LR Asian Fitness Hottie at In-n-Out

By Manwhore
January 6, 2012

Anyways here’s the back story.  I met this girl out at In ‘n Out at least 3 months before her and I were able to hang out again.  She waited that long.  Was our interaction that good?  Kinda..

Had more to do with my follow-up game.  Pacing our interaction, getting it hot when we wanted, and then releasing the sexual tension so she wouldn’t freak out, or putting the whole thing on simmer so it wouldn’t burn out ‘cuz of the prolonged wait.

Shaggy and I were out at In & Out.  We’d gotten out of the club earlier where I’d had a girl try to pull me into the girl’s bathroom.  Anyways we order food, sit down, and notice a table of three girls take a look at us.

As we finish up and walk out, I hear part of their conversation and laugh about it, they think its funny I laughed too.  But I just kept walking.  Shaggy stopped and stared at them.  Gooood job buddy.  Anyways he starts talking to them.  I take a seat at the next table over and tell one of the girls to scoot over so Shaggy can take a seat.  She does and he sits down.  If you see an opportunity for escalation, take it, even manuever your wing into it if he’s not fully conscious of it.

Anyways we start vibing and I’m noticing the shyer of the girls is actually an undercover freak.  Very subtle but it’s there.  Plus she’s really cute and has this way of responding to me that really turns me on.  Shy but undercover freak. Damn

Anyways we tease the fuck out of them, qualify them, make fun of them, have fun.. and find ourselves outside at our car with them.  The one girl’s friends don’t realize her and I have made a connection, at least one didn’t, but I think she was just dumb.  Anyways I just randomly grab her and pull her in for a quick kiss.  The one friend who’s quite the loudmouth, though hot, guffaws and tells me I’m a perv.  She just wasn’t aware of what was going on between this girl and I.

The girls introduced me to Mickey Avalon.  They blasted “My Dick” for us.  I will forever be thankful.

So we make plans for them to follow us to Shaggy’s house.  But this was after some lag and delay, and not enough leading on our part.  We didn’t lead quickly enough, striking while the moment was hot, they were down, and not taking our windows of opportunity.  Don’t ever lag when you’re escalating.  It kills the vibe.  Anyways they get “lost” and never make it over.  I think it was our fault for not presenting the right vibe.  My girl and I continue to text that night, her friend talking shit about me, calling me a creep, so the girl is texting me undercover hehe.

My girl and I have a great time over text and phone for the next couple months.  Her name is 6, my name is Matt Damon.  I told them a joke over dinner, asking them how to confuse a retard.  They said how and I said “6“.  They all say “huh? ” and then realize they’ve been flamboozled 8-).  Anyways we get really dirty over text over the next couple months, have phone sex, then don’t speak for a week or two hehe.  She comes down to San Diego two or three times but is never enough of a leader of her friends to make it over to my place.  This is actually irksome and I tell her this.  Whatever

Finally it works out and she drives down to LA from SAN JOSE to come hang with me.  She was on her way home anyways but holy shit was that a drive.  And she did it in 5 hours.  Fuckin’ crazy for a girl to pull this off.

Anyways here’s the story of what happens posted on RSD..

Met her at In n Out. Phone and text message gamed her. Her name was 6. I was Matt Damon.

I’ve told her I help guys become more relaxed and assertive, and better with women.

She says well ur stuff didn’t work on me! I’m like.. um. Ya I know (?lol?)

Anyways she’s on Lent and can’t have sex till after that but wants to come over. Huh?

I tell her Lent is to deny herself pleasure. I say don’t worry. Yer really not gonna enjoy this. She doesn’t really believe that ‘cuz she says she likes sex

She comes over. What a cutie. Everybody knows what I do to cuties.

I bring her inside and spank her, throw her down, tease her. Usual stuff. Very relaxed. Make her take her jacket with fake fur off. Tell her she’s not an eskimo, she’s an eskiho. I go for inside her panties and she denies me. I tell her I’m going to rape her. That it won’t be her fault. I tell her that a few times. Then when that loses entertainment value I tell her, no really. I’m about to force you to have sex with me. (Clearly “tongue in cheek”)

We’re cuddling on the blankets ‘n pillows I told her to bring over. I get sick of her wearing pants, stand up ‘n rip them off her. Throw them over the couch.

I have her lick it. Damn it feels good. Thought crosses my mind that Shaggy might turn around and see. That’s not the kind of thought I want to be having right then. I send it off into the Now.

We sleep for a bit on the living room floor then I get up to talk to Shaggy. He tells me why don’t I bring her into his room and do her. Gawd that’s a great idea. Thanks dude

I walk over to her, hand under her head and body, pull her up gently from the ground. She is asleep and startled at first. But looks into my eyes and relaxes. She trusts me. I walk her into the Shaggy’s bedroom and lay her down. I’m tired n sleep with her for a bit. Then I’m not tired anymore..

I grab her and pull her on top of me, kiss her on her face, then put her down into position to suck my cock. Then maneuver it right into her mouth.

I’d thought a little bit about the “Lent” thing. But seriously.. could I let a thing like that ruin it for her? Ya you really can’t blame her for any of it. She is absolved of all sin

Girls just want to be taken.

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