My Original Expose of Remdesivir Has Been Removed from Medical Site- Post had Dozens of Shares, Fully Exposed Carcinogenic Pharmacological Properties of Remdesivir

By The Wizard Mandragora
March 29, 2022

And now there’s a bunch of Google results that have cropped up with the tagline “Remdesivir – adenosine triphosphate analog anti-viral treatment”, to mask the cover-up of my publication exposing Remdesivir as a carcinogen and narcotic.

Here’s an example:

The corruption is that originally the microbiologists defending Remdesivir from my exposé claimed that it was an adenosine analog, when it’s NOT. It’s essentially a replica of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), but first reduced to monophosphate, before adding a hydrocarbon benzene ring AT the phosphate group, thus rendering the drug highly dangerous and toxic, AND, a narcotic.

Hydrocarbon benzene rings are the main pharmacological ingredient of fentanyl, opioids, opium, debilitating anti-psychotic medications, and have already been linked to breast cancer through anti-depression medication.

So they’re not being accurate at all, they’re just trying to match Google’s search algorithm that contained my original article, i.e. get it as close as possible to provide cover for Google’s human tinkering/tampering.

The whole thing’s a massive cover-up, an attempt to sweep my work and research under the rug.

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