LR: iTap a yoga instructor

By Manwhore
January 23, 2012

I go over to a buddy’s house to kick it- I haven’t seen him in a while. He wants to hang out with girls.. I call some. Get myself a date with a girl I’d met out at a club. His falls thru.. so I got a date and figure I’ll ditch his ass but meet up afterwards.

I’d met her out one night when my buddy was DJing. Simple textbook, very aloof with her while teasin her about stuff and showing coy interest. I think the key was the fact that I was very slow to give her attention or attraction, yet somehow managed to keep reopening all the time. She was a yoga instructor, extremely tight little body, porcelain skin. I want to manhandle the fuck out of her in the club but resisted the temptation. Too many people I knew socially would see it and judge.

She tries to kiss me at one point later on I just look at her like I’m not seeing what’s going on. When I’m working I can’t be doing this stuff. I see one of the head promoter dudes checking me out with her.. apparently it got back to someone that I’m a bit of a ladies man- but to these chodes it’s “disreputable”. Whatever. So he’s watching and I start whispering in her ear, I tell her we need to flex-pose for some camera shots, his eyes widen as her and I begin flexing in the middle of the dance floor, his little pea-sized chode brain couldn’t process what he was seeing.

Anyways next I text her but can’t hang out because of trips to LA.. and then forgetting about her. I tell her we’ll hang out in a couple of days to be ready.

Call her up n say we’ll go see a movie. Our date consists of attempting to put her in every single trashcan I see. There’s about 18 of them. It’s romantic. She gets swept up and goes for a ride every time one comes around. I’m pretty much par for 18.

We go ‘n see No Country for Old Men. For some reason girls really enjoy watching movies with me, it’s more than the physicalness, something to do with watching how I respond to movies. I’m always giving commentary and my unapologetic male perspective shows through . She asks while giggling if people hate seeing movies with me ‘cuz I’m always talking. I say I dunno, I don’t ask.

Just like always, a girl’s seat in the theater is my seat. She’s got a tight little body that I keep arranging as I sit there with her. She wants to kiss, as I turn her around in her seat to have her lean against me she turns her face to me. I pull her in for a kiss. She starts out kinda high-strung with it, I set the pace with the kissing and we get to work. Its nice. I play with her body frame, moving my hands over her hips and thighs, pulling her into me. I put my fingers in her panty line, pinching her right inside her panties and then pulling my hand out. I think this communicated the right thing. That her body was fucking delicious but I was holding back.

Movie’s over and I try to put her in some more trashcans. I make her watch while I play video games at an arcade. I like the ones with the pistols. ‘Cuz I am a serious bad ass with those guns. I do victory dances while makin’ plays, I look over and she’s almost incredulous watching me. I reach Lieutenant and decide I’m done.

Anyways we go back to her place and I invite myself in so she can make me some food. She makes me some awesome pasta shit with sausage in it. I take her on the couch and start mackin’ her bod. She likes it. I pinch her in her panty line. Start playing with her body, grabbing her nipples and stuffing my hands down her pants. There’s some indecision on her part, I can tell she’s dealing with ASD internally.

I take him out and introduce the two of them. They like each other. I put her on her knees in front of me. Put my hand on her head guide her in. She has something against this and resists. Let her do her thing and she starts goin to town on it.

She has this annoying habit of trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth. It doesn’t fit. It kinda hurts actually. But how do you tell a girl that? How can you tell her she’s doing it wrong, when she’s trying to do it so good.

I solve this by lifting her back up onto the couch and putting her on her back, unbuttoning her jeans. She gives some resistance. Apparently she doesn’t think her pants are coming off.

Anyways I go to rip them off her again after a bit and she says matter of factly her jeans aren’t coming off. She loves being manhandled but jeans are so damn difficult. So we’re at a stalemate. I just sit back and look at her.

She goes to her room, goes to the bathroom, comes back wearing her pj’s. Haha

You know what that means.

I take her on her couch, mak her little bod, penetrating the fuck out of her. She’s lean and supple and very good. She wants to ride me so I let her.

I get bored, so she gets bored. She leans over.. I watch incredulously as she starts stacking our dinner plates and cups. She’s doing HOUSEWORK while she moves her lil hips up and down!

I grab her and throw her over her coffee table. Clear that shit to the floor and fuckin go at her. She starts screaming in a muffled kind of way and has an orgasm.

Her American bulldog sits in the corner on the couch, tryin not to watch. She’s kinda snufflin around tryin not to pay attention. But she’s had a litter before, so she knows what the fuck is up with doggystyle.


We’re sittin on the couch together afterwards and she remarks with some emotion.. Gawd.. I’m supposed to be good.

I remark offhand. You were. It was all my fault not yours. I did everything. She brightens visibly and goes back to being her happy little self.

I put her in her bed and leave.

I text her a couple days later, I want to spend some time with you. She says she’s kinda busy but that the upcoming Sunday she could hang out.

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On Thursday I get a text.. Sorry can’t make it..

She wants to play games.. I don’t play games.

Oh I was just asking for appearances sake. I’ll take u when I want.

She texts back.. OH Really?

I tell her ya, and that I’ll be over in a couple hours.

I go over a few hours later and walk in. Her American bulldog is laying on one of her couches. Looks at me, I look at it. I keep walking.

I walk to the end of the hallway and open up the wrong door. By now I figure she’s heard me enter her house. Anyways I hit the right room and open the door.. walk towards her bed and take her.

She inhales fast and hard, startled until she realizes who it is. I come onto the bed with her drape myself over her, lightly mauling her with my hands and my mouth. I roll her around underneath me while taking her clothes off her.

The rest you can figure out

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