Naughty Letters from Hotornot

By Manwhore
January 10, 2012

One of my double matches on hotornot..

By the way if you guys want to learn how to sext properly, read my article on sexting!

what, you ass model an yet theres no pic? cheating
(Profile says I’m an ass-model. Classic Dav!d D)

Never said I was a nice boy or that I’d play nice

Send me your myspace and I’ll send mine. What’s your name? You seem fun- I like that

Thats good then, that you’re not nice…I hate nice

I sent you a message. You look kinda different in your other pic 😉

yeah no shit…my hair’s longer 😉 lol kinda redder too…

It’s cool. I only want you in those little booty shorts anyways. Never spanked a girl wearing glasses before.. this’ll be very fun

🙂 it is
(I don’t reply- not worth a response)

(Days later)
so u wanna? 😀

Yes but you’re in another country..

Fly and come see me..

I’ll spank you

lol yeah im not even in germany anymore im in kuwait (more…) (just inprocessing here, moving later) and, well since u live in ky and im taking midtour leave in germany and etown, ky then im betting it would be pretty easy to stop by an c u for a lil fun lol
itll prolly be the first 2 weeks of november
so it would be really hot if u send me an email of what ur goin to do when iget there cause im extremely bored out here with not a lot to do…i like dirty letters hehe

This I will do..

I’m thinkin’ I’ll put you in those little booty shorts yer wearin’.. and then take you out of them. I’ll slide them down over your hips while I kiss yer tummy, then bite it softly.

I won’t take’em all the way off quite yet. I’ll leave’em there while I slide my arm up underneath your bottom between your legs and lift you up. I’ll raise your hips up till your cute little delicate lady parts are right underneath my face.. my lips hovering within touching distance of yours

I kiss you through your panties.. looking up at you to make sure you’re watching me. Your legs, and especially your inner thighs are so soft and feminine, I like being in your little secret place. But business is business.

I rub my thumb against my two fingers. I need Money. 100 bucks an hour.

This is no time to negotiate, you scramble for your purse and take out three hundred dollars. I’m worth all of it and more.

I take the money and lay it aside. Business is done. Your body is next.

I pin your arms down over your head with one hand, pulling your legs apart and positioning myself between them.

This is what you want.. but I’m not ready to give it to you yet.

Click Here For More Info

I place my hands under your sides and lift you up, throwing you farther back on the bed. I’m not done downtown quite yet. I lower myself over you, licking my lips as I get closer to between your legs. I begin to mouth you through your panties again, feeling your heat and the shape of you beneath them. I like it. I turn you over and spank you on your tight little bottom and then throw you on your back again.

I grab your panties and rip them off of you. They tear slightly but that’s ok because they’re not yours anymore anyways. I’m keeping them.

I gaze at your little hotness, you feel a little self-conscious and try to close your legs, but I grab your ankles and keep them forced apart. I bury my face between your legs and.. stop typing. I need to go to the fridge and get something to drink.

Til next time sweetheart..

Here are her replies..

i wish u would fuck me like this…
we’re at the room, an i’m wearing a little skirt from AF that rides just below my bottom.
when u open the door, u push me inside an against the wall, biting my lower lip. while im kissing u, i kick the door shut an unbutton ur pants. i slide my hand down an caress u an get more excited when i feel ur already hard. i feel ur breath on my ear as i lean back an shove my hips into urs while sliding ur pants off, one hand behind ur neck. i’m laughing at something u said but i stop when i feel ur fingers under my skirt and u know i’m not wearing panties. i’m all wet an when ur finger slides inside me, u feel me clench around it an i’m so hot. i arch my back and bite my lip, raking my fingernails down ur back and u bite my shoulder hard, the other hand squeezing my ass.
after a few minutes of fingerplay i am begging u to take me and u finally slide inside an i wrap my legs around ur hips an we’re fucking against the living room wall.
orgasmic. hah so sorry i had to get that out 😉

Couple days later..

Oh what..!

Shit got deleted babe.

I had a hot ‘lil response for you and the site scrubbed it.(Negative.. I am just lazy)

Just write me another one

So, I was lying in my bunk last night, thinking of you… an i came up with a restaurant scene. And I don’t think I really have to tell you what I was doing while I was thinking about it.
I’m wearing another short lil skirt an a dress shirt, some heels with those hot schoolgirl-type stockings.
we take a seat an of course order some alcohol. We make small talk for awhile an lead up to talking about sex…of course
I sip my wine an look at you from under my eyelashes with a small grin an bite my lip when i feel your hand on my thigh. You give a naughty grin and wink. Ever so slowly your fingers would creep higher and closer inside.
Then our waiter shows up and we order the appetizers… He’d leave and with another sip of the wine, I felt your fingers again creeping under the hem of the dress.
I’d scoot a little closer to you and then your warm fingers would snake even higher up, moving over to each inner thigh, rubbing them ever so softly.
I’d lean over and whisper in your ear “I want to fuck you so bad. I want you to take me and make my hot little pussy yours.” I’d smile and punctuate that statement with a slight nibble to your ear as my hand reaches up to caress the hard bulge in your pants, rubbing it up and down, slowly.
your eyes brighten in anticipation…”I’m gonna make it cum all over this nice hard cock”
Then your fingers would find my clit and begin to rub it. I’d close my legs over your hand, but at this point and you’d only smile and wait for me to open them up again cause you know I want you to tease me more…

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