LR: Coyote Ugly “Last Minute Resistance”

By Manwhore
January 1, 2012

Most guys don’t understand that a lot of the last minute resistance they get from a girl right before sex is only token resistance.  They simply want to make sure YOU are the one to take responsibility for sex, OR, they just have some misgivings and your forthrightness and lack of hesitation makes them feel good about the whole experience. This account gives real life examples of how this goes down and how to handle it.

On to the lay report..

I’m walking through the club and I lock eyes with a hot little blond girl 8.5- she looks like the party-girl type- dressed sexy with cute make-up, 5’2″ in a tank top and skirt. I stop her as she walks by- she’s with her friend, I’m with my friend. Obviously God wanted this to happen.

Her first question to me is if I’m single.. “Umm.. yeah? (shrug)” There’s nothing special about the convo, I smile and maintain a slight aloofness while responding to her. High-value mannerisms. I don’t remember much about the convo, I think it was more about subcommunication and projecting fun and self-comfort.

Anyways I pull her in with the claw. My friend has struck out with her friend by this time and so those two are just standing around while us two are interacting with each other. She’s interested in me, I can tell. When a girl is hooked I act even more aloof- it’s kind of reflex. I make her wanting more than what she’s getting from me. Yet I take what I want when I want it.

We decide to go dance and as we walk over there I ask her if she has any gum- she says no but that she wanted some too. I tell her I’ll check how good her breath is.. I lean down and she comes up to blow a little bit of breath in my face- I gaze at her quickly and then kiss her- she kisses me back. We keep walking. We dance and I run my hands up and down her little body. It’s nice. There was no thought as to whether or not she’d let me or not- I just felt like it. Somewhere in there I get her phone #. I take her to another part of the club but I’m maintaining some distance, I kept letting her know that I had to get back to my friend (we’d become separated by this point). I’d asked her where she lived at because I had gotten a pretty good vibe from her that I could take her home that night.

I went to find my buddy, started talking to other girls, and never saw her again that night.

I called her up the next day or the day after that- routine phone game blah blah- told her we’d meet up soon and she agreed. I called her up a day or two later and set up a date for that Sunday. Called her the morning of and it was still on. Called her later and she tried to flake on me- I’m like, “What the fuck? I just called you this morning, why you being like this?” She acted confused- she couldn’t believe I was treating her like this. She started out slow, “Wow.. .. where are you from?”

I’m from where men have standards for how girls should act.
.. oh. Ok. Blah blah, yada.

So we calm down and she tells me she’s not used to a guy like me, she tells me she could tell I was actually going to hang up on her and I say Hell yeah I don’t put up with that stuff 😉

I could hear in her voice she was very impressed. Even somewhat turned on. Here in the midwest girls walk all over guys.. it’s disgusting. When I was on the West Coast recently for leave it was so obvious how much better women treated men.

I’d like to comment on why I reacted the way I did- it just had surprised me, I’m really not used to a girl flaking on me so when it happened my first reaction was- ‘Oh hell no..’

Anyways she ended up having a valid reason for not being able to hang out that night, she didn’t have a babysitter- the way she’d brought it up to me however, had been the issue. But she understood my boundaries now.

So I called her up the next day wanting to see if she could kick it, she said she didn’t have a babysitter again (here in the midwest a lot of girls have kids- just something I had to get used to), so I told her “Fuck it.. I’m coming over to your place.” She agreed, gave me her address and an hour or two later I was on my way.

I knock on the door and this fat bitch answers it (whoops. TROLLOLOL!), I’m like whoah.. She lets me in and I see HB sitting on the arm of her couch and her little daughter running around. HB is acting somewhat standoffish and doesn’t even acknowledge me when I come in. I make small talk with her large friend and introduce myself to her little daughter who is adorable. A couple minutes later I saunter over to her where she’s sitting down, place my arm around her shoulders and pull her into a hug against my chest. I tell her hi and ask how she’s doing.

Anyways her friend takes her daughter to the store and I’m alone with her. I pop in a movie and pull her down so she’s sitting next to me on the couch. She hasn’t given me any indication of her thoughts on me being there, if she’s into me, or even if she’s in a good mood. She’s completely neutral. I could care less.

So I’m sitting next to her and I’m pulling her in and cuddling with her. Then I lean my head in and pull her face around and we kiss for a little bit, then I pull away. She exclaims, “Gawd you’re not even subtle!” I give her a shrug.

SDC taught me an extremely important lesson while I was in San Diego recently.. he’d sat down at this girl’s table and she’d immediately said “Hey what are you doing.. go away.” He just sat there and continued to talk to her. (Her and her friend ended up playing rock paper scissors for who was going to fuck me in the backseat of their suv- but that’s another FR.) The point was that you don’t respond to the words she says- you respond to the emotional content. SDC could tell it was just token resistance- there was no real emotional force behind it so he didn’t pay attention to it. This was a high-strung latina chick too.. this wasn’t some innocent girl-next-door type with no force of will.

Sure she was accusing me of coming on too hard, but it didn’t matter- because in her subcommunication she was actually responding to me. She also tells me that I practically stole a kiss from her back at the club- I told her I didn’t see it that way that it just happened.

Her friend comes back with her daughter and her daughter spent a little bit of time with us on the couch before falling asleep. She was by the far the cutest little three year old I’d ever seen. She was extremely intelligent and talked to her mom like she was an 8 year old. When her mom grabbed one of the smirnoff ice I’d brought she threw a fit and told her mom she didn’t want her drinking. It was hilarious. Then when I put my arm around her mom she asked her if I was her “friend”. Haha. I would reach around when she wasn’t looking and grab her hair and pull it and we started wrestling with her mom between us. Future brat-in-training definitely.. Anyways she passes out and mommy takes the little ragdoll to bed. She comes back and I curl her up next to me on the couch.

So a little while later I pull her in and start playing with her body, I pull up her shirt and play with her belly button, I bite her tummy and spank her bottom. I slide my hand down the front of her pajama bottoms and grab her panties- at this point she starts coming out with “I don’t really know you.. I haven’t known you for very long- blah blah..” I don’t really even respond.. I just don’t feel like I need to. I’m not completely silent, but my communication isn’t reacting to what she’s saying, I’m more saying sweet nothings in her ear, not attempting to logically convince her it’s ok to fuck. This isn’t the time to be logical, just communicate that you’re ok with what’s going on, it doesn’t bother you, you’re relaxed and feel she should be relaxed too and that’s it.

Anyways I slip my hand in her panties and curl it up inside her, she immediately starts gasping and having a very good time. I pull her pjs off her and bite her through her panties and look up at her as I’m doing this. I think she likes the eye contact part. She was very tiny down there, everything was just smaller than usual.

Anyways she takes my shirt off and then starts undoing my pants. I take him out and she yells, “Gawd that’s big! There’s no way that’s going inside me!” I laugh a little bit and tell her, “Oh.. it’s going in there.”


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So I slide her panties off her, throw on a condom and slide it inside her. I make sure to be more gentle because she’s got a tiny little vagina. She’s moanin’ and having a good time and I come in 5 minutes like a little bitch. I was almost embarrassed about it. I reframe it as she put something in my drink and that she should not have brought her superpussy this time. She laughs and doesn’t mind that I came so fast. She said she’d come right before I did anyways.

That’s pretty much it. I attempted sex with her later but she said she was too sore- I tried anyways but she wouldn’t have it. So I let it go. The end

A couple quick notes on ASD/LMR..

You don’t have to let it be a part of your guys’ shared reality. In fact.. don’t let it. Sure expect it to happen, but realize you don’t have to actually acknowledge it or react to it in any way. Last minute resistance is only a girl saying, “Ok are you SURE?”

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