LR: “Black Nimbus”

By Manwhore
June 5, 2008

Getting laid is not always pretty. Not always a “feel good” experience for everyone involved. Sometimes you might find yourself operating from a dark self-centered mindset. It’s cool. This is masculine polarity, it is powerful, and it can get you LAID.

To me.. getting laid consistently is about communicating effectively and powerfully, from whatever mental headspace I happen to be in. I remain congruent to my truth at that moment. I project my intent, and proactively take it.

And sometimes you’re just not gonna be your usual happy self.

Tonight is that story.

I take a seat at a couch. Laid back. I’m not in the mood to socialize, make friends.. be happy or show a sense of humor. I’m a black hole of emotion and intent. Composed and chill. I look around in cool relaxed observation. This is my place. I am where I am. No worries in the world, nothing enters my space. I am chill in the midst of all. Look at people as they walk through. Almost all the guys have slack baby faces, their eyes not aware, not in charge. Looking, searching, even the guys with some social skills.. value-scanning.

Years ago I used to be a huge people watcher. Observer. I’d just watch people. In third grade I laid down on a bean bag, watching my fellow young’ns. Everyone was full of life, engaging, energetic. FREE. I sat there and all of a sudden an immense love surged in me. I felt part of everyone, everything going on. Love for my fellow little peops. It surged through me and I felt we were all in perfect harmony.

I don’t really watch people anymore. I’m a “player” now, no longer a spectator. But now that feeling of connection and happiness combines with my active participation in life. It’s called flow-state.

But that night I looked.. and felt the space, the divide. The mental spot where I was at; and where these people were at. These people lived in fear. Were stifled. There was no way to relate, no way to harmonize. I was separate from them and could not relate. I felt distant and superior. I was superior.

A few minutes later I stood up. It was time to reengage. I began walking, fully self-focused. This was the other state. Black Nimbus.

Everything is me. I move for no one, because no one is there. It is only me. I walk through the crowd, it doesn’t mean anything, it isn’t there. There is no moving around people, there is no asking, there is no saying excuse me. They bump into me, I don’t move. There is nowhere to go. I don’t give my attention to anyone. My mind is not aware of my walking, it is focused on nothing except casually scanning for something delectable.

I don’t bleed any presence, focus, or attention away. My face, mannerisms, behavior are set. I only pay attention to women who meet my standards. Everyone else gets nothing. I only consider what meets my standards. I only look at what I like, and I look at it with absolutely no regard for social expectations of my behavior. These rules don’t apply to bad ass dudes. Girls know this. They look for a guy who sets his own rules. Who is the social alpha, and knows how to effortlessly enforce this.

Nothing else gets anything from me. It’s not difficult, it’s natural, it doesn’t even cross my mind. No rapport. I’m no longer looking to make friends.

I approach a hottie. She shies away. I tell her to scat, shooing her away, she’s acting lame I don’t want anything to do with her.

I see a girl from a previous night I almost went home with before she remembered she was already going home with someone else. I’d started tooling his ass and realized he was a really cool dude. I’d told him he could have her lol. Anyways I walk up to the bar where she’s at. Her two guys she’s with try to engage me in a dismissive manner. I tool both of them hard in front of her. Just steamroll them. They look absolutely despondent, she does too. I walk away.

Chillin’ on a couch by the exit, fully self-absorbed. I stand up, one of the working girls is dancing in place.

You’re too skinny.. ” I think I’m going to say something else, to soften it, lessen it. I don’t.

She turns around and looks at me. Pauses, “I’d rather be too skinny than too fat. !! ” She’s qualified herself instead of getting angry. Something makes her accept it, rather than resist and throw a fit. Why did I say this to her? No idea. Not worth thinking about, but very interesting that she didn’t take offense, but instead made an excuse for herself. I must be coming off super strong.. no one wants to fuck with me at all.

I walk onto the dance floor. Dancing to myself. Absolutely no concern of what’s going on around me. Girls notice and dance closer around me. I spot a hot Persian girl. Walk into her circle of friends, stand there and watch her dance. Body language fixed hard, face set. I’m examining her. She is my sole focus of attention. She tries to not pay attention, but cracks a smile and dances more energetically. She can’t help it. Her friends like it but don’t want to give her up. One tries to dance between us. She dances back around into my view.

I look over, spot another two Persians. I’d seen this one earlier. She’s hot, with a friend; I can tell she’s looking for male attention. I look back at my other Persian, look back at new one. Weighing. I look at logistics and know the group I’m with will be more difficult to manage. I make my decision and walk to the other girl.

I come onto her hard from behind. Grab her, gently but firmly pull her around to face me. She knows immediately why I’m there. My face is deep set, facing her, there’s no expectations, no projected or anticipated response, we’re already past that. She knows what this is. It is man meets woman. I tell her she’s cute I want to dance with her, I don’t even know if she hears what I say, but I pull her in and she immediately attaches herself to me. I am on. Her friend fades off.

I don’t really dance with her. I let her dance on me. She dances to match me. Dances in closer to me. I’m projecting HARD, without doing anything. I look at her, my face set, inches from her, calmly gazing into her face.

Cockiness..? No need. It doesn’t fit. When \everything you do is imbued with bad ass vibes.. things just aren’t said. Your presence with her is so deep that “game” only lowers the level of the interaction.

Its also not hard to get rapport and connection. There’s no where else to go.

She looks at me. Her temperature has risen. This girl knows this is special. Couple minutes later she looks at me. She can’t stand the tension. She reaches and kisses my lips, almost fretfully. Like she doesn’t know what else to do, but wants to make sure she knows where she’s at with me.

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I stay there with her. Centered with her. We’re very close, its not the dancing we’re interested in. It’s the moment with each other. There’s no social expectations; no one else exists. I pull her in and kiss her. We make out here and there. I don’t give her too much. Kissing is not my agenda. I enjoy it, but I’m not here to kiss. I feel up her body when I want, move on after a bit.

Girls are well aware of the law of diminishing returns. There’s a natural ebb and flow to physicalness between a guy and a girl. Too much groping and you’re probably inexperienced, or don’t expect the “end” (fucking her) outcome so you’re just getting in what you can. Bad ass dudes follow their own desires, curiosities, intent; and this naturally ebbs and surges. They don’t spend too much time kissing or groping. They move on to something else.

My buddy’s dancing around, comes up and tells me he’s going to take off for a bit. Watching me interact with my buddy even more solidifies her impression of me in her mind.

My buddy’s sister comes in. Very attractive girl. She walks away after telling her where her bro is. My girl asks me who that was. Tell her its my bro’s sister. She says Cool, cuz I thought that was your girlfriend. I was about to get in a fight.


Seems so innocent. She is innocent. So fucking territorial when it’s a dude she’s into.

I look into logistics. Ask her if she’s coming with me or staying with her friends. I probably shouldn’t have asked. She says she doesn’t know. I grab her by the hand and take her over to her friends. I somewhat ignore them while letting them know with body language she’s with me. It’s a way of showing them I’ve got the situation, I’m taking them into account, I just don’t need to say anything to them. No disrespect. No dismissal. They’re just not on my agenda and they know this. I take her up outside with us. Start chatting with buddy, we’re waiting for his sister. Once again I ask if she’s coming with. Shouldn’t have done this. She says they rolled in together they leave together. I got it. She gives me her number tells me to call her.

I text her the next day, bare bones conversation. Anything else would be incongruent. Tell her to meet up with me later.

She comes over that night. I’m looking like absolute shit. Nowhere near the put together image I gave last night. I’m really not bothered. I just stay centered. My “presence” wasn’t as strong as the night before, the extreme masculine polarity had subsided a bit, but I am not worried.

She comes inside. I take a shower and come back into my room. Tell her I’m going to change she better turn away. She does but I think she takes a peek at my cock. I ask her if she saw it. She says no. Ya right.

I check the time. We’d probably miss our movie, or be late.. which is worse. I look at her, she’s sitting on my bed. She just looks so right there. I tell her we’re not going anywhere we’re just gonna stay in. Lol

Like usual I go way overboard with my physical pushiness. Always creates resistance with this but dammit sometimes I lose it with the hotties.

You don’t want to show too big a change in physicalness or vibe. It’s just not congruent and strikes a girl as something being off. You’ll get resistance. It’s better to chill out and escalate slower, qualify your physicalness with her otherwise you come off as strictly horny.

Tell this to me when I’m on? Ya right

I hang out with her a bit. Then get over that.

I push her back and lay on top of her. She smiles looking up at me. I grab her hips and situate her different ways. I demonstrate dominance over her body and physical space.

I start exploring her, raising her shirt up, biting her tummy, turning her over to pat her butt, turning her back over to kiss her. I bite her neck which I find out is sensitive. I go towards hotter areas. Her shirt comes off but she’s fighting. She enjoys it but that’s about it. I remove her bra. Oh she looks good.

I curl her up into a smaller space. Tell her I wonder if I can kiss her lips and breasts at the same time. I bring her into me, grab one of her luscious breasts, I kiss and lick it softly, kiss and lick her lips, kiss and lick her breast. She giggles.

I go to remove her pants, no way. She’s firm about this I start thinking its probably not going to happen. I always start thinking its not going to happen lol. But removing pants is mechanical. Not intimate, not sensual. I slide my hand down her tummy to her pants, put my hand down her panties. She has the cutest most smoothest little vagina ever. I know it took some work to get this way. I realize later she knew before she got to my place she’d maybe be getting it. At the time I didn’t see this, she seemed so adamant, was even directly saying we weren’t going to have sex.

Ok cool. There’ll be other times. But I just need to eat her butt. Seriously. I won’t let her go without checkin’ out this strange new bubble in my room. I turn her over and rip her jeans down in the back. Her petite little round butt is perfect. Geezez. I bite it. Then I pull her panties down in the back and tongue her little vagina from behind.

It’s done, this is finished. I turn her over. Rip her jeans off her, pull them off her hot little legs. Grab her panties and do the same.

Oh I still get that feeling washing over me, as I stare at her hot little naked body, curled up and spread out for me all at the same time. This is mine. I’m going to take her little private place, and lick it.

I go in close, staring at her there. I want to get as much of her as I can right from the start. I spread my tongue and cover as much of her pussy as I can, shake my head as I feel her, almost growling. By the time my tongue hits her little area, her own expectations and state are at such a max, she cums within a few seconds.

I take off my clothes. She asks if I have a condom. Of course. I put it on and rail her. I don’t last long either.

We talk after, tells me she really didn’t think it was going to happen. Well. You got it. I didn’t think I was going to. They trained you well.

She thinks the Army trained me in getting intimate with girlies. Lol. Ya right. She manages a car dealership and tells me its blacklisted by the military lol. I tease her about taking advantage of poor young soldiers. Tell her I made her pay for it.


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