Marvel’s Morbius a Transgender “Friendly” Model for Vulnerable Children Everywhere!

By Manwhore
April 3, 2022

Who knew parasitic vampirism was the result of taking puberty blockers!?

The medical industry did!

Marvel’s Morbius is yet another symbiotic (or should we say parasitic?) relationship between the medical industry and Hollywood. This time Marvel’s clearly thought to get ahead of the influx of “patients” who will be needing blood and marrow transfusions after their transgender/puberty blocking treatments weaken their immune systems, decrease their bone density, and leaves them prone to all sorts of physical maladies.

Wait.. is this subliminal messaging? It is!

“You too can be a blood sucking anti-hero! Just visit your school nurse to get started. Oh and be sure not to tell your parents!”

I’m sure that’s why the movie got delayed multiple times.. to give the DOJ and FBI time to target and outlaw parents standing up against this forced devolution of their children into sexless freaks that only crave blood and bone marrow transfusions!

Hmm, what else does this subliminal messaging and preying on children remind me of? Oh yes.. Facebook’s new “Meta” commercial that features a tiger with its paw on the neck of a bull before the hypnotic rhythmic music kicks in and the children all fall sway to the beat and the funny undulating eyes.

Yes we get it. Entertain the ignorant children with snake charmer music, rhythmic swaying and cool visuals so they don’t realize they’re being preyed upon.

That’s the big plan, huh. Pathetic.

Facebook’s new name Meta is actually short for Metastasize. As in a cancer that spreads from its original source and tries to spread to other parts of the body.

So you gain a little power, Zuck, and what do you do? Immediately betray your country, the Constitution, election integrity, infiltrate the legislative system, and start preying on children. And then use your platform to frame others for the very same crimes you commit. You learned a lot from your in-laws, huh?

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