just spent the last few hours plumbing her depths.) My brain instantaneously locked on, I knew exactly who she was.

I’d met plenty of girls who’d read or at least heard of the book “The Game” by Neil Strauss. I’d even pulled two girls home with a buddy while they remarked excitedly to each other about meeting “the guy from the VH1 show The Pickup Artist!” inside the club we’d just left. My buddy and I had looked at each other incredulously, like “Wtf?” These girls didn’t see the irony of the situation they were in? LOL. Apparently not. And I definitely had female readers of the site, had even banged one before either of us realized it lol. But this woman wasn’t a fangirl, probably would have completely ignored the existence of the pickup community aside from one very important detail… this wasn’t her first rendezvous with pickup royalty.

I answered her casually, “Tyler Durden?” “Yes!” she said, then continued. “He runs this company that helps guys with dating, and he’s got this guy that works for him that some people got angry at, and he was on CNN. His name’s Julien.. and we’re dating.” She hastily added, “I mean.. we’re not exclusive or anything.”

Julien and I didn’t kick it anymore but I still heard plenty. I knew about his “Vegas girl” but had never met her. She’d been in one of his vids I believe, either his “ice bucket challenge” or his “closing game” vid where he’d spliced in a part showing him plowing a girl doggystyle while discussing “closing tactics”. I do concede this was funny ;). Ironically he’d brought me up in that vid. (*Both of these videos have been taken down since his “most hated man in the world” scandal.)

Maybe I should have told her everything, that I used to give Julien noogies back when he was an Rsd intern, was there his first night on the job with his shitty Euro-trash haircut. 😀 I’d been speaking for years at men’s conferences before I joined up with the Rsd boys. Those were good times, I’d come up on the weekends, run amok on the streets of Hollywood then crash Julien’s couch or one of the other intern’s.

There was plenty of weird shit, we were all aware he liked to get girls on Skype and make them cry, and liked it just as much when they made him cry. Lol. But there were stranger proclivities as well..

I didn’t reveal much. “Yeah.. Julien’s an old buddy of mine.” I was casual about it, but could tell it bothered her. She told me not to tell him, I told her I wouldn’t. ..until years later when I’d publish it worldwide to chastise him for once again being a deviant shithead.

As I mentioned earlier, if I’d known she was Julien’s girl I’d probably have left off, it’s a principle of mine to not make advances of any kind on my friends’ women. That’s a big iron gate that comes down. I’m a good friend to my buddies’ women, but I don’t let my mind even wander in that direction.

Otherwise.. I’m fucking ruthless with women. Millions of years of evolution, and here I am. I was born to it. Julien as well, I witnessed him do amazing things with women.  And I won’t fault this woman for wanting to experience us both. Nothing wrong with enjoying a particular breed of man.

But which one?

Certainly not the sadomasochist type. I’m not. There are plenty of ways of dominating a woman that satisfy all my deepest instinctual urges, and hers. I can be utterly controlling, dominant, mold her body and limbs into a more perfect love receptacle.. then nail her to the headboard, or the wall, or the shower ceiling. I can make her experience the deliciousness of forced surrender, beholden to my every whim. I don’t need to warp or twist the experience like some apparently are prone to.

Why does Julien have to add such a deplorable angle to seduction at times? Forcing someone out of their shell is the job of any coach or trainer, but subjecting someone to a brand of sexuality they did not ask for, both with the Japanese women from before and his male readers now, is a boundary he should NEVER cross.

Maybe this is the reason Julien earned the title of “The Most Hated Man In The World”, and was barred from several first-world countries?

I think it’s time Father J rei(g)ns in his fucking bullshit.

But which one?

P.S. Here’s the version I wrote for women a couple years back:

Or you are her Confessor, her Priest, her Final Judgment. Chastising her for every sexual misdeed, her guilty nature condemning her of original sin. When she awoke to her love of the carnal, the knowledge of her own sexuality. She can only be punished for it, over and over again. And she surrenders, begging for redemption. You force her to face her sin, her lust, to make her swallow the object of her craving.

You baptize her, on her knees. She chokes and gags, but not on water. You make her do things, to atone. She is crucified, penetrated, reborn. And when the final sacrament comes, she doesn’t waste a drop.

Notice it’s used and fashioned in a much more romantic and even healthier manner, which seems odd considering the overall context, but as always the world is hell-bent on discovering the ever perverse undersides of relationships, sexual or otherwise, before the empowering ones.

P.P.S. Here’s one of the videos that got Julien busted for forcing Japanese women into public displays of sex against their will:

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