Newbie Guide

This site is for purposes of educating you and turning you into a guy that is massively successful with women.

If you’re looking to gain massive verbal/conversational skills, learn how to physically escalate, and become much more successful socially, look into joining my coaching program. “Drills-Based Seduction Training“. Bar none it is the most advanced and effective training program on the planet. It is drills-based, NOT therapy-driven like every other dating or seduction program out there where they think they are somehow going to talk you into being good with women.

If you are looking to learn specific tactics, mentalities and behaviors, and outer game tactics for getting laid more, read my Lay Reports, as they’re entertaining as fuck to read, and will give a super clear idea of how to lay girls you’ve just met.  They will also demonstrate how inner and outer game work in conjunction with each other.  These stories of girls I’ve banged aren’t just stories, they’re HIGHLY detailed accounts of what I was thinking, how I handled “logistics”, and how I lead the girl to a place emotionally where she wanted to get fucked (Yes girls want to get laid too lol).

Many guys will learn a lot just from reading the stories.   However, the articles on Inner Game of How to Get Laid will give some clues into where this kind of behavior comes from.  I think you should read these next.


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