“Never waste a good crisis and make one if you can.” – Biden 2024

By Manwhore
August 21, 2021


Biden Creates Humanity Crisis in Afghanistan to Import New 300,000 Strong Afghani Voter Base

With the icing on top of now having a private army of color-shifting Afghanis/Taliban to bolster the ranks of antifa.

Auto-registration.. oh? “Military-supported” ballot harvesting.. oh?

And now he gets to claim he was the one that supported their coming here? To create a talking point and perceptual divide with Republicans?

All while keeping Jan. 6 protestors locked up.

The government allowed masked gunmen into the Kentucky capital just a couple years ago. But protestors get beckoned in to the U.S. capital on Jan. 6th and they’re automatically insurrectionists because the DNC says so?

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