Nicolas Cage, Hollywood’s Fav. “Action Hero” Turned Betrayer & American Short Seller

By Manwhore
July 16, 2021

Let’s start with..

Color Out Of Space

Sold as a remake of Lovecraft’s original horror tale, instead what we have is another “pretending to be deep” sell-off of American Culture with Nicolas Cage acting out his favorite “deep” character (where he pretends to be pretending to be pathetic). This time it’s about an American father who can’t protect his family and they all die. Fallen prey to a pink mold from outer space.

Hold on is this what China is purported to have found on the dark side of the moon? Which we’re supposed to believe they visited? Ha!

This one was not as bad a short sell of culture and warrior ethos as Jujitzu (I won’t even get started on that movie), but STILL.. an absolute short sale on the strength of the American family. There was actually some really good development in Color Out Of Space. I thought the daughter was hilarious and those initial scenes with her were some of the best in the movie. But then Nicolas Cage took over and everything went to shit.

How mediocre.

Long gone it seems are the days of Con Air, The Rock, and Face/Off. (Legitimately three of the best action movies of all time.)

Or are they.

This whole “crazy gonzo” style of acting Cage is supposed to have come up with is solely based on his Face/Off character, one of the greatest villains (and premises for a villain) ever.

Yes, yes, we get the real-life hidden twist. He’s “acting” in real life. He’s short selling American culture. He’s a bad guy pretending to be the apathetic outsider pretending to be the good guy. What’s his next role? As an FBI agent?

And what’s this new movie about he’s in? It sounds like a CCP funded PSA for Chinese farmers to take better care of their pigs. I will absolutely not be watching a movie with such a stupid premise

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