LR: Latina Model from Hotornot

By Manwhore
October 10, 2010

This cute latina girl sends me a message on hotornot.  I’d say I get approached online maybe once a week.  The rest of the time I’m messaging them myself.

Ur cute
where u live?
u have msn?

[email protected]
I found you on myspace.. you’re mine now I don’t have msn ‘cuz it’s just not cool enough for me- but you can talk to me on myspace.

You’ll have to come visit me. C’mon now.. are you a Mexican? Or a Mexicant..

im from mexico city where u live?
whats c’mon?

u shut come visit me im in cincinnati

I’m [url] dookie [/url]

I’m in Louisville.. which ain’t that far away actually. I like girl’s in hats.. so I’m going to make an exception for a girl that lives in another state. Plus yer just cute.

And I know you think I’m sexy and you want to hang out sometime, but we gotta see. List three things about yourself that would make me want to get to know you better

I’m from San Diego

well u didnt tell me u name lol
im close to lousville now im visiting my family here
im like 40 minutes close to dowtow in lousville
im gonna be here for 2 weeks

call me or tex me if u like
502- -1 05
dont be shy lol

(No worries about that.. )

So I call her. I totally forgot to record the convo- and damn it was a good one. So highlights are:

-she told me her name and I told her I didn’t like it and so I made up a name for her..
-she was naked in a spa right then apparently.
-she has a cute accent
-she’s bored visiting family and you know what that means..
-she tried to qualify me- I cut thread immediately, then I told her what I wanted out of a women. Cook good, look good, be good in the bedroom. She told me she’d just made enchiladas and that she was great in bed. So I made it clear, through subtle means that for me to even consider her she’d have to feed me and fuck me.
-she lost her license recently but she’s going to risk driving and come visit me. We have a “thing” set up for that Thursday. She’s 21 but she can’t get into any bars without ID- so.. I’m going to be bartender for the night.
-pauses all the time in the convo- don’t know if you guys have noticed from my audio thread but that shit seriously does not bother me. I’d just start talking about something else- and I could always bring up the fact that she’s in a spa again.

=======) – — –

Ok so here’s what happened on our “date” on Thursday..

I call her up the night before and ask if she can hang out. I tell her she better have a damn good reason if she’s gonna say no. She does.. but tells me she’ll hang out with me tomorrow. She says she’ll call me during the day and we’ll check movie times.

So she actually calls me the next day and tells me she’ll be at such and such a mall at 6 that night and to show up and pick her up. Roger. So I’m at home later- I’m actually having a conversation with Snyper on the phone when she calls to tell me she ended up at the wrong mall. This actually works out beautifully, because I tell her that we’re going to miss our movie then so I’m just going to pick her up and take her back to my place. She agrees. Dude.. game over. No girl escapes my house with her panties still on. This is the fuckin’ Lion’s Den over here..

Anyways, my dumb ass gets lost on the way to the mall also. I’m not familiar with the area either. I perceive it as myself losing some manhood in her eyes as I’m doing this- it’s probably in my head, but I definitely feel a little bit less studly when I’m floundering somewhere on a fuckin’ freeway. She has some dude give me directions over the phone.

So she tells me she’s at Victoria’s Secret but that when I get there she’ll be waiting for me at Cheesecake Factory. I’m like what? So we keep talking and it comes up again about her being at Cheesecake factory when I get there. Now obviously the girl is edging me into taking her out to dinner.. and I’m just not down to spend $50+ on the spot. Now I know I could show up, walk into the restaurant and even face the social pressure of some hostess tryin’ to make me look bad by not treating her to dinner. I’d blow her off like crisco. In fact I figured it might even be an enjoyable, learning experience. But instead I just come out with, “Hey why are you going to be waiting at Cheesecake Factory..? I don’t care a SHIT about that place..” I modulate my voice to sound a little bit more aggressive.. which wasn’t hard because I was definitely feeling a bit more aggressive about the situation. Anyways she backs off and tells me she’ll be at Victoria Secret.

So I walk into the mall and ask a chick for directions who then points me in the right direction. So I walk into Vic’s and look around, I don’t see a chick that looks like her, but I see a latina lookin’ chick at the register hangin’ on the phone- I can’t see her face from where I’m at.. but I’m quite disappointed in the idea of it being her because she just ballons out from the waist down. She better have one sparkling personality- and she better take me to dinner. Anyways I just decide to go shopping. So I head over to Aldo shoe store and I get a call from her asking where I’m at.. I tell her I was there but didn’t see her. She tells me to come back. I do, and only see the same girl from earlier. So I decide to call her and see if this chick picks up. Well the girl answers but it’s not the register fattie. Cool beans. She says she’s outside, so I hang up and walk out there. I look around and see a chick sitting down on a bench. I look at her and she looks at me. I have no idea if it’s her or not- she’s giving me no signals. Now I think this part is key, and is what separates dudes. I didn’t look away from her but just started stalking towards her. I could have cared less if it hadn’t ended up being her. So I call her name and she answers, still not giving me any kind of warm greeting. She stands up as I walk up and I come in, grab her and pull her in for a hug. She’s a fuckin’ hottie. She’s got maroon streaks through her dark hair, hottie sunglasses on and those ripped up looking jeans.

I can tell she’s somewhat nervous about meeting me, but she offers up her cheek to me European style for me to give a kiss- which I happily oblige. So I pull her into a picture booth with me and asks if she has 3 bucks to pay for the pictures. She does. She sits in my lap and I tell her to take her glasses off for the pics. A little bit later she makes a comment about me being aggressive. I tell her “Yes thanks for noticing. I’d stop.. but I know how much you like it shades

On the way out we go by a cellphone kiosk. She tells me those were the guys that gave me directions over the phone. They’re three attractive well-dressed dudes. I recognize one as being a guy I was talking to online about selling pit bull puppies. So I shout at him from about 20 ft. away asking if he’s the dude sellin’ the pups. I can tell I really startle him and he’s immediately shut down any thoughts of “gaming” this chick. I walk over and he shows me pictures of the pups.

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The girl comes with and is standing there with me. The ringleader of the group can tell what kind of guy I am pretty easily and tries to engage me in conversation- I imagine now he probably would have tried to come off as some father-figure- “Now make sure you get her home early.. and treat her nice” kind of bullshit to subvert my frame. I can tell this because of the over-syrupy way he tries to engage me. He asks me what we’re up to tonight, I don’t even acknowledge he’s standing there. About half-way into the interation with puppy-guy I turn my head to her and give her a “suspicious” look.. just to show her who’s boss here.

Anyways we walk away and I stick my hand on top of her head, and then pull her head into a light headlock. I think this was my version of the claw before I knew what the claw was. Sorry guys.. she’s mine. We round a corner and I gently move her so she’s walking on my other side, I don’t move, myself, out of step, I just rotate her around my body. I’m off in my own world the whole time, just looking around, not really even paying her that much attention.

So we get in my car and drive off. I can tell that it’s starting to hit her that she just got in a car with a strange dude she doesn’t know and we’re driving away from her comfort zone. She gets slightly uncomfortable. I even throw in my 3 things I look for in a girl (look above)- this might have been too early to do it as far as perfect game goes- but this is my game so bite me. Anyways I realize I need to switch to rapport. I start asking interview style questions but voice-modulating keeps my game solid. She gets comfortable with me again and we start getting a bit more flirty. I give her a camel bite and she screams like a little girl.. very cute. If you guys don’t know what that is I’ll explain. I tell a girl I want to show her something, I take two fingers and place them over the width of her knee cap, kinda like I’m measuring it, then I measure this same width back up her leg- just by rotating my hand- and squeeze! Voila..

So we’re driving back to my place.. it’s an hour drive and I start sending naughty pictures to a couple buddies of mine. I’m just doing my own thing for about ten minutes and completely ignoring her. I do this a lot with chicks. Mel says she hated it when I did this the first time she came over to my place. Well we also had hot sex the first time she came over- so I think it’s bullshit. Anyways she asks me if I’m done text messaging my girlfriend. I tell her “Actually that was my wife I was texting.. and then I sent one to my girlfriend. Then my two kids called and I had to ignore them.. and then I sent my dog a text.” She laughs.. or somethin’

Anyways the next part is where the insanity begins. She asks me about my hair, I take off my beanie, tell her she can rub my head, grab her hand and rub it on my scalp. Then I take her hand, tell her she can rub my other head, and place it on my cock. She gives it a light squeeze with a giggle and pulls away.

So we start normal conversation again, then about 5 minutes later I tell her that I really liked what she did before and I want her to do it again. So I take her hand and put it back on my dick. She definitely takes her time with him this time and I’m gettin’ all excited about it. I tell her he likes her, she asks me how I know, I tell her he told me, he talks to me all the time. She squeezes him and says yes he does like her.

I tell her I’m going to take him out so she can meet him, she says “oh no!” I say “oh yes..

So she actually unstraps herself and turns herself to face me in the seat. This is getting interesting..

She tells me to unstrap as I’m pulling him out. She grabs him and starts strokin’ me but doesn’t go any further. I place my hand on the back of her head and lightly pull her in. She leans forward and asks if I want her to kiss him. I say yes. She leans down and I feel her hot mouth slide down my cock..

Her mouth felt so good. She was one of those girls with just a higher temperature mouth so every feeling was accentuated. It wasn’t one of those times where you have to acclimate to a girl’s method of doing it before you can start to enjoy it. Nope.. I definitely got “swallowed” by her frame shades

So I tell her I’m going to pull over, actually I do this a few times and she insists that I don’t- I actually have no idea why. She would even stop sucking and I’d have to tell her to begin again. Anyways I’m not about to actually bust a nut while driving- I’d drive us right off the road. Anyways at this point she’s stopped and she tells me it’s too bad she’s “sick”. By sick she meant being on the rag. She begins to suck on him again and I put my hand down her pants and verify that she’s wearing a pad..

At some point she comes up and we talk again, before she goes down again she goes to kiss me. She’s a hot kisser- no wonder my dick is enjoying himself so much.. 😀 She makes a comment about “not being able to believe she’s doing this”. She says she hasn’t “sucked it” in a while. Either she’s a liar or she knows some real douchebags..

So I tell her I’ll wait to get home but on the way back she sees a Chalupas and wants to stop for food. I park and tell her we’re not going inside until she finishes me off. So she starts sucking again and this time I bust a huge nut in her mouth. Huge.. like, I thought I was done coming- but no actually I wasn’t. Here’s some more baby..

She whelps with the huge load in her mouth- I’ve noticed this is a trend with latinas.. she opens my door and spits it out, giggles and tells me to hurry and then runs into the restaurant. I walk around the side of the car and examine my handiwork. Good job me, it was a monstrous one. Anyways the restaurant is closed and we head back to the car. As we approach the car she tells me “Look your kids are on the ground..” I laugh and assume a high-pitched voice as I cry “Daddy..! Why’d you let her spit us out!

Anyways we go to my house and have a lot of fun with her camera. I whip out my cock and her camera and tell her to suck it while I tape. She does. She seriously gets into it too. She’s looking up and winking at the camera as she does her best to take him all in. Hot hot shit. She’s obsessed with watching herself afterwards just suck me off. Anyways I throw her on her back on my bed, straddle her face and proceed to thrust it in and out of her mouth while she’s looking up into my camera phone. I come again and almost pass out on top of her. She runs to the bathroom and spits it out. Cute. I tell her I’ll drink pineapple juice next time.. shades

Anyways I drive her back into the area she lives in and her friend’s grandpa comes to pick her up. I call her up the next day and proceed to tell her the things I’m going to do to her when she gets off her period and how it’s all going on tape.

Over the next few months she gets turned into the regular rotation and becomes a full-fledged member of the Manwhore baseball team.  Then she takes off for another part of the country to be an amateur porn star.  Lost another one..!

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