MW’s 2008 Speech Outline

By Manwhore
January 7, 2012



Outline of U21 2008

Origins of Manwhore:

Manwhore = term of endearment

8 years ago got the name “Manwhore”.Nothing to do with any kind of profession.

A LOT of female friends: entertaining, but very dominant and aggressive- without the sexuality

If you guys are having a hard time developing dominance or aggressiveness, try it first without the sexuality.

Love & trust. They’d give me their friends.Like they’d be like.. “hey Jon this is Amanda, she’s here for the weekend.Here!”I’d be like.. Cool

We’d have pillow fights, wrestle-offs.I don’t think they wanted to have the wrestle-offs, but I did.That shit was fun.

Ex military officer, high school counselor, wrestling coach.

“Professional” leader.

In charge of Drill Sergeants.

1) Gentle but firm, or 2) Constructively.. crack some fuckin’ heads together.

Highly advanced trained skillset.Internet “posturing” is pathetic.The # of posts or lays does not determine your “alpha” status.Instructing or mentoring others is a separate skillset.

Being a leader, is not necessarily about being a smooth dude who never makes mistakes.We deal with the same stupid mistakes as everybody else.It is the fact we don’t let this negative shit slow us down.That is what defines a leader.


This speech is not about “seduction community” jargon.No “natural vs routines” argument.

This is just about being a solid dude fully plugged into society- not a pua wacko

You guys see those Alpha guys, the leaders, the self-amusing dudes. This talk is about how you develop in yourself that sense of entitlement, that ability to give yourself permission, to be that guy.The Alpha guy, the dude leading, the loud one who’s just so sure of himself.It’s what I call “being the social context”, being “the standard”.I wanted this to be about you learning about yourselves, and how to empower yourselves to be able to get on your path, and be your own guide.

And of course.I have TONS of stories that illustrate every single thing.

I.Why don’t routines or natural game work for everyone?Some guys just can’t do shit with it, others GO.

a.Some guys seem to take the “Pimp in a day” program.It’s because their shit was already dialed, they just had to learn how to pronounce it.

i.It’s like latin.We know how to read it, we don’t know how to speak it because we’ve never heard it before.But if we were to hear it spoken, it’d all just fall into place.Inner game is the language, the structure of social interaction.Natural game is inner self projected out.They already had the inner game, they just needed to learn how to pronounce the vowels.

b.You say inner game.What is inner game.I feel good about myself.I feel entitled.Why do you feel entitled?The world can’t tell you to feel entitled.I can’t tell you, to feel entitled.

c.Communication as the ability to project who you are and that you are a man, is nonverbal.Nonverbal = that deeper level of communication.Authentic.

i.Hard to fake, or can’t be faked consistently.

ii.If you do get real good at faking it, you become unhappy.Because your inner sense of worth isn’t at same level as social skills, so though you experience success, you don’t feel deserving, so you experience even more unhappiness.

d.So where does your inner game come from?Where does nonverbals come from?Not from a book, not from a forum, not from Kool-aid

e.What is about has had a couple of different names.Tim’s “Be the hero of your life” Nathan and RSD’s Be your own Guru.“You are ALL you need”.In the way you do anything, you do.. everything.

II.Two components of Inner Game

a.Eckhart Tolle.being Present.Tolle is absolute control over your own mental and emotional state.

i.If you don’t understand it.. read it again.Listen to it on audio.I listen EVERY day.Over and over and over.

ii.Someone coming in.. “You’re such a fucking.. shit.. ass.. bitch” “

iii.Who says you gotta freak out because someone else is?Most of your guys’ problems arise from the fact as soon as someone projects hard at you emotionally.You do to.Like you feel obligated to follow not their point of view, or the actual issue.. but their emotional roller coaster.The whole point of being a man, is being emotionally centered.

iv.Story of neighbor coming out.When you are present, with yourself and your standards.. you become a mirror, someone else’s bs hangs in the air like a bad fart.

v.Getting buddy out of police paddy wagon.

vi.Buddy arguing with parking ticket attendant

vii.What’s going on here with all these?Removal of ego.But still being proactive.Removal of reactive emotion.If you feel your emotional state following another “option”, you are WRONG.

viii.Preparing for big events.Do I need to “practice”?No.I have all the tools, all the material, I am who I am.So focus, become centered.Shed the bullshit, the mental clutter.

ix.Being present is not a “philosophy”, it is not an intellectual ideal.It is a physiological shift in your mental and emotional paradigm.If you have not experienced this yet with the Power of Now, or certain Easter practices, then you need to study further.

b.Pimp of Persia post on RSDnation.

i.The transition from the first component of inner game, to the second.

ii.Setting and BECOMING your standard.

Whether you realize it or not, YOU are your harshest critic.YOU are the measure of your value.You know who you are and what you are meant to be doing and being.

Why do you fail with women or with the men around you?It’s not that you don’t meet their standards.. it’s that you haven’t met your own, and this causes you to act incongruent to the image of yourself you’re trying to portray.

The act of living to another standard other than your own, which is not in-line with who you are truly, is.. biologically undermining to your sense of self.

c.Keeping the focus, responsibility and BLAME on yourself, not wasting energy on

i.Bickering or nitpicking others

ii.Why are you talking about or arguing about natural vs routines.Who gives a fuck.What are YOU doing right NOW to make yourself more of a bad ass man.A renaissance man, more self-actualized.

1.If you’re discussing someone’s guru, method or technique.. you’re prolly just using it as a reason to keep the focus off your own self.Why?Because this is easier.Now I’m not saying you’re all weak.I’m just saying, now you KNOW, now you’re aware of it.When you find yourself doing it, ask yourself.What better way could I be spending my time.


iv.Playing video games which replaces a guy’s need for purpose and achievement.. that MISSION.That meaningfulness to his life

d.What new skillsets are you picking up in life?What part of your life are you currently developing.Man is purpose and intent.Life is a mission.Success with women is a byproduct of this, can only be a byproduct of this.

You guys are in control of this.. these low feelings of entitlement some of you guys have, are you guys failing to meet your own standards.

It all comes down to..

III.Are YOU in-CHARGE of your life.That’s where it all begins

a.Education. Job. Finances.Physical and in-shape.Not allowing second-rate behavior from others, but MOST IMPORTANTLY from yourself.

b.It’s not about getting that endstate ie. lots of money, or the car…the VERY ACT of achieving and working thru purpose.. makes a guy feel and be at ease with himself.. Done.

c.Your JOB/BOSS- you have got to be the standard for the work you do.Your boss is not your standard.YOU ARE.If you’re not, take it.Take that role for yourself.This is self-empowerment.If you just can’t do it, cuz your job sucks that bad, do what you need to do, to get a better job.Education?Schooling or training?Longer hours?Do you guys realize the sense of self that comes from hard work.The actual hard work builds you, makes you stronger in yourself.

i.Your boss comes in.. “This fucking sucked!”“Cool!”

ii.Being wrong is good, ‘cuz then I get to learn something.You are who you are, quit holding onto some weird identity.Learn.Doesn’t mean shit about your value that you have to learn something.

d.Your PARENTS- you have got to be the standard for what you’re doing in your life.Make them trust you because they know you trust yourself.

e.Listen.Me personally.I can’t focus if my room is a shambles, I can’t focus if I know I got some asshole calling me about a bill.

i.Now I’m not saying that if your room is a shambles or you got some bills that you’re shit.I’m saying that if you KNOW some shit is interfering with your piece of mind.. fucking handle it.

ii.I’ll be lying on my bed, not feeling like I want to do anything.There’s something holding me back.It’s either something I need to accept and stop resisting, as Tolle goes into, or something I need to take action on.

iii.If you’re not taking action on something, you feel paralyzed.Your subconscious doesn’t really know that all it is is a paper coming due that you’re lagging on.You just feel an overall sense of paralyzation.

f.Now once you get your inner game down is your outer game going to be “perfect”?No.Outer game is a muscle.You develop finesse.I like looking around, seeing how a dude does this or that.“Oh that’s tight I’m gonna do that”. What we discussed just now is the baseline for solid sense of self and entitlement.

IV.How does this shape into Dominance and becoming the Standard?

a.By achieving your own personal standards.You become solid.You are your own hero.You become absolutely comfortable with yourself.

b.You also screen for what you allow into your life.You become a natural screener.Girls have to prove they can come in.This shows up subtly in your nonverbals from the very beginning.And its very attractive.

c.Showing intent from a high value frame.She can either do something with it, or not.But it’s going to be weird if she doesn’t act right.

d.When you become that comfortable with yourself, and just used to taking action when you know you need to, people are just fully drawn to it.YOU become the social context, the standard, the “cool guy” authority

i.Because deep down you know you’ve earned it- so they know it.It’s a fundamental part of who you are

ii.You reach a point where everything in your life, tells you that you’re dominant.That this is just what you are, this is how people respond to you, this is how you live life.

e.And since you’re already fulfilled, you don’t need anything, nothing is too serious.You become “self-amusing”.

Confidence.. doesn’t adequately describe me.

End Result?

V.Your SubCommunication becomes your communication:

a.You’re relaxed about everything, but when purpose and intent come up, you’re FULLY invested into what you’re saying.Because you meet your standards.

b.Voice is solid and strong.You speak with purpose.It just sounds like it.

i.Roommate coming into room and dragging me into bathroom with him.No FUCKIN’ respect right?Lol

ii.Say it normally.“I want you to come with me”Get the FUCK away from me

iii.Hey. Where’s the bathroom…I’m gonna blow that shit up.

iv.The news reporter dude at Quiznos yesterday.Walking the dog.

v.You have to own EVERYTHING that comes at you.Whatever energy or vibe.You’re just comfortable with it.“You’re GAY!”“I know..”

c.Teasing me or “amoging” me, is not fun.

i.I face same situations socially & professionally you guys do.. but

ii.No one wants to make fun of me, Its no fun I steal their jokes.Any energy directed at me gets taken and owned.

iii.I get those juicy Smirnoff Ice drinks.They’re good I like’em.Then some dude will walk by, or I’ll get some flak for it.“If I wanted u to tell me how big my nuts were I would stick them in your mouth.”

iv.I’m like.. a black hole when I want to be.I suck in all emotions in a situation, let the emotions out I want to have floating around.Tolle

d.Body language- Your body language.. has to be on YOUR rhythm.You have to be outside social rhythm.It’s got to be your rhythm.It’s how you’re immediately different from everybody else.

i.Story of TD

ii.You guys ever seen someone who’s present?Do you guys have buddies who are hardcore into Eckhart Tolle, and they just walk different.Everybody else walks around looking slightly like they’re listening to headphones, like they’re not fully present, not listening to their environment, but listening to something somewhere else.That’s the mental clutter that you want to shed.

iii.I communicate my sexual prowness and full comfort with my walk.

iv.I’m never all over the place with gestures or BL.Unless it’s with a purpose.I’m not spazzin’ all over the place.But if I’m accentuating something or making a point then yes it’s mandatory if you want to come across like a powerful dude.

v.The powerful dudes are the ones who communicate emotion real strongly when they communicate.They’re communicating themselves into their communication.And they communicate hard, because they’re so fucking sure.Communicating emotions does not make you weak.Too many guys were taught that.Their emotions were weak, that’s why they didn’t trust expressing them, because everytime they did people could see how weak they were.Expression of emotion is strong, unless of course your emotions are weak.

1.It’s why girls don’t exactly trust guys looking like hard asses.What are they hiding for real?

e.Eye contact

i.Just coming off HARD.Strong in your intent.Laser eyes.Your eyes tell how much intent you have.

ii.Don’t look around for reactions- and this is subtle- when you’re telling your story.

1.Your purpose for telling the story, or doing your self-projection is NOT for reaction.It’s to amuse yourself.So you don’t stop, or subtly slow down to see how people are reacting.You just do it.Keep your mental focus OFF the people.

f.Accentuate shit.

g.Last year.How you feel about yourself thru your subcom.

i.You remember me last year?Gash over my forehead.. stitches.Bruised puffy face, braces!Walking up to girls like slightly reactive “Go away quasimoto!”How did it effect me.Funny!

1.Then I.. just got over it.Boom.I’m over it.

ii.Fucked up- missing tooth, “You have nice teeth!” “? What.. the ones I have?”.

VI.Celebrating who we are as men

a.Nightlife, the social scene.It’s all centered around the women.

b.We’ve forgotten what it means to be the social context.We think everything we do is to attract women.We’ve forgotten what it is to celebrate being men.

c.Men’s rugby team on TV. First scene shows them on field.Next scene is them fucking around doing synchronized swimming in pool.

d.Circle of Power

i.I enjoy my strong bad ass friends.

1.No worrying if I’m going to accidentally hurt someone’s feelings or not, or send someone off into a temper tantrum.They’re not going to “think I’m being arrogant or cocky”.So when I’m with my buds, I’m a fucking freak.Even silly and dumb.

ii.It’s not a chode crystal.It’s the circle of POWER!

iii.He like.. lifts up his shirt and bites it while hes dancing. nothing to do w anything

iv.Girl asks.. is this a bachelor party?Nope.

VII.How the Standard does:

a.Approach? He’s FULLY FUCKING ENTITLED.Most of the time, reason why I just walk up and everything goes smoothly.Is because I am.. fully entitled.And so everything I do is smooth.Get into this headspace.

b.Why is a guy physical with a girl?Why does he do things like grab her or spank her butt?To see if she’s firm and juicy, and good to eat!He snatches her clothes off her.. to see what she’s hiding.To see what the big DEAL’S about.Now this isn’t to show the world “Look at what I can get away with”.That’s weak.You’re not looking to show off to anyone.Remember you’re the social context/the standard.A girl should feel good about getting manhandled by you.


i.Hey what are you guys doing right now.(Hard-eyed, screening her, body language kinda turned towards her but kind of not, ready to push away, communicates to her clearly that her answer will determine how you view her) No that’s gay.C’mere we’re gonna get something to eat.That’s smoooth

ii.Unsmooth is “Do you guys have a ruler at your place.. seriously, we just wanna measure our cocks, ‘n then we’ll leave

iii.Tell story of peeing on family to save their life.

d.Kinds of things he qualifies a girl on?

i.I heard big nipples are a sign of bad breeding.

ii.I only talk to girls who hook up on the first night. we hook up on second night- see u tomorrow night then.Usually they’re like.Well I hook up on the 2nd night!Even if they do give you a hard time, just be chill.It’s just your reality.This is what you’re used to.They’ll be like.. that’s that guy.Watch’em chase

iii.There’s not a lot of people here.. they all left.Ya..!We should make some more right now..

e.Friend’s sister fell asleep in a skirt. Next time she comes over.. “Damn.I woke up and went to work.You were asleep in a skirt.I looked.It was nice.”“ : o ! “ Definitely the way I wanted to start my day.”

Casual expression of sexual topic.Trivializing it.Making a sexual object out of her, being casual about it.Women want to be sexual creatures to the right males.

This was good because it relieved some sexual tension I really didn’t want, because she was my buddy’s sister.If you plan on fucking a girl, you need to pace sexual validation.In fact you probably don’t want to give her any unless you’re framing it correctly.

f.AMOG “The Standard” tactic: “What’s up man!” to guy.. “hey what’s up J” “Nothing.”Then turn to girls. You might have to let them cry on your shoulder.

g.Physical escalation?

i.Realize this.This isn’t about “conquering”, or competing for who’s got the dick or not.You’re relaxed, you have nothing to prove.This is about creating fun between you and her and seeing what happens. You guys might be thinking.. damn Manwhore walks up and just fucking OWNS these girls.And ya sure.There’s a bit of that.But a huge part of it is the personal experience between her and I.The fun secret vibe between her and I.She gets to connect with the bad assedness that is me.

h.And don’t be stifled when a girl starts directing shit.Girls know how to lead.They’ve had to fill that void since men became pussies.Aand.. even still.Even when men were men.. we looked to women for inspiration.They know what they fucking want.And how to inspire you to stop being a bitch and man up.

VIII.Story Time!!

a.Story of yoga instructor.Putting her in trash cans.Dancing to gun game.Putting her the way I want her in the seat next to me.Stacking dinner plates as she’s riding up and down.Take her, throw her down bent over her table, clear that shit to the floor, and fuck the shit out of her little body.

b.Miss Kitty.Ripping her clothes down, pulling her pants down, looking at her vagina.I do NOT escalate according to “her” flow, or society’s flow.That’s where you guys go wrong.I manhandle it, go according to my flow.This is why I get laid.

i.After morning.So she says “’K I’m gonna take a shower.”So of course I go to plod right in there after her.She shoos me out.5 minutes later I’m back.The bathroom door is unlocked.I walk in.Open the shower curtain,I go to the other side.(She turns away again)I get undressed.And jump in there with her.She is incredulous.And just like any hot girl.. she doesn’t give a shit.“Your dick goes to the left.”

c.So are we going to have a threesome.No..? Phhh.(Push uncool girl away)

i.So I’ve proven that I have standards, by disqualifying her friend.

d.Sometimes I talk about them playing with my balls.And guess what, sure enough they’re putting their hands in my pants rackin’em up.

e.At a girl’s place.Acting like I’m not even there to see her, not on purpose.I like hanging out with her roommates.Go into her room with her.

i.Pictures of her behind “Oh!You’re so weird!You’re so creepy!”

1.Now what is she doing?She’s screening.The only guy that will get it, is the guy that will lead and take it.Now what are the repercussions of that.

f.Thrusters in PB- I told a girl that I didn’t like her friend if I came back and she was gone I was leaving.Come back.Tell her “she’s not gone, I’m not staying”.Now did I really expect her to get rid of her friend?No.I was fucking with her.But guess what it did? It told her that I have standards.This is extremely effective.Probably one of the most important things a guy needs to communicate to a girl.

g.Did you just call her Jessica?(Celia)Jessica was the name of this hottie I’d spent some time deep inside of a couple days earlier.But since I’m the standard, things like this happen and it’s just ok.

h.Story I told last year- making girl give me her first blowjob.That look like “What’s going on!”When you’re leading.And she trusts you.

i.Remember you have to be a worthy dude.You want to be the kind of guy that a girl just feels safe with, and can just let go, and know that everything’s going to be a fun experience.

1.She knows that anything she does with you, you’re not going to think less of her for.I hate hearing about dudes trying to “get girls to do things” just to see if they can, and then laugh at them later.

2.Nothing a girl has done with me, I judge her for.I’m right there doing it with her.It’s just intimacy.

IX.Conclusion: When you DO THESE THINGS you’re not communicating that you’re a jock asshole.You’re communicating that YOU’RE the standard!They need to be on YOUR page, not vice versa

X.Opening- Screening

a.Not.. how is she going to react?It’s.. HOW are you going to react..?

i.When you come in.You don’t look for a reaction.You’re simply being.You are doing your thing regardless.There’s not that quick eye contact to see what they’re doing.No pause it’s just BOOM.Handling your business.

ii.You know what bitch-shields are?Inspiration.To man the fuck up.

1.If you’re getting a bitch shield you’re doing something wrong.Fix it.Ask yourself what are YOU doing wrong!

b.What is a routine?It kind of gives a girl, a mini-picture of what he’s supposed to be.A dude on a purpose.He’s got an agenda, he needs nothing from her but he’ll ask.(Talk about earlier example with roommate)

c.You need to get out your comfort zone.

d.It’s just the ego’s fear of death.Ya you can approach sets you’re comfortable with.Blast them.

e.Nathan’s kino is the SHIT.

f.Look at a girl like you could take her any second.Highly sexual. Visualize it.She can feel it.Demonstrate on Dream.

i.But at same time still be the context, still have her working for it.This should just be natural as she’s not fully in your rhythm and so she’s going to “mess up”.This is when you introduce standards, that she’s got to work for you.This is just going to happen naturally as a result of the fact that you two aren’t in sync.

XI.Cavemanning/Physicalness- Screening

a.Pull her in while you’re laying down.Face her towards your chest and snuggle her.“But I can’t see the movie!” (Look down..) “Oh.”That kind of absent-minded masculine quasi-selfishness


a.Always be gaming her- story of ltr.I’m going to come to your work.And suck your cock.


c.Some people are like.“You’re insensitive!”And I’m like.. “ya”.

i.Assholes or alphas/whoever, get a bad name because people think they’re insensitive or what not.Think about it.What makes more sense to a girl… you following a girl’s emotional frame? Or you completely overlooking a girl’s perspective for your own.She wants you to be stable.If you’re a dishrag or taking her perspective, you’re no good to her.By keeping on your own frame, not accepting her emotionalness, you’re actually telling her that everything’s ok.That her emotional drama doesn’t really mean anything.It’s peace of mind to a girl.

ii.Some girls you need to watch out- they do need sympathy.Even emotionally tough and grounded girls will need support from time to time.Learn to recognize when this is.This will come thru experience


Remember.In the end, the only thing any of us up here can do.. is empower you guys, to take the reins of your lives.Any mindset, mentality, technique.Anything we impart to you guys.. you take it.Not us.It all begins and ends with you.

Manwhore “RSDnation”

I’m out.

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