LR: “Suicide Girl” Pinup Model

By Manwhore
February 16, 2010

Been awhile since I’ve written one of these up, this one’s amusing as fuck so thought I’d share 🙂

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I’ve been on recently.. pretty damn easy. I’ve got a decent profile up, nothing too complicated.. a couple funny lines I mention tp’ing as a first date and have a picture of my sister’s chihuahua up. My headline is some random nonsense. Overall my response rate is quite good. Anyways..

I message this girl. She’s a suicide model has some pretty bad ass pics up. She writes back. I tell her I like her style and that she should give me her num since I’m not on much. She does but says her phone’s off for a few days more as she got it stolen. Fair enough.

We write over a couple days, she mentions beerpong. I mention that I will destroy her at it. I invite her over that night but she’s not down. Then 3 hours later I get a message from her telling me she’d be down blah blah. But her car’s not working. I’d like to mention here that you don’t want to be too quick to go pick a girl up. Naturally I see a somewhat unhealthy dynamic working itself out. I mention offhand that if she’s close I don’t mind at all and that I need to finish some work real quick but I think it’ll work out. Of course it will ;b

I grab her address, she’s 10 minutes away. It’s already late but I don’t care. I’d seeded it earlier as “how spontaneous and adventuresome are you?” I don’t even know if that made a difference but whatever.

Anyways I go pick her up. Park outside her house she comes out. Cute and petite. Tight body. She mentions something about being nervous at getting into a stranger’s car lol. I grab her real quick and give her a kiss on the cheek as we meet for the first time. This gets a girl comfortable and sets the right frame for what’s to come ; b

We go to the store to buy beer. She mentions she’s got cash on her, I appreciate the fact she’s willing to pitch in, but tell her I got the beer, if she wants anything else to grab it. She grabs water. I joke with the cashier and other worker in the CVS. As I’ve mentioned before, letting a girl watch you interact strongly in social settings is HUGE for getting a girl into you enough so she wants to get naked with you.

We head back to my place and I introduce her to our chihuahua. She loves animals wants to be a vet. Of course just like every other girl, lol. I do notice however that the chihuahua likes her. It jumps right in her lap and later on actually gets a boner while looking at her. Creepy creepy little dog. He did that to another girl I had over a couple days ago.

Anyways I challenge her to shotgun a beer. We do one and then play some pong. She mentions that she’s sucking because I make her nervous. She says I’m not “fine” or anything, just that I make her nervous. Something about me being so confident yada yada. We bring her laptop into the garage with us (she’d brought it with?) and she puts on some music. She shows me a bunch of her modeling pics. Shows me some pics she said sold 1000 copies, one she sold for a couple thousand or something blah blah. A couple of them she’s topless. As she’s bent over her comp, I grab her under her hips and lift her up. I bite her ass.

Anyways my roommates come in and beat us. We get down to the last cup and my roommate takes everything off, and puts on a sock (over his d!ck) to sink the last cup. Nice.

We all head back inside and she tells me that she is a good wrestler. I promptly throw her down and submit her. She tells me I used my weight advantage. (No choke out or arm cranking, just pin)

We all hang out a bit, watching a movie or something. I’ve been macking her bod and she’s getting turned on. She kinda likes the fact my roommates are in the room with us even though we’re being undercover with our.. “activities”. After a bit more I can tell she’s super ready to go. I lift her up, my roommates tell me good night lol. I carry her into my room, throw her on my bed, put on some mood lighting. Somehow her pants come off I don’t remember how. I’m on top of her and she starts to protest. Something about its too soon I don’t remember.

I grab her throat slightly roughly and pin her back against the pillow, grab her thong in my other hand. I give a swift yank. They rip and snap off her. She goes limp with a little sigh. I have my way with her. Turn her over she backs that little ass up into the air. She has a hot little body.

After I’m done I walk out into the living room. Naked. My roommates start to protest but I don’t give a shit. They’re forced to look at my ass as I walk back into my room.

I wake up and rail her the next morning. She comes on my d!ck twice. I take her home


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